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General Nutrition Center or commonly known as GNC is a chain of retail stores that provide health and wellness services. The company is mainly based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It started as a small health food store in Pittsburgh. This was opened by David Shakarian in 1935. After six months, he was able to open a second store.

Now, the company has more than 8000 stores operating around the world. With the help of over 14000 employees, this retail store continues to grow around the globe.

Aside from the basic salary, General Nutrition Center provides its employees with benefit packages that include healthcare assistance, retirement plans, employee discounts, childcare vouchers, and insurance.

Apart from the benefits mentioned, the company gives sales commissions and bonuses to its workers. Holidays and vacations are also given together with pension plans.

How old do you have to be to work at General Nutrition Center?

The required age to be able to apply for a part-time or full-time job position in General Nutrition Center is 18 years old and above.

General Nutrition Center Careers

Retail Manager:This person manages the operations and the hiring process of the store. The retail manager also ensures that the goals of the company are met.

Retail Sales Associate: This person is responsible for selling the company’s products to customers using the methods of the store. The retail sales associate should learn the products and policies of the company to do this.

Assistant Manager:This person is in charge of assisting the retail manager in supervising the operations of the business. The assistant manager also helps in training the new employees.

Training Manager: This person is mainly responsible for ensuring that the employees are properly trained to serve the customers. The training manager is responsible for the development of the company’s workforce.

The retail store also offers other corporate, logistics, manufacturing, and retail job positions such as divisional sales manager, maintenance technician, transportation manager, and purchasing associate.

General Nutrition Center Application

The applicant can either apply online using the company’s website or through the Monster website. A user profile is needed for both websites to continue with the application process. All the fields in the application form must be filled out.

Online application is used by the General Nutrition Center to properly keep track of its applicants. Using this method will entail less time and effort for the company to hire new employees.

The company sets a high standard for its employees due to the nature of its business. Because of this, the applicant must study the services and products of the company. Be acquainted with the industry that it belongs to.

The applicant must quantify his achievements rather than just listing the job descriptions and responsibilities that he had in his previous workplaces.  The applicant should use numbers to show his skills.

The hiring manager must see how determined and interested the applicant is in joining the company’s workforce. The applicant can ask a question or two to show interest.

Things To Know About General Nutrition Center

General Nutrition Center instils in its employees the importance of being dynamic, diverse, and driven. These things play a huge role inthe innovation and improvement of its services and products.

Articles about health and wellness are available in the company’s website. This is a great opportunity for customers to learn more about their health even if they don’t go to a clinic since these articles are written by medical experts.

It provides an online poll in its website to regularly provide what its customers need. Questions on medical history, vitamin intake, and other topics on health issues are asked.

The company helps in promoting health in the community through educating the people with the things that they need to know to have a healthier body and lifestyle.

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