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The Gymboree Corporation is a chain of retail stores specializing in clothing and accessories for children from infancy through age twelve. In addition to retail stores, the company runs Gymboree Play and Music centers. You can find a link for a Gymboree application through the application links at the bottom.

There are more than 600 retail locations and 160 outlet locations in the United States, and more than 700 play centers around the world. The publicly owned company was founded in 1976. It is currently owned by Bain Capital, and its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. The business began with the play centers, adding retail in 1986.

The business has play centers and retail locations in dozens of countries, including the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Ecuador, China, Brazil, Colombia, and Dominican Republic. It employs more than 10,000 people. Other brands under the corporation include the retail chains Janie and Jack, and Crazy 8.

The company is an ideal place to work for creative people who would like to have an influence on the company they work for. The children’s clothing retailer listens to its employees and implements changes based on their ideas. People working at Gymboree jobs can experience a high degree of satisfaction, knowing they are respected by their employer.

Gymboree Careers

The business has job opportunities for seekers in the corporate office, the distribution center, the play centers, and the stores. It also has openings for district managers and market management. If nothing in your area of interest is available when you search Gymboree careers, you can register with the website and you will receive an alert when there is an appropriate opening.

There are numerous in-store positions posted at the company website. These jobs include Sales Associate, Sales Leader, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and Stockroom Associate. Available positions at Janie and Jack, and Crazy 8 are listed there as well. You can register with the website to apply for jobs at Gymboree.

How old do you have to be to work at Gymboree?

You must be 16 to work at Gymboree. Some positions require prior work experience in the retail industry. Thoroughly read the job description of any career offered by the company on their website before proceeding with their free application process.

Many employees of the corporation are eligible for company benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, 401(k), paid time off, employee assistance programs, employee discounts, and more. Store hours vary by location. Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM are typical store hours.

Gymboree Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – As a Sales Associate, you would maintain the appearance of the store by cleaning and straightening displays. You would also greet and provide customer service to people shopping in the stores. Previous experience is a plus but not necessary. Pay for this position starts at minimum wage, which is at least $7.25 per hour.

Assistant Manager – The Assistant Manager helps the Store Manager to guide the staff and make sure the store is meeting financial goals, while providing service to customers. This position requires sales experience and leadership ability. Candidates must be able to work nights and week-ends. Pay ranges from $10.00 to $18.00 per hour.

Store Managers – Store Managers recruit, hire, and train employees, make sure the store is meeting financial goals, and see to it that the store is being run to corporate standards. At least two years of management experience is required. Being bilingual is an asset. Candidates must be able to work any hours needed. Salary for this position starts around $31,000 per year.

Stock Associate – As a Stock Associate, you would receive shipments, price items, and place them in the store, and you would follow company guidelines for displaying products. Your responsibilities would include keeping the stockroom clean and organized. You would have some paperwork. Your work hours would vary depending on shipment schedules. Pay for this title starts at minimum wage.

Gymboree Interview Questions

These are some questions you may be asked at your employment interview for Gymboree jobs:

How did you hear about this job opening with our company? This company likes referrals, for customers and for job applicants. Let them know it if you found them online. You can download a printable application form at the website and take it in person to apply to your local store.

Where have you worked before? There are some entry-level positions with this company, but having some prior experience is an asset that will help you stand out from your competition. Be prepared to talk about your responsibilities and experiences in an earlier job. It could help you negotiate for higher pay.

If a sale comes to $13.68, and your customer hands you a twenty dollar bill, how much change should you give them? Even people in entry-level jobs at the stores need to have basic skills in reading and math. If you don’t know the answer, at least try to be close. Let them know that you will use the cash register or calculator if you aren’t sure.

What do you think good customer service means? The corporation wants excellent customer service from all of its employees at the stores. Employees will be taught the corporate behavior guidelines upon hiring, but your interviewer would like to know how much training you would need before you reach the sales floor.

If you are asked to stay late because of a very large shipment of new merchandise, what would you do? Some positions with the stores have irregular hours. Some seasons are busier than others, and heavy shipments can mean late hours. Flexibility in scheduling is a requirement for in-store careers with the company.

Advice for Application Process

This children’s clothing retailer values creativity and fun. It is looking for people who are light-hearted and enthusiastic. You’ll want to arrive on time and smiling for your interview with the company. You can apply online by submitting your resume at the website. You can also download a Gymboree application to print and apply at a brick and mortar location.

If you would like to know how to apply for Gymboree online, visit the website below. You can use the online application process to fill out a direct application to the company. You can fill out multiple applications in order to apply for different positions. You can register with the company to be alerted to future openings.

If you would like an application form to apply in person for Gymboree jobs online, choose the position you would like and then download application form. The stores will accept the printable application for Gymboree from would-be employees. Be sure to be thorough when you fill out the form for employment, to make a good impression.

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