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Kangaroo Express

Kangaroo Express is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores operating in the southeastern United States. Founded in 1967, the brand has over 1500 stores across thirteen states in the Southeast. The company takes a strong stand against human trafficking and child labor as well as selling alcohol and tobacco to underage young adults. See the link below for the Kangaroo Express application.

Sam Wornom and Trudy Proctor, Jr. founded the chain in 1967 under the name “The Pantry.” The company was put up for public stock trade in 1999. In 2014, it was announced that convenience store chain Circle K would be buying The Pantry, Inc. and its stores. Circle K, which has over 10,000 locations all over the world, made the acquisition to expand its presence in the Southeast.

The chain has been on the Fortune 500 since 2007, and in recent years has earned numerous Convenience Store News awards. The company is deeply committed to what they call “responsible retailing.” They are the industry leaders in prevention of underage sale of tobacco and alcohol. They were the first to put those products behind the counter and to implement electronic I.D. verification.

They also go above and beyond to prevent the occurrence of human trafficking, child labor, and slavery. They routinely audit both internally and with suppliers to check for violations. This operational integrity makes this company a great place to work. See the link below for how to apply for Kangaroo Express online. There is no printable application form.

Kangaroo Express Careers

With over 1500 locations in the Southeast and thousands more worldwide with the Circle K merger, there are many job opportunities for qualified individuals. Kangaroo Express jobs include customer service representatives, store managers, and assistant managers. These positions are available in over 35 states via online application or direct application in store.

There are also fulfilling Kangaroo Express careers for individuals with degrees. There are field marketing positions that support local stores in the areas of marketing and customer service. There are also jobs available at one of the 12 regional offices spread across the United States. Desired specializations include marketing, human resources, information technology, maintenance, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Kangaroo Express?

The minimum age to apply for jobs at Kangaroo Express is 18 years old. There will also be other requirements depending on job position. For in-store customer service representatives, this may include the ability to stand and walk for long periods and to lift moderate loads.

Kangaroo Express jobs come with an extensive employment benefits package. This package includes health and dental insurance, a 401k, and paid holidays and vacation. There is also tuition assistance available for employees that wish to continue their education. The company promotes from within, so there are numerous career advancement opportunities available.

All stores operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kangaroo Express Job Descriptions

Below is a job description list for several Kangaroo Express jobs online.

Customer Service Representative- This position maintains a great customer experience at the convenience store. Responsibilities include greeting customers and helping them with any questions, taking care of all customer purchases, and maintaining a clean store, including re-stocking any items. A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred, and flexible scheduling is a must. Salary averages $8/hr.

Store Manager- The manager oversees operation of the store to ensure the best customer experience. Responsibilities include hiring and retaining great sales associates, assessing employee performance, auditing the cleanliness of the store, meeting sales targets, and managing any conflicts with great positive energy. Experience in retail is preferred and ability to write and speak English is required. Average salary is $37,000/year.

Assistant Manager- The assistant manager helps the store manager with any tasks necessary. Common tasks may include serving as a lead sales associate and greeting/helping customers, developing work schedules, and training new sales associates. Because the store operates 24/7, the assistant manager should be prepared to work some nighttime shifts. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Salary averages $11/hr.

Manager of Human Resources and Training- This position oversees the hiring and training process for new employees. Responsibilities include effectively communicating job expectations, enhancing employee diversity, complying with all federal and local hiring laws, and responding to legal complaints. A bachelor’s degree in human resources is required and five years of experience in a related field is preferred.

Kangaroo Express Interview Questions

Below are some questions you can expect to hear in an interview for this company.

Do you like to work independently? Given that the store operates 24/7, there are times when a manager or assistant manager may not be available. In these situations, the ability to take initiative and complete tasks without direction is a huge plus.

Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict. Conflicts and problems arise in the retail industry. This may be an unsatisfied customer, an incorrect shipment, or the register going down. In these situations, critical thinking is extremely valuable. Prepare a story that demonstrates this skill.

Are you open to working nights and weekends? You can be certain that you will have to come in on nights and weekends sometimes, and maybe even the graveyard shift in the early morning. Make sure your schedule can accommodate this before applying.

How would you like to advance within the company? This company likes to promote from within, so individuals with a good idea of where they want their careers to go are extremely attractive. Try to develop a rough five-year plan to give the interviewer.

How do you deal with stress? A big component of this job is greeting every customer with a smile, even if you’re having a stressful day. Tell the interviewer about some techniques you use to manage stress to show them you can always give exceptional customer service.

Advice for the Free Application Process

There is no printable application for Kangaroo Express. Whether you apply online (see link below to download application form) or in-store, there are several things you can do to ensure your success. It starts with the application form. A well-written and proofread Kangaroo Express application is the first step to demonstrating professionalism and making you stand out among the other applications. Take your time with this step.

If you do land an interview, ensure you dress extremely well and your body and hair are clean. When interacting with customers, you are the face of the company, and the interviewer will want to make sure you can represent the brand well. Come prepared with answers to the above questions and others you may find. Bring copies of your résumé for yourself and the interviewer.

Greet the interviewer with a smile and good direct eye contact. Try to treat them exactly as you would treat a potential customer in the store. Listen carefully and invest yourself in what they’re saying, even when they aren’t asking you questions. Try not to be too uptight during this process; if you’ve done your homework, there’s no reason to be nervous.

Remember to ask the interviewer questions as well. This is important both to demonstrate your interest in the interview and so you can ensure this job is the right fit for you. You may want to know what your typical work day will be like, what you can expect in terms of schedule, and what promotion opportunities exist. These are all fair game.

Finally, relax and enjoy yourself. The interview sets the tone for the entire job experience, so a fun and enjoyable interview will translate to a great time at work.

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