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Pizza Inn

This company was founded in 1958 by two brothers, Joe and R. L. Spillman in Dallas, Texas across from Southern Methodist University.  They are on the constant lookout for candidates who are enthusiastic and customer focused.  How to apply for Pizza Inn online?  Though you can research online for Pizza Inn jobs, you will need to download and fill out the Pizza Inn application and submit it to your local restaurant.

The company specializes in American-style pan pizza and side dished.  In January 2015, the parent company Pizza Inn Holdings was renamed to RAVE Restaurant Group.  The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

Pizza Inn operates more than 250 restaurants domestically and internationally.  They have prided themselves over the last 57 years on their freshness and innovation.  They are constantly trying to create new recipes to tantalize the customers’ taste buds.

They value honesty, integrity, and self-motivation.  They also want their prospective employees to be friendly and deliver service that exceeds expectation.  If you believe that you have the same values and can provide the kind of service that you would want to receive, the download the printable application for Pizza Inn.  You will want to click the link provided to search Pizza Inn jobs and, once you have found the position that you desire, complete the Pizza Inn application.

Pizza Inn Careers

The opportunities are numerous with this company.  The positions available at the store include Cook, Delivery Driver, Server, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager, and Franchise Owner.  Wages and salaries are competitive for this type of industry.

Many corporate level Pizza Inn careers are available as well. Some of these positions are in the departments of Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Information Technology, and Marketing.  They offer a competitive yearly salary.

How old do you have to be to work at Pizza Inn?

Though the minimum age to work for Pizza Inn is 16 years old, some positions require the candidate be 18 years old.

This company offers a comprehensive benefits package to its full-time eligible employees.  Some of those benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, and paid time off including holidays, sick time, and personal days.

Hours of operation depend on the location so make sure that you contact your local store before going you apply for jobs at Pizza Inn.

Pizza Inn Job Description

Server – The Server is one third of the customer’s experience and must provide exceptional service by being friendly, knowledgeable, and able to resolve any issues that may happen as fast as possible.  Other responsibilities include taking food, drink and dessert orders, pre-bussing the tables, maintaining a clean and stocked assigned area, and other duties as assigned by management.

Delivery Driver – The Delivery Driver is the face of the company to the customers that don’t come into the restaurant and this role must present a friendly and outgoing persona who anticipates the customer’s needs by offering complimentary items at the door.  Other duties include following the safety policies and procedures of the company, occasional cooking and cutting of the pizza, and completing side-work as determined by the management team.

Restaurant Manager – The responsibilities of the Restaurant Manager are to manage that restaurant at or above established standards, determine staffing needs, and recruit, hire, train, and develop new team members.  Other duties include providing exceptional customer service, oversee food production and preparation, and execute store and employee administrative and audit activities.

Pizza Inn Interview Questions

The following questions are asked during an interview and are typical for the restaurant industry.

Why do you want to work for Pizza Inn?  Before applying for any job, it is extremely important that you research the company and the position that you are applying for so you can answer this question in a detailed and unique fashion.

What does teamwork mean to you?  The interviewer is asking this to find out if you are willing to go beyond your job description to be a part of the team to get things accomplished.

Can you tell me of a time that you received exceptional service?  Explain where you were at when you received great service and what made that service so good.

Look around the restaurant.  Can you tell me what areas need improvement?  This question is asked to determine your powers of observation and to find out if you are leadership material.

Advice for Application Process

The application process begins with researching the company and the position.  While you are making notes on the company’s values, mission, and vision, you should also be writing down questions about the company goals, the company’s direction, what duties you will be performing for the job, and other questions pertaining to the company and position.

You should update or create your resume to highlight your skills and abilities before going in to apply for a position; be warned, you should keep the length to one page or the hiring manager may skip over it.  Read the application carefully and double check to ensure that everything is completely filled out and signed.

Once you are ready, take your resume and the application that you completed to the nearest store to you. Please note that there will be assessment tests on your mathematical skills, your personality, and your problem solving skills.  Be sure to leave at least an hour to submit the application and complete any tests.

Dress in business casual attire with the hair off of the face, natural makeup, clean shaven, and conservative jewelry.  You should avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, or sandals.  Before entering the building, leave anything that could be a distraction out in the car or turned off.

Go to your interview with a great attitude that shows off your friendliness and charisma.  You should be relaxed, yet professional.  Limit the length of your answers to two minutes if possible, while using past experience to give applicable examples.  At the conclusion of your interview, thank the hiring manager for considering you and taking the time to speak with you.

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