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Hastings Entertainment is a U.S. popular multimedia retail store chain that sells used and new entertainment items. The store also serves as a local rental location for movies and video games. There are over 130 superstores in locations across the Rocky Mountain and South Central States, in parts of the Midwest and Great Plains states, and within several college towns.

Headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, the company, founded in 1968 by Sam Marmaduke, and now ran by his son, CEO and president, John Marmaduke, leads in the entertainment industry. In addition to the multiple superstores, the company also hosts the operation of goHastings.com which is an e-commerce site that incorporates the sale of toys and gifts, offering great deals.

Hastings is the prime direct market comic book retailer in the country which makes it a fun company for book lovers. It is also a wonderful place to work if you are interested in sales, along with any other entertainment products such as movies, CDs, or video games. For those interested in pursuing a career with the entertainment industry, this would be a company for you.

If interested in Hastings careers, Hastings jobs online are listed by location on their website. For how to apply for Hastings online simply visit the Career Opportunities section of their site and click the link for the specific job description of your choice. A Hastings application should be first submitted online with their free application. For a printable application form visit a local store.

Hastings Careers

Job opportunities with Hastings are a plenty. There are several Hastings jobs for lasting employment available in many of their superstores located mostly within small college towns. Most of the positions you will find listed are located within their Store Support Center, Distribution Center, or in one of their Superstores.

Hastings store opportunities include ones in management roles such as Store Manager, Customer Service Manager, Lifestyles Manager, Café Manager, or Manager in Training. Other positions comprise of Counter Team Leaders, Customer Service Associates, MIT Store Set Leaders, and Hardback Coffee Café Barista’s. For entertainment enthusiasts there is definitely a post for you.

How old do you have to be to work at Hastings?

You must hold a high school diploma or GED and be 21 years of age for most jobs, but exceptions are made for Customer Service Associates and Café Baristas for which you have to be at least 17 years old and a high school senior. There are flexible schedules available within both part and full-time positions.

With opportunities for advancement there are many benefits for staff. Profits of employment include training, competitive pay, retirement plans, an Associate Stock Ownership Plan, paid leave, health insurance options, and substantial merchandise discounts. The longer you work for Hastings, the greater the perks. More information will be offered to you during the interview.

Most stores are open during the hours of 9:00am and 11:00pm. The store locations are typically closed on major holidays, but some may have reduced hours. It is probably a good idea to call your local store first for their specific location’s hours and holiday closings. You can also call the Guest Service Department with a representative available every Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 9:00pm to answer your questions.

Hastings Job Descriptions

Customer Service Manager – Being a great organizer who manages time well are very handy skills to have in this position. Responsibilities include managing and supervising the team leaders and customer service associates working the front counter area, training these staff to meeting company standards, and ensuring the operational responsibilities are taken care of day-to-day. The pay for this position averages $11.00 per hour.

Café Manager – Salary starts at $24,000. In this position you must be a team player and be able to create and maintain relationships within the community, while developing and maintaining a comfortable and happy environment. A year of coffee/food supervision, as well as cash handling experience is required. To be successful in this position you must also have outstanding customer service abilities. You will be running the total café operations. 

Customer Service Associate- As a Customer Service Associate your duties include welcoming guests, providing guests help and advice on merchandise when needed, and ensuring a clean and safe store environment. You must have superb customer service skills, as well as follow all proper standards for maintaining an effective sales flow. People in this position earn an average $8.00 an hour.

Café Barista- Baristas are responsible for preparing beverages with speed and consistency, as well as of high quality. In this role you must provide outstanding customer service to guests and work in a team with other staff. You must also follow all standards for safety, health, and cleanliness. Baristas make an average of between $8.00 and $8.50 hourly.

Hastings Interview Questions

Included below are possible interview questions to be asked of employees for potential Hastings jobs.

What is your availability like? How do you spend mostly spend your time? This question is asked by Hiring Managers to determine how much they will be able to use you on the schedule, as well as where your priorities lie. They will want to know that you will be committed to the job. 

How would you sell a book you don’t like? An interviewer might ask you this first to see how much you love books and your ability to sell their merchandise if you are pursuing a sales position. Secondly, it could be asked to determine your sales approach and how you might win customers over with your relatability skills. 

What does teamwork mean to you? Teamwork is important for most positions within the sales industry. This question would be asked to assess the importance you place on being a team player and how you define it. This will help them decide whether you are a good match with the staff culture.

If you could be any superhero, which one would you be? You may be asked this question to gage your interest in the products they sell, as well as ability to relate and sell items like comic books. They are also interested in the type of person you are and if you are a good fit. 

If you applied through an online application for a management position you may be asked questions like: “Are you willing to relocate?” or “What are your salary requirements?” The hiring manager may be gaging your flexibility when it comes to gaining employment with the company as they could be opening a new position elsewhere soon and be looking for new staff for that location.

Advice For Application Process

The interview process can include one interview or a series of interviews depending on the job you are interested in. The most important aspect of yourself to present to the company is enthusiasm for the entertainment industry. Bring also charisma, social ability, and a heart for helping others, with a calm but happy demeanor and you should be just fine. It is a relaxed and laid back process with this company.

To apply for jobs at Hastings, you can simply go to the openings listed on their website. You are unable to download application forms, but for a printable application for Hastings, you can go to a nearby location. With the online process you can also easily access your status through the personal profile you create to apply online.

Be sure to include your resume along with your application. There is an easy way to do this online through the Hastings application portal or you can include it with your direct application in person. Also make sure to list all your relevant experience and skills on your resume. Requirements for most jobs include experience in customer service, working in a team, organizational skills, and a love for entertainment.

One thing to know about open positions at Hastings is that they frequently change and just because a position you are interested in may not be listed, it could be in the very near future. They sometimes look for qualified applicants in advance as well. You should also shoot for the best opportunity available even if you may not be super qualified. You never know what might be the best fit for you.

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