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Foodland is a supermarket chain in America with its headquarters located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thirty stores are operated by the company throughout the Hawaiian state under the names Foodland Farms, Sack ‘n Save, and Foodland.

The first store of Foodland was opened back in 1948 in the Market City of Honolulu by Maurice “Sully” Sullivan. The company expanded statewide by 1967.

One fact about the company is that the name of “Foodland” is considered to be naturally generic and it is also not a trademark that’s registered.

Employment benefits of workers primarily consist of financial planning benefits and healthcare options. Associates that are qualified have retirement plans, medical insurances, and paid time-offs.

Many aspiring employees appreciate the ability to go to work with irregular schedules – candidates are able to choose from full-time or part-time schedules.

How old do you have to be to work at Foodland?

Foodland typically hires workers that are at least 18 years of age and their schedule availability needs to be open. Workers vying for positions in management careers have more difficult requirements.

Foodland Careers

Assistant Bakery Manager: Assistant bakery managers perform all job functions and duties of a bakery clerk. They follow procedures for price markings, restocking cases to quality protection, product rotation, and receiving products.

Cashier:  Cashiers of Foodland have duties entailing manning cash registers and serving customers at checkout. Their job involves a lot of standing and working on foot.

Clerk: A clerk takes on varying obligations assigned by departments. Clerks typically work in aisles where the produce are. Deli and meat clerks spend a lot of time preparing and cutting meats.

Management: Each department requires supervisors to ensure operations to be efficient. Managers of Foodland are in charge of hiring, scheduling, training, and then supervising associates, improving operations, and analyzing sales.

Other job opportunities include store director, deli manager, bakery clerk, backroom man, bakery manager, fish cutter, floral manager, courtesy clerk, gas station attendant, and front end manager.

Foodland Application

Individuals seeking for job opportunities with Foodland must showcase the major points in the company’s mission statements. Workers should mirror the qualities desired by the management.

Online application is available. The official website has a web page filled with the current job openings. You can click on position titles outlined in the web page to view details.

In filling up your job application, thoroughly analyze and reflect the skills you enumerated. Make sure that these qualities and skills are relevant to the job and that you have these said skills.

In your resume, regardless of the resume format of your decision, the contact information must be located at the top. This section includes your name, phone number, email, social media profiles, and URLs to blogs or websites.

Finally, during your interview, you must have an upbeat personality, you must be focused, candid, confident, concise, and authentic. And remember that the key to victory is the quality to how you deliver your responses.

Things To Know About Foodland

Foodland’s core values are integrity, innovation, caring, excellence, customer commitment, community responsibility, and life balance. Their enduring principles and beliefs serve as basis for their business and decisions. 

Recent press releases of the company include how their convenience stores up sales in seafood, the reorganization of Foodland outlets, the company’s store shelves becoming bare, and more beef in their Island stores.

There are other businesses adopting the name of Foodland such as Express, Plus concepts, and Fresh. Fresh focuses on organic goods while Express features storefronts in rural areas.

Foodland has four major programs for community efforts. These are Shop for Higher Education, a scholarship program for Hawaiian students, Bag Up Hunger, Give Aloha, and Share a Holiday Feast.

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