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Hobby Lobby

In 1972 this chain of stores opened its first one in Oklahoma City and hasn’t stopped growing since. Nowadays, this company owns over 600 stores nationwide and is an industry leading retailer. Job opportunities for bright, energetic and talented people are always available. For an application, you can find the Hobby Lobby application link at the bottom of the page.

David and Barbara Green, together with their young family, started the business by making miniature picture frames in their garage in 1970. These days, the company has been included in Forbes’ annual list of America’s largest private companies, while finding great strength in the Christian values that help with the recipe for success.

The company’s values include honoring the Lord by operating the company in consistency with the Bible’s principles, offering an exceptional selection and value for customers, establishing a working atmosphere that helps employees built character, strength and cherish their families and providing a return on the family’s investment, all the while giving back to their employees and community.

Hobby Lobby careers can be very promising. This company operates in a fast paced, team oriented environment where brilliant customer skills are a must. Hobby Lobby jobs are motivating career opportunities within an environment full of energy with gifted and exciting individuals as team members. To learn how to apply for Hobby Lobby online use the link supplied bellow.

Hobby Lobby Careers

One thing to remember is to know your options to apply for jobs at the Hobby Lobby and there are a varied number of careers that you can choose from with this company. The company offers jobs within corporate, store management, retail hourly, distribution and driving. Corporate functions from one office in the Oklahoma City complex as does warehousing, manufacturing, the distribution center and transportation.

For a store management or retail hourly position you have over 600 locations to apply for. You can find the availability for Hobby Lobby jobs online however, it isn’t possible to apply for an hourly position online. For these jobs there isn’t a printable application form but you should apply with your resume in the store of your choosing.

How old do you have to be to work at Hobby Lobby?

You must be 16 years old or over to be part of the company’s team. To apply for Hobby Lobby careers you must be dedicated, polite, courteous and attentive as well as have an affinity for crafts. It is also important to have strong customer management skills and to be able to work within a team environment.

Benefits may vary with the positions available. The company’s commitment to its team members depending on the position can include competitive salaries, health and wellness benefits, financial security, medical and dental coverage, group life insurance, a flexible spending plan, holiday pay, personal paid time off and workers can also earn vacation days.

The hours of operation are from 9:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Saturday. The company is closed on Sundays so that the employees have time for worship, rest and family. When confirming the job description it is important to pay attention to the schedule specifications as there may be a precise request for certain hours.

Hobby Lobby Job Descriptions

Cashier / Store Assistant – For this position remember to demonstrate kindness, attentiveness and compassion as well as being efficient and quick. It is also considered best and an incentive for your application to work to better surrounding communities on a regular basis. There is the option of working both part time and full time. Pay can be expected around $9,90/hour.

Stoker – This station implies that the employee should work to make sure there is customer access to merchandise. Among the duties for this position are receiving and unloading deliveries, organizing inventory in storage, stocking shelves, locating items for customers and maintaining the store’s cleanliness. Salary for this job may vary according to experience and time with the team, but can be around $9,67/hour.

Floral Designer – For this career, the ideal candidate should possess attention to detail as well as knowledge of various flowers. Responsibilities will include taking floral orders, assisting customers with their flower needs and creating arrangements from artificial flowers, vases and any other accessories. Depending on experience a floral designer can make around $10/hour.

Manager – This is a leadership position that implies observing all store activity and developing strategies to increase sales and productivity. Delegating jobs to other employees and carrying out administrative tasks also plays a great part in this position, as does marketing. The salary for this important position can be expected to be around $45000/year.

Hobby Lobby Interview Question

Once you have delivered your Hobby Lobby application, it is important to prepare yourself for the interview by studying questions like the following ones.

Can you describe a challenge you had at a previous job and how you overcame it? It is important to be specific and explain with detail what thought process you went through to help you arrive at your decision. Search within your experience to find an appropriate example and make sure to demonstrate that you are able to overcome obstacles in you professional and personal life.

Why do you want to work here? When making your applications for available job positions that you find you might be suited for it is important to keep in mind this question so that you can answer it with ease and honestly when the interview comes. Pay attention to the job description as well as if it is in accordance with your experience and goals. Think about what you like most within the company’s values and the job description as well as what you feel agrees with you personality and experience.

What are your biggest accomplishments? The employer’s intention is to get a feel for how committed to your objectives you are. The company will try to find dedicated employees with long term goals. Be sure to be honest about your dedication to your own plans.

What do you know about Hobby Lobby? While researching Hobby Lobby jobs, make sure you also take time to find out what you can about the company. The preference, when hiring, will be for someone with knowledge of the business.

What can you bring to the team? This a typical job interview question that you should be prepared to answer. Put emphasis on your qualities and what they can bring to the team.

Advice For Application Process

Your first step should be to find a printable application for Hobby Lobby so you can take your time studying it in with care. It is possible to apply online although you can also opt for a free application or a direct application. In the case of retail hourly positions you will not be able to do your Hobby Lobby job application online, but you can take your resume to your local store and apply there.

If you take the time to download your application form you may examine the questions carefully and think about your answers. Be sure to maintain legible handwriting taking care to provide the correct and honest information. Keep in mind what the company is looking for while filling in your paper or online application and complete your answers with your experience.

When searching for employment with this exciting team it is important to be aware of your application’s status so it is important to keep in touch with the company, or even pay visits to your local store to find out how your application is evolving. This will also show your possible future employer how invested you are in working for there.

Demonstrate gratitude as well as a positive attitude and respect for the company as it may set you apart from the other applicants. Be relaxed and prepared for your interview and pay close attention to what you wear to it as well as it is important to make a good first impression.

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