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The company was founded by Erling Persson with the first store being opened in 1947 in Sweden. The founder was driven by the idea of providing fashionable and stylish clothing to the public at affordable prices. It has a global existence in 57 countries with over 3500 employees. The vast nature of its business calls for an ongoing need for people in various locations and positions. You can find a full array of opportunities at H&M application online through the link at the bottom of the page from where you can apply online.

H&M is one company that has taken being environmentally conscious to a whole new level. They encourage customers to give their old clothing to the stores for which the company gives them vouchers they can use towards their purchase. The old clothing is then recycled to be transformed into something new and different. It is something they call sustainable fashion.

The way in which the company cares for the local environment in which it operates they also care for their employees in the form of the many perks and benefits given to employees. These include discounts on merchandise, health and medical benefits, opportunities to grow within the company, training and development programs and paid time off from work for various reasons including vacation and sick days.

As a business with growing needs the demand for personnel is also increasing. You can browse the full list of job opportunities at various locations through their website where you can see how to apply for H&M online to send in a direct application or simply download the printable application for H&M.

H&M Careers

As an expanding company H&M offers many opportunities for entry level and more experienced management level positions. There are both full time and part time jobs available. For people looking to start off their career in the retail industry there are part time positions available as sales Advisors in various stores. These positions require flexibility in work schedules based on varying business needs.

People looking to advance their careers can opt for the full time positions currently available which include Interior Specialist, Visual Merchandiser, Store Manager, Future Department Manager Talent, and Department Manager. These positions offer you the opportunity for career advancement and growth in a job that suits your skills and expertise.

How old do you have to be to work at H&M?

The minimum age to apply for H&M jobsis 18 years. Some positions require specific skills and expertise so be sure to review all job requirements before applying for a position.

H&M jobs mean you don’t just have a job you have H&M careers. The company takes good care of its employees providing them with many benefits and perks including but not limited to employee discounts on merchandise and paid days off. For the free application you can download application form from the company website.

H&M Job Descriptions

Sales Advisor –¬† As someone who enjoys serving people in a fast paced retail environment this may be the job for you. Your responsibilities would include helping customers with in store purchases and be able to lift cartons and boxes for restocking. If you are a team player who enjoys working with people then this position may be your opportunity to join H&M. You can expect to earn a salary of about $11 per hour.

Department Manager – In this role it would be your responsibility to hire and train new members for the store team. You would have to assign employees to schedules based on business needs and also ensure maintenance of high quality customer service at all times. If you thrive in an environment that calls for dynamism and energy then this may be your opportunity to take your career to the next level. You can expect to earn about $43000 annually in this position.

Visual Merchandiser РThis job calls for individuals who have a keen eye for style and are passionate about making the customer look good. In this role it would be your job to ensure all merchandise is aesthetically  displayed to appeal to customers. Also you would be responsible to provide training to store staff in dealing with customers and advising on product choices. You can expect to earn a salary of about $37000 in this position.

Interior Specialist – This role calls for a certain level of accounting skills as you would be responsible for the budgeting and costing of materials for stores both existing and for expansion projects. You would be required to travel between locations. If you enjoy working on construction projects and have past experience in a related field then this may be your opportunity to shine. You can expect to earn about $30000 per year.

H&M Interview Questions

Preparation has always been the key to many success stories, so make that tool work to your advantage before you head for the employment interview. Below are a set of questions you are likely to be asked in response to your H&M application on the big day. So be prepared with your answers after you apply for jobs at H&M.

Where did you hear about this opening? Recruiters are keen to know how the prospective candidates are learning about openings. This helps them assess which are the most popular venues to list job openings, H&M jobs online or through some other medium.

Describe yourself in three words? A questions like this sums up your personality with the interviewer not having to derive that information from a long winded explanation to some other question. Be sure to align your specific personality traits with the job you have applied for, so the recruiter knows you are a good fit for the position.

What would you say is your greatest weakness? No one is perfect everyone knows that, however during the hiring process the interviewer wants to know what you consider to be your shortcoming and would like to assess whether that is something that can be worked around.

Are you flexible in your work schedule? Many positions require evening and weekend shifts therefore it is imperative that the interviewer know how you would accommodate varying schedules and work weeks.

Do you have any questions for us? Many at times recruiters want to know if there is any query or confusion in the mind of the candidate with regard to the opening or the company. Be sure to ask questions that reflect your enthusiasm and zeal to join and grow with the company.

Advice For Application Process

Before applying for a position be sure that the job you are applying for is really what you want to do. Check all education and skills requirements for the job and make sure your resume is up to date to reflect all relevant past qualifications and experience. Take time to review your online application before submitting or sending in the printable application form.

As a company that claims to offer stylish clothing to customers, it is only essential that employees reflect their style commitment through their attire. Dress as per your style without appearing artificial or made up. Being dressed in something that suits your style is most likely to help in boosting your confidence on the big day.

Give yourself adequate time to arrive at the interview location on time. If possible see where you have to go a few days before to be prepared on how long it takes factoring in any unforeseen roadblocks or traffic jams due to adverse weather conditions or accidents.

Last but not least be sure to be confident and answer questions that you are asked to without rambling on about irrelevant things. Look interested in the job and the company. Give it your best and no matter what the final outcome be sure to take away something positive from the applications you put in and the overall experience.

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