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Houston’s is a casual fine dining restaurant chain, which serves American Cuisine. It is owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group and operates in 15 US states. Its headquarters is in Beverly Hills, California.

Opened in 1977 in Nashville, this American institution was the restaurant that launched the Hillstone Restaurant Group. The founder George Biel recognized the need for a dining experience where people of all ages can enjoy steaks, entrées, burgers and other American favorites.

Houston’s cuisine and energetic atmosphere was well received by diners. Its popularity along with the hard work of talented individuals in the restaurant resulted in the launch of other locations. The chain now operates over 50 locations.

It offers qualified employees with comprehensive benefit packages. They enjoy competitive salaries, financial incentives, paid time off and health coverage. Meal discounts are also given to employees during their shift.

Employees enjoy working at the company because of the opportunities for growth. They undergo training to help them advance in the restaurant industry. They can also move up to more lucrative roles as they gain more experience and complete paid training.

How old do you have to be to work at Houston’s?

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at the restaurant and 21 years old at the bar.

Houston’s Careers

Greeter – welcomes customers once they come into the restaurants. They take care of ensuring reservations are checked and diners are seated comfortably. This job requires individuals with a positive and friendly demeanor.

Servers – responsible for ensuring that customers have a great dining experience. They explain menu items, take orders and attend to any other customer needs. The position requires excellent customer service skills, a basic understanding of the menu and the ability to move about the dining area.

Bartender – takes charge of the bar area by taking orders and serving drinks. The job requires great customer service skills and a previous experience in a similar role.

Dishwasher/Kitchen Personnel – responsible for ensuring that utensils, dining ware and kitchen equipment are washed and cleaned and ready for use. The position requires attention to hygiene and cleanliness and time management skills.

Other jobs available at the company include restaurant and culinary management. The restaurant chain also offers a three month long summer internship program for eligible undergrad students.

Houston’s Application

For entry level restaurant staff positions, applicant selection is done by the restaurant management. You can visit the nearest location from Monday to Thursday between 3-4pm. You can also contact the restaurant to make an appointment.

Restaurant and Culinary Management and summer internship applications are processed online. The chain’s website has a career page where you can submit your application and resume.

Fill up the application form carefully as they will use it to evaluate your qualifications and skills. Avoid rushing through the needed details and ensure you write legibly so the interviewer can read the information you provide.

Another key element in your application is the resume you provide. Make sure that it is updated and lists all relevant skills and job experiences. Double check for any typo errors as this may reflect poorly on your application.

Make sure to wear business attire when visiting Houston’s. It will create a positive impression on the interviewer when they see you dressed appropriately. Listen carefully to the questions so that you can answer them appropriately.

Things to Know about Houston’s

The chain promotes a dining experience, which fuses local favorites with exciting new flavors. The culinary adventure it offers is highlighted by the professional staff who work hard to ensure customers have a great time and wonderful meal.

Houston’s received a rave review from Zagat. It praised the vibrant environment promoted by the restaurant and bar. The high marks from this review drew much attention to this American classic.

Houston’s is known for great flavors infused into local favorites. Each mouth watering dish is prepared daily from scratch. The chain prides itself in serving fresh and delectable meals to its loyal customers.

The restaurant chain has been a part of local communities for decades. It has participated in fundraisers and outreach programs to show appreciation to local patronage.

Application Links

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