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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is part of Berkshire Hathaway, the company who also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. Every day, the company is looking for people who are hardworking and dedicated to join the team and deliver a magical experience. You can find the Dairy Queen application link at the bottom of the page.

The first store was open in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois by John Fremont McCullough, who created the soft serve formula in 1938 together with his son, and Sherb Noble, who first offered this product in his store. Although the first store has not been open since the 1950s the building is still standing having been acknowledged as a landmark.

Some stores may only be open during spring and summer offering a menu that features Dairy Queen frozen treats, including malts and milkshakes, among others. However, most of the stores also offer hot food options remaining open all year. These locations may offer hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken, burgers and more fan food options depending on the type of store it is.

The Dairy Queen is a great place to work. Teamwork and integrity play a great part within the company and provide a great environment to work in. Warm smiles and fast service is always expected to give the customer the best experience possible and will be required to apply for jobs at the Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen Careers

Dairy Queen Careers range from working within a store to working at corporate. Crew Members working within the store will be offered an exciting and fun opportunity where they will ensure products are prepared meeting the restaurant standards for excellence and quality while being delivered with a smile.

Within corporate you can expect a small community feel where you work to provide magical experiences across a vast number of locations. Teamwork and integrity are an important part of the job description. A career with corporate is a stimulating employment opportunity. To find out more about Dairy Queen jobs you can follow the link bellow.

Hiring requirements range from service with a smile to specific area knowledge, including strong verbal communication and being able to perform under pressure, according to the job opportunities being considered.

How old do you have to be to work at Dairy Queen?

You must be at least 16 years old to work at a Dairy Queen store. However, some job opportunities may require a higher age which is why it is important to check the requirements for the Dairy Queen jobs available.

Employee benefits within the Dairy Queen careers include medical, dental and vision insurance coverage, sick pay and vacation, employer paid basic life insurance, short and long term disability, paid sick and vacation and more.

Mainly, stores opening hours are between 10:30 am and 10:00 pm. However, this being a franchise, hours of operation may vary according to the location of the store. Researching the location’s hours is an important part of application’s process. Within this industry, a varied schedule can be expected, especially dealing with a franchise.

Dairy Queen Job Descriptions

Crew Member / Cashier – A crew member will be expected to execute all customer service operations. Among the crew member responsibilities are being pleasant and alert to customer needs, initiate and complete customer transactions quick and accurately, preparing products while following preparation, health and safety standards. Salary can typically be around $8/hour.

Cook – At Dairy Queen, the cook is responsible for storing, preparing, cooking and plating all food items in agreement with the company’s standard operating procedures. The cook will also be responsible for keeping his space clean. Salary can be around $8/hour.

Chill Staff – The purpose of this job it to assemble and present completed treat orders, including stocking cleaning and maintaining customer areas clean. It is essential to communicate clearly and to prepare treat products following the proper recipes, portioning and health and safety procedures. Pay can be around $8/hour.

Shift Leader – The Shift Leader works in coordination with the Assistant Manager, Store Manager and General Manager, providing leadership and guidance to the staff. The Shift Leader must also be able to perform the job functions of every team member. An average salary of $11/hour can be expected.

Store Manager – The Store Manager should assist the General Manager and the Headquarters Executive Management Team executing all aspects of their assigned restaurant operations. Managing entire operations and maintaining critical standards plays a critical part in this job description. Annual payment will be around $34823.

Dairy Queen Interview Questions

It is important, when going for an interview, to prepare yourself for some of these questions.

What can you offer the Dairy Queen Team? It is important to be confident and have some company knowledge. Research the company and what is looked for in an employee. Be sure to have your best qualities in mind, as well as what sets you apart from the crowd.

Why do you want to work at the Dairy Queen? This is a typical question in any interview. It is important to know the company’s ideals and to have a clear vision of why you want to work there. Focus on what is important for you within this company.

How well do you work within a team? The interviewer needs to know how you will work within a teamwork oriented environment. It is useful to use precise examples of situations where you were working within a team.

What are your future plans? This is a question directed at understanding what your dedication and how far you are whiling to go within the company. It is important to be realistic when you are talking about your expectation for your career.

When was a time that you were a leader? It is important to be specific and highlight occasions in which you had what it took to lead and do what was necessary with the company’s guidelines in mind.

Advice For Application Process

The first step should be to research the Dairy Queen jobs online, making sure that the experience required for the position advertised is in accordance with your experience. You can find Dairy Queen jobs online as well as if you should do your Dairy Queen job application online or download application form.

To find how to apply for Dairy Queen online you only need to search within the link provided bellow for the official Dairy Queen site, searching the careers for the jobs that match your experience.  There, you will be able to find a printable application for Dairy Queen. While filling it in, it is important to pay attention to detail.

It is possible to make an online application, as well as a free application and a direct application. Being clear about your goals and showing respect for the organization is a good start for your application to be noticed and taken into account. Submitting your Dairy Queen application, you should be confident that it ticks all the boxes for what the company is looking for.

If there is a particular local store’s team that you wish to make a part of, even if there isn’t any hiring at the moment, you may apply making sure to express your interest in the Dairy Queen careers that grab your attention and agree with your experience. Indicating your gratitude for the opportunity to work within the company, it is important to know how to check your hiring status.

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