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Finish Line began in 1976 when Alan H. Cohen, David Klapper and John Domont, decided that they wanted to offer the latest and greatest styles of athletic footwear to the public. The company has many opportunities to make someone who likes to combine sport and style part of its valued team. You can find the Finish Line application link at the bottom of the page.

When the three friends started, Domont was a silent partner, Alan Cohen practiced law being involved only on a part time basis, while Klapper ran the business day to day. In 1981, with Cohen having left his law practice, the wish for the company to grow was overwhelming and fortunately the owners managed to end their agreement with TAF, opening their own company.

This chain of stores is mostly known by its impressive shoe wall, showing between 600 and 1300 different types of athletic footwear, which can include running, cross-training, walking, aerobics, basketball, skate, casual, hiking and gym shoes. Currently, about 15 percent of the store sales are attributed to accessories and apparel.

Finish Line careers are a great opportunity. Having numerous stores in various locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, this company believes the employees’ differences can only bring strength to a team and provide an appealing working environment. You can find the Finish Line job application online, in the link bellow.

Finish Line Careers

Finish Line jobs range from store to corporate opportunities, including the customer care and the distribution center. Within the store job opportunities, you can count on the company’s extensive training program for managers and key areas of store operations. Customer Care and Distribution Center positions are only available in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Finish Line’s corporate office is in Indianapolis offering a lot of opportunities with varied different responsibilities. Being specialty retailers with a strong track record of success, it is important to match your experience to the hiring expectations of the corporate jobs you might consider applying for, keeping in mind a teamwork environment.

How old do you have to be to work at Finish Line?

To apply for Finish Line Jobs you must be 18 years or older. The company places emphasis on presentation and great customer service. Searching for employment within this chain means that you are motivated, passionate, professional and ready for a career within the retail industry. You only need to know how to apply for Finish Line online.

Benefits vary according to the different Finish Line careers offered. With the knowledge that it is important to keep the employees happy, the company offers healthcare including a medical program with a prescription drug plan, dental plan, vision plan and flexible spending accounts, life insurance coverage with a basic, supplemental and dependent plan, paid time off, employee discounts and contests, and an employee stock purchase plan .

Hours of operation are from 10:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday. You should make sure, when you apply for jobs at Finish Line to pay close attention to the job description as there may be a specific requirement that includes an exact schedule.

Finish Line Job Descriptions

Sales associate – The job of a sales associate involves interaction with customers primarily working in the sales floor answering questions about products, merchandise and services. This position may also include operating cash registers and organizing product displays. Starting salary for this position is just above minimum wage. Experienced sales associates earn around $12/hour.

Team Lead – This position includes providing daily shift floor coverage and supervision, driving sales performance to meet the business objectives, assisting the District Sales Leader and the Store Manager with recruiting and interviewing and assisting in ensuring cleanliness and maintenance standards. For this position, the pay can be around $13,70/hour.

Assistant Manager – The purpose of this job is to assist the Store Manager in all aspects of the daily shift management. Some of the duties include maintaining individual and shift sales, training sales associates, providing security and loss prevention in store, organizing shipments, transfers and merchandise. The salary for an assistant manager should be around $11,65/hour.

Store Manager – The Store Manager is accountable for managing all day to day operations of an individual store. The duties for this position include supervising lower level management staff, monitoring staffing, scheduling and motivating the staff, recruitment of staff as needed. The pay for this position should be around $43949/year.

Finish Line Interview Questions

It is important after your Finish Line application, to prepare yourself for the interview buy studying some of these questions.

Can you name some shoe brands? This is a straightforward question. The employer wants to know your knowledge of Finish Line’s business. It is important that you show that you are interested in the position for which you sent your resume. Study the company and the industry to be prepared.

Why do you think you fit within this company? As you study to get to know the company, take note of the qualities that you have that help you identify with the Finish Line values and team. The interviewer wants to know if you are a good fit for the team so make sure you know what you have that Finish Line is looking for.

Can you sell me this pen? This is a skills test. A great part of a position within one of the stores will be sales and customer management, so it will be important for you to show that you have the right skills for the position. Use your own experience to help you with this question.

Why do you want this job? The employer wants to know if you have what it takes for this position. Make sure you know beforehand what the company strives to achieve and that it is in accordance with what you want for your future.

Can you give an example of an important goal that you set in the past? It is important to focus on your own experience with this question and give a precise example of a goal that you achieved.

Advice for application process

Researching online for vacancies is the first step to get a job at Finish Line. The appropriate materials to be considered for the interview stage of the hiring process can be submitted when you apply online, both for managerial and entry-level positions. In addition to the application form and interview, the company requires the candidates to take a personality test which lasts between one and two weeks.

To find out for which positions the company is hiring at the moment and about your applications just click on the link bellow for the Finish Line jobs online, where you will be able to find the positions available. Be conscious of your experience and pay attention to detail while completing the online application.

If you prefer, you can make use of the printable application form dropping it and your resume at your favorite local store. Overall you have many options, you can do an online application, a free application or a direct application. Either way, you need to be clear on what you are looking for and your ambitions making sure that your personality and know-how match what the company is looking for.

If you make it to the interview, research the company history, the brands sold and dress according having in mind that an extra attention will be paid to your footwear. Show respect for the brand and be glad for the opportunity. Be confident of your past achievements in order to describe them in detail and show the recruiter you are the ideal candidate for the position.

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