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Japan Airlines is the very first sole Japanese airline. More than that, it’s the first one to fly overseas. Yes, it is international and based out of, you guessed it, lovely Japan itself.

Japan Airlines currently has a fleet size of 174. That’s 174 aircraft out there in the skies! The company was officially founded on August the 1st of 1951, and technically commenced on October the 25th of that year.

This company’s IATA code is JL. Its ICAO code is JAL. These are important for recognizing aircraft and type globally.

Tokyo Haneda Airport and Tokyo Narita Airport house hubs for their airplanes. The secondary hubs are there as well, for additional support and backup. These are the Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport.

The JAL Global Club and JAL Mileage Bank are involved in their frequent flyer program. They are a member of the OneWorld Alliance. This makes them an alliance partner with American Airlines.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Japan Airlines?

A minimum age of 19 years old is required in order to work at Japan Airlines. This is for the most basic positions, to begin with…..such as Customer Service Agent. Completion of high school is also required.

Japan Airlines Careers

The four most common positions are: Customer Service Agent, Ramp Agent, Ticketing Booth Representative and Flight Attendant. These are all entry level, basic starting positons. The ramp agent requires no experience, and it at the very bottom of the chain of seniority….cleaning and fueling the aircraft, and communicating with the cabin crew & maintenance.

The ticketing booth rep follows. He or she works at the ticket counter. They ensure printing of boarding passes and directing passengers to the gate, answering any basic questions.

Customer service agents are a bit higher up the ladder. As such, their responsibility and stress levels are a bit higher. More is expected from them; they deal with re-booking, customer complaints, and other issues arising. Flight attendants have the highest workload and salary of all. This also entails the greatest risk and responsibility in a position as a whole…..greater than the others. Flight attendants enforce FAA government guidelines on the aircraft and communicate with all other previously mentioned personnel to ensure safety and compliance on all flights. They give emergency evacuations, safety demonstrations, CPR/First Aid, firefighting, anf bomb detection protection on the plane as needed. They also serve the passengers and ensure their safety in all aspects.

Other positions include maintenance and service techs. Mechanics, repairmen, safety check inspectors, and hangar facility all play a very crucial role as well. Without them, the planes would not be approved and ready for flight.

Japan Airlines Application

Online applications are accepted. Apply online. Fill out a form on the careers link of the main page. Candidates who speak Japanese are absolutely preferred, in addition to other languages.

Positive and enthusiastic candidates with no visible tattoos are also in preference. A clean criminal and driving record is a must. Felonies and misdemeanors will be looked at strictly.

This is, after all, air safety. Federal Aviation Regulations apply. If any of the above apply to you, do not proceed or do so with caution…..knowing that these will count against you.

After creating a job seeker profile on the main page’s careers tab, apply to your heart’s content. You may save certain jobs to your job cart for later application. Once submitted, applications will be reviewed and you may be contacted in 2 to 4 weeks with further details.

Facts About Japan Airlines

This airline is the flag carrier airline of Japan. As such, it bears the title and does a great honor to its country. It is also the first of its kind, and has continued to be as such….

All Nippons Airways just became the only airline in JAPAN larger than Japan Airlines. This ranks the company in second place. Still, second place is at the top…and better than at the bottom.

Shinagawa is located in Tokyo, Japan. This airline is headquartered there. It is nestled within this special area.

There are other efforts and services to the greater social public, which Japan Airlines is involved in as well. Cargo services are offered, for example. Over 220 destinations participate in this. This takes place in 35 countries around the world, and it certainly includes codeshares. They play a crucial role.

Application Links

Company: https://www.jal.com

Careers: https://www.ar.jal.com/arl/region/en/other/career/

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