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Foot Locker Retail, Inc., is a retailer of sportswear and footwear based in the US and operating in about 20 countries worldwide. As well as owning the eponymous Foot Locker chain, the company also owns other chains focused on athletic wear, such as Champs Sports, Footaction USA, and House of Hoops. To apply for jobs at Foot Locker, check out the link below to find out about job opportunities near you.

The company that became Foot Locker was originally called the Kinney Shoe Corporation, which was purchased by the F.W. Woolworth Company in 1963. Kinney branched into several specialty stores in 1974, creating (among others) the very first Foot Locker location. It was then founded as its own separate company in 1988, and has grown slowly in popularity ever since.

On their website, Foot Locker cites a number of core values, including integrity, leadership, excellence, and community. They are committed to making the company as a whole a team effort, and are interested in applicants who will bring creativity and innovation to their career. They expect teamwork and excellent customer service, and want customers to walk away happy every time they visit.

Today, Foot Locker operates upwards of 4,000 stores worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and of course the United States. They cite $10 billion in quarterly sales, as well as a net income of 8.5%. If you are interested in working in the sportswear industry, apply online for Foot Locker today.

Foot Locker Careers

With its steadily growing number of locations all around the world, there are almost certainly local Foot Locker jobs available for any interested person. Opportunities for employment exist at every level, from low experience entry level customer service and call center positions on up. Even hiring for corporate Foot Locker careers is open to all, provided you have the right experience for the job.

There is no printable application for Foot Locker, nor can you download application form. As with many contemporary companies, all applications for Foot Locker jobs are handled through their free application website. On it, you can sort through openings by title, job description, or locations. Each listing has a link to where you can submit your direct application, making how to apply for Foot Locker online as easy as can be.

How old do you have to be to work at Foot Locker?

Generally, you must be at least 18 years old to submit a Foot Locker application. This may vary with state or country labor laws; at least in the US, if you are under 18, you may have to apply for a work permit before you can put in your online application.

If you are working in-store, you can expect fairly regular hours for a retail store, though they may vary by location. Employees of Foot Locker are eligible for a number of benefits, including comprehensive health insurance, pension and retirement plans, maternity or paternity leave, a generous employee discount, and more.

Foot Locker Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – This position is the backbone of the store and the first line of contact with potential customers. Sales associates are expected to create a warm and friendly shopping environment by answering customer inquiries and assisting customers with choosing the correct product, as well as knowing and achieving personal productivity goals in alliance with company standards. This position makes an average of $8 per hour.

Management Trainee – Making up the bulk of Foot Locker job opportunities, management trainees are those who have taken the first step towards becoming part of the management team. They are expected to have a record of excellent customer service and work closely with store management to learn the responsibilities of the position, as well as to meet personal and productivity goals throughout their management training. Management trainee’s salaries start around $17k per year.

Store Manager – Store managers are the leaders of their stores, and are expected to ensure that their store matches up to the Foot Locker brand quality. Store manager responsibilities include every aspect of running the store, including recruitment, hiring, training, customer service, and general store operations. They are also expected to develop their team and exceed goals set by the corporation. The salary for a store manager varies by experience, but the average is around $44k a year.

Sales Lead – This position is considered part-time management, and is a step above that of the sales associate. Sales leads are expected to instigate friendly conversations with customers, adapt to their needs, and resolve issues that your sales associates may not be equipped to handle. You are also expected to drive sales to meet division standards, as well as covering leadership and managerial responsibilities when management personnel are not present. Sales leads make an average of $8/hour.

Foot Locker Interview Questions

After you have submitted your Foot Locker job application online and had it reviewed by one of the hiring staff, you may be contacted to schedule an interview. Some of the common questions you might be asked are:

How would you bring innovation to your store? The interviewer wants to know that you are the creative, problem-solving type that they are looking for. They want to know that you care about doing the job well, above and beyond your job description. Have a couple of ideas prepared that you can explain quickly and clearly.

What interests you about the athletic wear industry? This question is meant to ascertain what your priorities are, and if you are interested in the position for reasons other than your paycheck. Do some research into the company and the industry beforehand and find a couple of things that interest you, or that draw you to Foot Locker in particular, that you can talk about when asked this question.

Tell me about your favorite former coworker. The interviewer is looking for information about how you function in a team, and whether you will be a good fit for your particular store. Have a couple of specific examples in mind to explain why you liked the coworker you choose, and consider talking about what aspects of that coworker you may want to incorporate into your own performance. Also, be prepared for the inverse of this question.

What is the best book you’ve read recently? This question is aimed at finding out more about you as a person, again with the intent of seeing whether you would be a good fit for the existing team at the location you’re interviewing for. Don’t put too much thought into this, but do stay away from anything potentially offensive or overly political.

Is there anything in particular on your resume you want to elaborate on? This question gives you a chance to give details you weren’t able to include, or put a personal touch on some of the experiences you have listed. This is a good time to talk about a particularly challenging job and how you handled it, or a job that made you realize what your priorities were (if they now pertain to the Foot Locker opportunity you’re interested in).

Advice for Application Process

It is incredibly easy to apply for Foot Locker jobs online; just click through the careers link on their website, or click the link at the bottom of this page, and make an account to submit your resume to be considered. This helps keep things organized on both ends far more than paper applications do; it gives you a record of what jobs you have applied to, as well as automatically sorting and cataloguing applications on the employer’s side.

There is no printable application form, but if you are applying for a local opportunity, it is never a bad idea to go down to the store in question and introduce yourself to the manager. Don’t be too pushy, but it is a nice personal touch for the manager to have a face to put to your name when your application comes in. Make sure to do this close to the time you submit the application, or else yours may be lost in the flow.

Once your qualifications have been reviewed, if you are what they are looking for, you will be contacted for an interview with your potential manager. Dress nicely for the interview regardless of position; make sure your clothes are clean, with no rips or tears, and do not have any offensive slogans. If you’re not sure, go for something that feels a little too formal. It’s always better to be overdressed than vice-versa.

Bring a copy or two of your resume, printed on the best quality paper you have available, with you when you go for your interview. It is useful as a reference material, and you can leave it with the interviewer to help remember you. Make sure to research the company and its values beforehand, as well as practicing answers to the questions above and any other common questions you may be asked. Be prepared with a couple questions of your own, too!

Be positive and enthusiastic, but sincere. After your interview, thank the manager for his or her time, and ask when you might expect to hear back about the position. It is also not a bad idea to send a follow-up e-mail a day or two later, thanking the interviewer for their consideration, asking any follow up questions you might have forgotten, or clarifying an answer you are unhappy with. Best of luck!

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