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Hot Topic is a relatively new company. It was founded in October of 1989, simply born out of a southern California garage. Just a month later, the very first retail store front opened in 1989, and the store’s headquarters was moved into the backroom. Anybody who was interested in purchasing skulls, spike bracelets, pyramid bells and other hard to find stuff, would be able to find it here.

By 1990, the store began bringing in their epic music tees, and therein, there infamous rock wall was born. 1991 was a real turn around. The store became known for the type of people that frequented it: the punks, geeks, weirdos, goths, and rockers. This company is all about music and pop culture. To them, that’s what matters. This retail store is a place where the misfits can fit in.

This company became public, and began trading in 1996. By 2006, the organization was placed at number 53 on Fortune 500’s Top Companies to work for list. In 2013, the company announced its sale to a private equity firm for $600 million dollars. And today, the company offers a wide range of apparel.

An applicant can now visit the link at the bottom of this article to view open positions in the career section and search for all open jobs and begin a new career. Additionally, an applicant can apply online, by using the online Hot Topic application or downloading a printable application for Hot Topic. The link to the printable application is on page 3 and can be turned in at the store.

Hot Topic Careers

Hot Topic jobs are thrilling. Begin your career at one of the company’s locations by following this guide. If an applicant is interested in future job opportunities, they can submit a free application form obtained from the jobs website. An applicant can also submit by filling out a Hot Topic application online. Benefits of working here include, casual work environment, employee discounts and bonuses, medical, dental, vision, life insurance and more.

So you want to know how to apply for Hot Topic online? It’s not hard to fill out a Hot Topic job application online. First, submit a direct application to the store. The candidate is advised to read each job description. Once an applicant has submitted their application, the recruiter will contact them if he or she sees a potential fit.

How old do you have to be to work at Hot Topic?

Ready to apply for Hot Topic jobs? For Hot Topic careers, an applicant must be 16. Be sure to review age requirements before sending completing the printable application form. Make sure you that all the questions are answered fully.

To pursue Hot Topic careers, the company desires lively, adaptable, flexible and goal-oriented individuals. The store seeks out creative, like-minded individuals who can work together and create the hottest retail experience. The store is committed to respecting one another, committing to open communication, and making the company a great place to work.

By pursuing a career within this industry, an individual is on their way to a bright future. Working with this organization provides many opportunities for learning and growth, and allows individuals to work their way up. By working here, it is a great entrance into what the retail industry is about.

To get started and be considered for employment, the applicant should complete an application form or printable applications for the company. It is important to complete this online application, especially around times of high work flow. The applicant can also find an application by visiting their local store during business hours. Applicants can check the site for their local retail hours of operation. The store is constantly accepting new applications.

Hot Topic Job Descriptions

District Manager Job Description- As a district manager, this individual is responsible for establishing and maintaining a “sales first” outlook in the district. The manager ensures the highest volume of sales, and ensures that all stores are consistent in selling skills and providing excellent customer service.  This individual achieves consistent district merchandise presentation and visual housekeeping standards. Typical compensation: $40,000/annually

Cashier- Working as a cashier is exciting. This person must be patient and smile regularly. This individual must be able to work under pressure. The cashier should be well versed and knowledgeable of all products, and handle cash related work carefully. Additionally, this individual should be flexible and be able to adapt to various situations. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr

Assistant Manager- This individual creates an environment that inspires repeat customers. Additionally, he or she is responsible for recruiting, hiring and retaining effective associates. The assistant manager must coach and train their team, identify and focus on development for growth with the company, and supervise the daily operations of the store. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr

Sales Associate- The responsibilities of this individual includes assisting the store in achieving its store objectives with regards to sales, and serving customers using top notch selling skills. Having great customer service skills is a plus. Additionally, this individual performs cash register functions, follows the visual standards for proper presentation and compiles with loss prevention policies. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr

Hot Topic Interview Questions

Are you ready to apply for jobs at Hot Topic? The following questions will help interested applicants prepare for their interviews. Read through them carefully so that you have an idea of the types of questions that may be asked, and so that you are prepared for any potential question that the recruiter may ask.

Discuss your resume. This is a very common question, and should be easy for the applicant to answer. The individual must discuss their resume, from their oldest experiences, to the newer more relevant experiences as it applies to the job. Discuss work and volunteer experiences, or even education or extracurricular activities.

Do you have any questions for us? Yes. Yes. The answer to this question must always be yes. Make sure to come prepared, with questions in advance. Perhaps use questions that focus on you becoming an asset to the company. For instance, “How soon can I start if I were to get the job?”

Regarding salary, what are your expectations? This question is always a tricky one, and a dangerous game to play in an interview. Do not discuss salary before you have sold yourself to the manager. Do your homework in advance and make sure that you have some sort of idea as to what this job or other jobs in this profession pay. or are helpful sites to review salary.

Tell me about a suggestion that you have made that has been successfully implemented? The key word here is “implemented.” Sure, you might have had plenty great ideas. However, what the manager is looking for is that one of your ideas has actually materialized. Be prepared to describe how it went from an idea to a full-fledged plan of attack.

What are you like working on a team? Here, the hiring manager is looking to gage whether or not the candidate is a team player. There is no other valid answer here. The answer to this question should always be “yes” and then the applicant should provide examples of times when he or she displayed excellent team work.

Advice for the application process

While filling out the application for Hot Topic jobs online, it is important that the resume that you submit has been updated. Although an applicant may be applying for various positions, the resume should be up-to-date with information that is tailored to the company or specific job he or she is applying to.

For each job description that an applicant applies for, the applicant should keep a copy of their resume, the actual job description, and any other essential company information. This way the individual will have an easy to use reference when it comes to customizing their responses for follow-up letters or e-mails.

Here is a key tip…think about salary expectations. When entering a desired salary, include a range over any one fast and hard figure. However, if you are not allowed to provide “open” or “negotiable” as responses, it is highly recommended and acceptable to enter all zeros before submitting the job application.

Lastly, be prepared for technical glitches. After all, you are using a computer, and it does happen. Make sure that throughout the time that you are completing the application, that you are consistently remembering to “save as a draft.” In case anything goes awry, you will have the most recent version saved. Also, print out a copy before submitting, in case you need to reenter data or resubmit.

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