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JCPenney is a chain of department stores based in Texas and operating throughout the United States. Primarily operating out of suburban shopping malls and catering primarily to mid-range customers, JCPenney also sometimes partners with makeup, coffee, or jewelry retailers to provide additional departments. To find out how to apply for JCPenney online, click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out if locations are hiring near you.

The company began when James Cash Penney of Hamilton, Missouri partnered with a couple of Midwest entrepreneurs to open another store in an existing chain, named Golden Rule, in 1902. The partnership dissolved in 1907, after Penney had opened another two stores in the chain, and in 1913 he ultimately consolidated his then 34 stores under the J.C. Penney banner.

On their career website, JCPenney cites a commitment to diversity and growth, as well as the idea of giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities and giving campaigns. It also cites the Golden Rule to treat others as you wish to be treated, which the original J.C. Penney believed wholeheartedly in and installed as a core value in his corporation.

Today, JCPenney operates throughout the continental US, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, with upwards of 1000 stores open as of 2010. It has also operated as an online retailer since 1998, and maintains a comprehensive online catalog. With job opportunities available at every level, it’s a great time to apply for jobs at JCPenney via the online application link below.

JCPenney Careers

JCPenney jobs are available at every level through their free online direct application website. As with most department stores in the industry, JCPenney offers a number of different, including furniture, jewelry, makeup, clothing, and more, and you can submit your free application form for any one of these departments in particular if you so choose. There is no printable application form for in-store JCPenney jobs: you must apply online.

Corporate JCPenney careers have their own section on the website. Again, there is no printable application for JCPenney, nor can you download application form; you must instead create a profile, then upload your resume and submit your JCPenney job application online. Corporate opportunities include various analyst positions, management, IT positions, and more, and often come with greater benefits and opportunities for advancement than in-store positions.

How old do you have to be to work at JCPenney?

Age requirements vary depending on the position you are applying for, but generally speaking you must be at least 16 to seek employment at JCPenney. Many positions require older applicants, and working regulations may vary by locations, so investigate your local labor laws before you submit your JCPenney application.

If you are hired by JCPenney, you will find that most employees are eligible for a number of benefits offered by the company. It begins with the employee discount – a generous 25% off anything in the store – and continues with standard offerings such as a 401(k) retirement plan, vacation and paid time off, comprehensive health insurance, and more.

JCPenney Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – The sales associate position is a staple of the retail industry. Sales associates can be hired in any department, and are responsible for general customer service including assisting the customer with purchases, completing financial transactions, answering customer inquiries, and fielding complaints, as well as keeping their assigned area of the store clean and organized. The average pay rate for the position is $9/hour.

Loss Prevention Supervisor – The loss prevention supervisor is responsible for keeping the merchandise in the store safe by executing company loss prevention programs and investigating suspicious customer or team member behavior in the store. Their job description includes coaching the rest of the in-store team, participating in court hearings, internal investigations, and more. Loss prevention supervisors are generally paid around $16/hour.

Department Supervisor – The department supervisor is part of the management team for their store. Their responsibilities include coaching and supervising their sales team, interacting with customers and fielding customer complaints, helping to design merchandise layout with the rest of the team, and more. Department supervisors must be friendly, organized, and able to problem-solve proactively. This position makes an average salary of around $35k per year.

Buyer – Buyers are part of the corporate JCPenney team, and are responsible for acquiring the merchandise that will ultimately be sold in stores. Their specific responsibilities include being able to track and analyze market trends, manage the selection and purchase process of new and existing suppliers, negotiating contracts, evaluating suppliers, attending trade shows, and more. Buyer salaries cover a wide range, but the general average is around $98k per year.

JCPenney Interview Questions

If your application fits what the hiring manager is looking for, you may be contacted for the next step in the hiring process: an interview. Here are some of the common questions you may be asked:

What is your greatest weakness? The interviewer is interested in whether you can be honest about your faults, and that you are aware of both the positive and negative aspects of your working style. This question can be hard to answer, so think ahead before your interview and rehearse what you have to say so you can say it confidently.

What appeals to you about working with JCPenney? This question is meant to determine what draws you to this particular company, rather than any other department store. This is a good time to use some of the information from the website, such as parts of their About Us or program to give back. If you have positive experiences of the store, talking about those can also help.

Tell me about the worst customer you ever had. The interviewer wants to know you can handle tough customers, and that you won’t fall apart under pressure. It’s alright to be honest if you didn’t handle the situation well – in that case, talk about what you learned from the experience, how your team helped you get through it, and what you would do the next time around to improve the outcome.

What is your biggest coworker pet peeve? Again, the interviewer is trying to find out more about how you work in a team. Try to come up with something unique, and rehearse your answer so you can speak about it without sounding too angry or emotional. This also gives you an opportunity to talk about how you worked with that person anyway, or how you solved the problem if it was solvable.

Tell me about your proudest moment. This is the interviewer giving you a chance to sing your own praises and tell them why you should be hired instead of the other candidates they are considering. Be honest, and don’t downplay your strengths; however, don’t brag too much either. It is a delicate line to walk when answering this question, so be sure to practice your answer in advance.

Advice for Application Process

Applying for JCPenny jobs online is simple: just go to the career section of their website and create an account. The website is divided into in-store and corporate careers, and from either of those sections, you can search for jobs by title, description, or location. Once you’ve found a job you are interested in, the website will walk you through the submission process. The site keeps track of all submitted applications, so you can always go back and check on your progress.

While it is true that all applications are handled through the site, if you are interested in working at a particular local store, it doesn’t hurt to go there and introduce yourself to the manager ahead of time. Tell them your name and the position you are thinking of applying for, and ask any major questions you have about the listing. They may remember your name when reviewing applications, and it may be the edge you need to be selected for further review.

If your application fits the bill, you may be contacted for an interview at the store in question. Dress in clean, classy clothing – no rips, tears, stains, or offensive slogans. Err on the too-formal side if you aren’t sure, even if the job you are applying for is entry level. It never hurts to put your best foot forward.

Though they will have a copy of your electronic resume, it is a nice touch to bring a hard copy with you printed on quality paper, both for ease of reference and to leave with the interviewer as a reminder. Before your appointment, be sure to research the company and its values and be able to speak intelligently about why you want to work there, as well as rehearsing answers to some of the commonly asked questions listed above.

At the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any questions for them. Come prepared with one or two, either about the job you’re applying for or the company in general. Make sure to thank the interviewer for his or her time when you’re finished. If you are really interested in the job, it also doesn’t hurt to send a follow-up e-mail a few days later to reiterate your interest and clarify anything you feel you didn’t explain very well during the interview. Good luck!

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