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Giant Food Stores

The company’s mission has always been to offer the best products at the lowest prices.  They are always looking for energetic, passionate and friendly people to become a part of their team.  How to apply for Giant Food Stores online is easy; simply search for Giant Food Stores jobs by locating the link near the bottom of this article and fill out a Giant Food Stores application once you have found the desired career.

Carlisle Meat Market, which later became Giant Food Stores, was opened in 1923 by founder David Javitch.  In 1937, the first Giant Food Shopping Center opened in Lewiston, Pennsylvania.  In the 1970’s, Giant Food Stores purchase Martin’s grocery store.  Currently, there are 180 stores under the Giant Food Store and Martin’s names.

Not only does Giant Food Stores believe in the company’s mission, but they also believe in giving back to the community.  They have raised more than $13 million to support pediatric cancer research and treatment at Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Center and The Children’s Cancer Foundation.  Other charities that the company has partnered with include programs that focus on hunger relief and improving the lives of children.

There are many different Giant Food Stores jobs available online and at your local store.  If you prefer to download a printable application for Giant Food Stores, there is a pdf link available under Job Links, or you can fill out a Giant Food Stores application online.

Giant Food Stores Careers

Some of the employment opportunities with this company are at the store.  These store positions include Grocery Associate, Night Stock Associate, Deli Associate, and Non-Food Associate, among others that are found by searching Giant Food Stores jobs online.  The starting wage is $9 an hour and associates enjoy an employee discount.

Other Giant Food Stores careers can be found in management and at the corporate office.  Examples of these jobs include Assistant Deli Manager, Store Manager, Finance Manager, and Human Resources Manager.  The company offers management positions a competitive salary.

How old do you have to be to work at Giant Food Stores?

The minimum age requirement to work at this company is 16 years old.

Giant Food Stores believes in their employees and will help their employees invest in their future by providing computer training classes, as well as tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs.  Other benefits of working for the company include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k, and life insurance.

Whether this is your first job, or you are looking to have a long term career, this is a great prospect for someone seeking to gain experience in this industry.  If you are motivated and outgoing, then apply for jobs at Giant Food Stores.

Giant Food Stores Job Description

Courtesy Clerk – The Courtesy Clerk is responsible for interacting with the customers by greeting them as they enter the store and thanking them as they leave the store.  This role will also bag each customer’s groceries according to procedure, do price checks as necessary, and assist with customers’ questions, requests and location of products.

Grocery Clerk – The responsibilities of the Grocery Clerk is to provide exception customer service and price, stock and rotate merchandise throughout the store as needed.  Other duties include assisting other team members as needed and as directed.

Night Crew Clerk – This role is responsible for assisting in receiving and unloading merchandise, ordering products and maintaining inventory control.  Other responsibilities include check products for quality, count, and condition and handling damaged and spoiled goods according to company policy.

Floral Clerk – The Floral Clerk is responsible for checking and verifying receiving to ensure that all items listed has been delivered, designing floral arrangements, and conduct daily inventory.  Other duties include gift wrapping bouquets, watering both inside and outside plants, and ensuring that the entire department is clean and organized.

Giant Food Stores Interview Questions

The following interview questions are examples that are found in the retail sales industry and are meant to help you prepare for your interview.

How important is being organized and keeping a schedule to you?  This question helps the interviewer analyze and deduce if you will keep your area or department organized, if you will adhere to the attendance policy, and if you are able to multi-task.

How would you define outstanding customer service?  Having customer service skills is necessary in this type of environment.  Answer the question by giving examples of you how have given or received outstanding customer service.

How would you handle a difficult customer?  If you have never been in a customer service role before, then answer this question with how you would want to be treated if you were an upset customer.

What can you contribute to this company?  Take this moment to focus your skills and strengths.  Think about what you can do for the company.

How do you usually solve problems?  Though this sounds like a generalized question, the hiring manager is looking for the steps that you would take, so be specific.

Advice for Application Process

Before starting the application process, create resume that highs your skills and training for the specific job that you are applying for.  Try to keep the resume to one page of your most recent employers.  If this is your first job, use the resume to focus on things that you accomplished in school, such as volunteering, working for the cafeteria, etc.

It’s also recommended to create a professional profile online through sites such as LinkedIn.  As more companies go online, part of their process is to look up potential candidates on social media sites.  Keep your personal profile separate from your professional profile so the company knows that you can keep your personal life separate from your professional life.

You should also take this time to get good, solid referrals.  People that you have worked with in the past are the best referrals, but make sure that you have their permission.  If you have no job experience, get references from school counselors and teachers.

Before you do the interview, you should do some research about the company.  The hiring manager will ask you about 15 – 25 questions.  You should be extremely clear about why you want this position, why you want to work for this company, and what you like about the industry.

For the interview, dress professionally and come prepared.  Have your identification documentation, your resume, references, and previous employers’ address and phone numbers.  Show confidence and friendliness by smiling, having a good posture, and keeping eye contact.  Use your previous experience to answer your interview questions and have questions prepared to ask the hiring manager about growth opportunities.  Lastly, thank the interviewer for his or her time and consideration for this particular position.

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