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Huddle House

As a 24-hour casual dining restaurant, the menu offers something for everyone. Primarily located in the South and Midwest United States, the restaurant aims to be a community gathering place. To join your local team, stop by the establishment to submit a Huddle House application. For employment in management or Huddle House jobs at the distribution center, you can email your resume for consideration.

John Sparks opened the first of these restaurants in Decatur, Georgia in 1964. Inspired by a group of boys huddled together after football practice, Sparks wanted to create a community place where people could gather day or night. He targeted small town America and the chain has now grown to over 400 restaurants open or under development with more planned for the future.

Current CEO, Michael Abt, has plans to grow the restaurant beyond its current borders. In addition to developing new menus, the CEO has fostered development of new franchises and multi-unit agreements. He projects the company will have over 500 restaurants in the next 3 years, all of them offering both the diverse, but breakfast-focused menu, and opportunities for Huddle House careers in new locations.

The company developed the Evolution concept in 2011, a new design model for their restaurants. Remodeling for existing restaurants is still underway. The redesigned concept has proven to increase sales for those that have completed the undertaking. To see this new face of the company, stop by your nearest location to complete your Huddle House application and be a part of the Evolution movement.

Huddle House Careers

Huddle House jobs located in the restaurant are great for those who love working with people in a fun and fast-paced environment. Potential positions include servers, cooks, managers, greeters, and bussers. Long hours may be required for these roles, including night shifts. To apply for jobs at Huddle House such as the ones listed above, stop by your local store with your resume.

The distribution center for Huddle House is located near the Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Employment opportunities at this facility include both warehouse positions and truck drivers. If you are interested in a distribution center position and are wondering how to apply for Huddle House online, no need to worry. Simply email your resume to the address provided in the link below for consideration.

How old do you have to be to work at Huddle House?

You must be 16 years of age to apply. The corporation is an equal opportunity employer and maintain a drug-free environment. You may be required to submit for drug testing prior to or during employment. Some locations post their Huddle House jobs online, but all recommend stopping by the restaurant to apply.

While benefits vary by location and position, all employees are provided with job training and flexible scheduling. Some locations offer insurance plans, vacation time, and/or 401K plans. Individuals interested in opportunities in the restaurant should take the printable application for Huddle House below or their resume to the nearest restaurant location to inquire about open positions.

These restaurants are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those who need or have an alternative schedule, such as a night shift, the restaurant is open to accommodate both guests and employees. This also provides additional opportunities for interested individuals to submit their free application using their resume or the printable application form below.

Huddle House Job Descriptions

Server – The server is the face of the company at any restaurant. They are also incredible multi-taskers. Juggling tables, managing money, taking and delivering orders, and addressing guest needs are just some of the responsibilities of this position. Median hourly wage including tips is $9. This role may be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Cook – The primary responsibility of a cook is to prepare food for restaurant guests. In addition, they monitor the freshness of and handle preparation for ingredients. Maintaining an elevated standard of cleanliness is of the utmost importance for this role. Working as a team with other kitchen team members is essential for smooth restaurant operation. Median pay is $10 per hour.

General Manager – The general manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of the store. This includes monitoring and creating effective policy, resource planning, produce purchasing, and administrative functions. They are responsible for the fiscal performance of the restaurant. Good people management skills are required. Median salary is $72,000 annually.

Warehouse Employee – A warehouse employee is tasked with the tracking and storage of products. This can include moving items both manually and with machinery, if necessary. Maintaining an orderly environment is key to efficiently filling orders for shipment to the restaurant locations. When an order for product arrives, they will need to quickly secure the items and put them on a truck for delivery. Median pay is $11 per hour.

Class A CDL Truck Driver – A good driving record and a commercial driver license is required to apply for this role. The person in this position must also have the ability to drive long distances, often being away from home for days or weeks. Diligent tracking of activity and effective communication of any incidents or problems is essential. Median pay is $38,000 annually.

Huddle House Interview Questions

What is your favorite aspect of our community? This company has strong ties to the communities in which they open their restaurants. Talk about your local environment with genuine enthusiasm. Be specific with your answer. Tell the hiring manager how you engage with the community, or your plans to if you are new to the area.

What do you do for fun? This question will tell your interviewer more about you. Review the company mission statement and relate your activities to the principles important to the company and the role for which you are applying. Show your interviewer why you would be a great addition to the team.

How will you keep focused while on the road? For those applying for driving positions, this question is likely to come up, especially if you are looking at long distance routes. If you already have experience in this area, give examples of how you coped with these situations in the past. If you don’t have direct occupation experience under your belt yet, talk about personal experiences that relate directly.

What aspect of your current job do you dislike the most? The purpose of this question is to gauge potential job satisfaction in the position for which you have applied. Keep your answer professional and positive. Be sure to also state positive aspects of your current job. This answer is better delivered when well-practiced and natural sounding.

How would you handle a safety related situation? Safety is an important aspect of working in a restaurant or warehouse. It is important for the company to be able to rely on its employees to appropriately notify if an issue is identified. Show your interviewer you can keep your cool and critically think through problems.

Advice For Application Process

While the restaurant being open 24 hours does provide additional opportunities to submit a direct application for employment, be conscientious of times when the restaurant may be at its busiest. If the parking lot is full when you arrive to submit your application form, consider returning when there are fewer patrons. This will provide you with a better shot at getting to talk with the manager on the spot.

Readable applications are a must when pursuing employment. The download application form option via the link below will allow you to print and take some time with the paperwork. Be careful and write legibly. If the hiring manager is unable to read your application, they are likely to become frustrated by the experience or dismiss your submission entirely. Most locations do not have an online application option.

Although you may not be able to apply online, the in-person application is a great way to land an on the spot interview. The restaurant business is a people oriented industry. If you apply and find there are job opportunities available, be ready to interview both mentally and in the way you present yourself.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to applying for jobs. You may miss out on a great opportunity if you only focus on one application at a time. Be sure to keep track of what positions you’ve applied for at each company so when you get a call, you know what position to which they are referring.

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