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The company is based in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Fox’s Pizza Den is a pizza chain that is known for creating and serving delectable pizza creations and other Italian staples.

Jim Fox has been working with pizza since the age of 12. He knows his pizza. In 1971, he founded his pizza place and the rest is history.

With over 300 locations in the United States, the company provides jobs and career opportunities for more than four thousand employees. In 2007, the pizza chain ranked as the “Best Pizza Franchise”.

The management offers its employees flexible working hours. The company provides competitive salary on a per hour basis. Employees can undergo training programs and can receive various employee benefits such as food discounts and career growth opportunities.

Most employees find it fun and exciting to work here. The company promotes a productive and challenging working environment that allows employees to grow. The management truly cares about their employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Fox’s Pizza Den?

In order to work for Fox’s Pizza Den, you have to be at least 16 years old before you apply. The management won’t accept applicants younger than that.

Fox’s Pizza Den Careers

Team Member. Being a team member requires you to be hard working and have great customer service skill. You have to be 16 years old and above to qualify.

Delivery Driver. Most of the sales come from deliveries, which is why this job is crucial to the company’s success. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and knows how to drive.

Cashier. As a cashier, you are tasked to handle the payments made by the customers. You must have exceptional analytical skills for this job. Being honest and trustworthy is required.

Pizza Maker. Being a pizza maker requires you to be knowledgeable on how to make pizzas. You are in charge of the overall quality of the pizzas served to the customers.

Some of the other job opportunities available at Fox’s Pizza Den are Customer Service Representatives, Shift Leaders, Managers and Supervisors. They also have entry-level positions for new job seekers.

Fox’s Pizza Den Application

The application process varies depending on the branch’s location. Search for the job that you are planning to apply and just fill out the application form.

You may choose to apply online or you can visit the branch location near you. It is best to walk-in and submit your application forms in person. This will ensure that the person-in-charge receives your application.

Submitting your application form is not the final step in securing an interview. It is advisable to follow-up your application by giving the branch a call or inquiring your application status by visiting the branch where you applied.

Ensure that all your qualifications and your professional details are included in your resume. The information in your resume will help your recruiter assess you objectively; therefore, they must be complete.

Once you have your interview schedule, be sure to prepare for all the possible questions that your recruiter may ask. Dress properly and comfortably. Don’t forget to smile.

Things to Know About Fox’s Pizza Den

Now on their 45th anniversary, Fox’s Pizza Den is still continuously serving mouthwatering pizzas to people all over the United States. The pizza chain did not stop growing ever since its first opening in 1971.

The pizza chain became the best pizza franchise in 1993 because of its successful business formula and model. In 2007, the company received the “Pizza Industry Enterprise” or PIE award.

The management provides a full disclosure of their foods’ nutritional information on their website to help their customers make well-informed decisions when it comes to ordering their food.

The company owners are known for helping the community, especially during a winter storm in Pennsylvania in 2014. The pizza chain is also active in helping organizations raise funds by hosting breakfast, lunch and dinner events.

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