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Jamba Juice has been in operation for twenty-five years. Its founder, Kirk Perron, launched the company  in San Luis Obispo, California. It now has 849 locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Philppines, United Arab Emirates, and South Korea. Career opportunities exist for team members, store managers, and regional managers. Jamba Juice Application link is located at the bottom.

Kirk Perron was an avid cycler who used to enjoy a smoothie from a juice bar after working out. He figured if he did, others must, and that there would be a market for shops that specialize in smoothies. He opened his first shop, originally called Juice Club, in 1990. A second store opened in California in 1993, and the chain has expanded ever since.

Jamba Juice is a chain of smoothie stores that offers over twenty different varieties, some of which are available in a light version. In addition, their menu includes juices, tasty bites, and energy bowls, which combine granola with fruit. Tasty bites include baked goods, breakfast wraps, oatmeal, flatbreads, and sandwiches. Nutrition information is available for each item on the company website, where you’ll also find an online application.

Jamba Juice is a great place to work because of the casual, fun atmosphere, the healthy menu, and because the company gives a lot back to its communities through fundraisers and a partnership with Kid’s Gardening. You’ll find a printable application for Jamba Juice on their website.

Jamba Juice Careers

There are many entry level spots open for Team Members and Shift Leaders throughout the chain. Management positions include General Manager, Assistant Manager, and Franchisee Manager. These positions offer a fun, casual environment, and competitive wages. A list of some available Jamba Juice jobs is available under the job listings on the career section of their website. Fill out a free application.

There are many corporate level opportunities as well, including Area Director, Area General Manager, District Manager, Regional Recruiter, Accounting Manager, Senior Training Store Manager, Franchise Owner, and more. The website will allow you to create a profile, and it will inform you of any new openings as they become available. You’ll find a list of Jamba Juice jobs online.

How old do you have to be to work at Jamba Juice?

You must be at least 16 to work at Jamba Juice, but you will need a work permit if you are under 18. Management level jobs do not require a college degree, but you’ll need experience in restaurant or retail sales management without one. You can apply by direct application.

In addition to a competitive level of pay, employees enjoy benefits. Managers receive a benefits package along with their salary that includes a 401(k) program. Team members who are over 21 are eligible to participate in the 401(k) program with company match, as well. All team members get a discount on products.

Store hours vary by locations, seasons, and days of the week. They do serve breakfast, so most stores open bright and early, sometimes as early as 6:30 AM. Closing times can be anywhere from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. You can find the hours of your local store at the company website.

Jamba Juice Job Descriptions

Team Member – As a Team Member you will be responsible for taking customers’ orders, serving them food and drinks, and ringing up sales. All Team Members must know the nutritionals of the products, and be able to communicate them. Expect to start at $7.25/hr. You can specify the position you want on the printable application form.

Shift Lead – As the Shift Lead, it will be your responsibility to act as manager of the store, make schedules and staffing decisions, and lead the team. Shift Lead responsibilities include the smooth operation of the store.

Assistant General Manager – The Assistant General Manager oversees the store’s operation and performance, and acts as store leader in the General Manager’s absence. The Assistant General Manager is responsible for keeping the public and the store team up to date on the store’s products and services.

Training Manager – The Training Manager does all of the work of a General Manager while training a new General Manager to take over their own store. The Training Manager is responsible for overseeing quality, sales, and staff.

Master of Blending Arts – As a Master of Blending Arts Team Member, you will do everything expected of the other Team Members, but you will also be an expert on the nutrition information on all of the products. You will share this with all of the store’s guests. You can apply online.

Jamba Juice Interview Questions

After you apply for jobs at Jamba Juice, these are some questions you might expect during your interview.

Why would you like to work at Jamba Juice? The interviewer wants to gauge your level of interest in the company. You should be able to show that you know about the company, and that you have a pretty good idea of the work you’d be doing. That’s why you filled out a Jamba Juice application!

How well do you know the products? The interviewer would prefer to hire people who know and like what they’re selling. This question will be easier to answer if you’ve tasted some of the items they sell.

What are your long term goals? There are many levels of employment at this company. If you are a student looking for a summer job or someone hoping to advance through the company over time, answering this question honestly will help you to get the right one of the Jamba Juice jobs that are available.

Are you a people person? Most jobs at this company involve working with people. If you are interested in Jamba Juice careers, you probably enjoy helping people. Let the interviewer know it!

Do you have any experience related to this job? There are positions for everyone from someone seeking a first job to someone with management experience. If you want a management position, be ready to show why you are qualified for one.

Advice For Application Process

Be sure to be thorough when you fill out the application form. Show up on time, be clean and neat, and smile when you arrive for your interview. Don’t chew gum. Make sure you understand the job description.  Be sure to thank the interviewer. With so many job opportunities throughout the industry, they are always accepting applications and hiring. Send in your Jamba Juice job application online.

If you would like to know how to apply for Jamba Juice online, go to the website. You’ll find a link to download application form on the careers page. If you wish to send in a resume, you’ll find instructions under Application FAQs while you’re browsing the careers section.

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