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Fifth Third is a banking company that operates regionally in the United States. Its headquarters are located in Ohio particularly at an establishment called Fifth Third Center.

The Fifth Third Bank’s corporation was founded on the 17th of June 1858 when in Cincinnati the so-called Bank of the Ohio Valley was opened.

There are controversies about the corporation. One was back in 2007 when New York Times had an article published about a data breach where a potential number of approximately 45 million numbers of credit cards were compromised.

Benefits of Fifth Third Bank employees include plans in profit sharing, stock purchase, vacation purchase, and the 401(k) plan. There are also insurance benefits such as vision, bank-provided life insurances, supplemental life, voluntary personal accident, and disability insurance.

Fifth Third Bank creates an environment that encourages their workers in building their careers. There are countless advantages to joining a team and the various benefits are outstanding and helpful.

How old do you have to be to work at Fifth Third Bank?

The minimum age to work at Fifth Third Bank is 18 years old. Their hours of operation are 9am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Fifth Third Bank Careers

Mortgage Loan Originator: A mortgage loan originator has duties which involve developing referral contacts, maintaining information on available processing procedures, general and underwriting departmental guidelines, and loan products.

Teller: A teller provides customer services in customer inquiries, problem resolutions, and daily transactions. They are required to have friendly demeanor and they should make sure that confidential information is kept secured.

Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives handle the telephone calls and provide service to callers.  They tackle problems and questions using their resources and knowledge from their jobs.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative assistants mainly provide support for units assigned to them. They serve as liaisons for internal and external matters and they handle issues about personnel, purchasing, operations, and facilities.

Other job opportunities include mortgage underwriter, portfolio manager for properties, vault teller, information technology risk analyst, lead analyst in business, associate manager in finance, and leader in IT enterprise solutions.

Fifth Third Bank Application

Application forms and resumes are reviewed by recruiters and qualified matches are also identified by them. For the interview process’s next steps, qualified candidates are contacted by the hiring department’s managers.

Prospective applicants can access the official website where there are career portals online. These portals outline areas of interest that are available for job seekers.

The same form will be given to all applicants. The typical sections for every application form include educational background, work experience, competency-based questions, and personal statement. These sections must be used to present valuable experiences and relevant skills developed.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to write a resume that is creative, the answer is to use a template. This method will save you a certain amount of frustration and time.

For the interview process, success starts with the job seeker’s solid knowledge foundation. You should be able to understand the job requirements, know the background of your interviewer, and know all about your employer.

Things To Know About Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank’s culture revolves on the thought that everyone counts and everyone matters. They have an engaging and inclusive workplace that’s why the best of their employees are brought out.

Recent press releases about Fifth Third Bank are about Aravind Immaneni who was named as the bank’s chief officer in technology and operations, and the bank’s celebration with Ramsey Solutions when a million students were educated on personal finance.

The company is known for their efforts in solving health care challenges, improving working capital, keeping their customers profitable, leveraging their expertise in energy finance, and positioning the growth of their customers’ institutions.

Fifth Third Bank made social responsibility a way of life for their corporation. They have a CSR report back in 2015 entitled “Building Bridges” which is a summation for their efforts on being a corporately good citizen.

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