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J.B. Hunt is a trucking and transportation company headquartered in Lowell, AR. It operates all over North America with a fleet of trucks and trailers that offer transportation service to different types of customers.

The company was founded in August 10, 1961 by Bryan Hunt. It started with seven refrigerated trailers and five trucks. It became a publicly traded company in 1983.

J.B. Hunt has grown into a major player in the trucking and transportation industry. It now boasts of almost 14,000 trucks close to 70,000 containers and trailers. It also employs over 18,000 people in the US alone.

Employees enjoy a competitive compensation package at J.B. Hunt. These include generous pay and performance bonuses. They also provide comprehensive health coverage for employees and their families.

People find it a great place to work at as employees are provided with the tools they need to be successful. They promote an industry of growth so people have a chance to move up.

How old do you have to be to work at J.B. Hunt?

The minimum age requirement is 18. However, there are positions that require you to be at least 21 years old.

J.B. Hunt Careers

Truck Drivers – transport cargo across cities and states. Trips may at times require long hours of driving. The position requires a driver’s license and an in-depth knowledge of state driving laws.

Account Representatives – responsible for scheduling pick up or delivery of cargo. The job requires excellent sales and customer service and basic data entry skills.

Mobile Trailer Technician – responsible for ensuring that mobile trailers are maintained for safety and reliability. Previous experience in a similar role may be required.

Dispatcher – responsible for dispatching and monitoring customer’s shipments. Dispatchers must maintain regular telecommunication with drivers to make adjustments in the schedule or address any issues that may come up. The position requires efficient multitasking skills.

With the continuous expansion, there is a constant need for qualified employees in various positions. Job opportunities include corporate, maintenance and driving positions.

J.B. Hunt Application

The best way to apply at J.B Hunt is through the career portal available on the website. Just create an account and fill out the necessary details so you can be added on the database.

Career specialists can help you find the job best fit to your qualifications. You can also use the career portal to check if there are any openings in the field you are interested in applying for.

The online form will ask for basic information that will be used to assess your qualifications. Make sure to fill out all the fields and provide the needed details so the career specialists can process your application.

Your resume should match the information you provided on the application form. Double check to see if there’s anything in your resume that you need to update or revise.

It’s recommended to prepare for your interview by practicing. The interviewer may ask you if you are willing to relocate or about any challenges you’d have at a previous job. Preparing for these questions will help you become less nervous during the interview.

Facts about J.B. Hunt

J.B Hunt promotes a culture of continuous learning so employees are developed to take on more challenging roles. It also prides itself for being a company, which treats its employees as important parts of the organization’s success.

J.B. Hunt continues to expand to ensure that its services are accessible to more customers. Its successful expansion and operations is instrumental in the company being named to the Fortune 500 list.

The company is known for being one of the best logistics solutions company. It delivers outstanding services that ensure shipments and cargo are transported safely and right on time.

J.B. Hunt is the proud holder of the Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partner title. The company understands the importance of sustainability. Drivers receive training on how to utilize fuel efficiently as part of their drive to minimize the company’s carbon footprint.

Application Links

Company: http://www.jbhunt.com/

Careers: http://www.jbhunt.com/opportunities/?src=hero

Application: https://www.jbhunt.com/jobs/office/job_search/

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