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HSBC is a global organization, which focuses on banking and financial services. Over 45 million customers in Europe, America, and Asia seek their expertise in the field of banking and finance.

The company got its name from The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Thomas Sutherland then opened the bank in 1865 in Shanghai.

The bank has now over 4400 offices around 71 countries. It has 213000 shareholders who believe in the ability of the bank to grow more. After more than a century, it is now one of the leading banks in the world.

It offers its employees benefit packages with four main elements: fixed pay, annual leave, performance based rewards, and benefits, such as healthcare assistance and insurance.

The employees can balance their work with their personal life because of the flexible working schedules. They are also given the opportunity to work at home or in different hours.

How old do you have to be to work at HSBC?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work at HSBC.

HSBC Careers 

Personal Banker: This person is responsible for interacting with customers. The personal banker must handle customer problems professionally and offer relevant products of the company.

Teller: This customer is in charge of customer transactions and product promotion. The teller also helps in meeting the sales and goals of the bank. 

Branch Customer Service Representative: This person is responsible for establishing relationships with the bank’s customers or account holders. The customer representative can also offer solutions to customer problems.

Branch Manager: This person is responsible for the operations of the branch. The branch manager should lead the employees to meet the goals of the bank.

The bank offers other job opportunities including records administration specialist, unit operations manager, project manager, auditor, and accountant. It also accepts intern students.

HSBC Application

The applicant must submit his/her curriculum vitae. After that, the bank will send a website link for the online assessment which can be taken any time within a number of days. Telephone and personal interviews will follow.

The application process may vary depending on the location of the bank. But mostly, it will start with an online application. Interviews will follow after the applicant passed the assessment.

The applicant must have ample knowledge in the finance industry and the products that the company offers especially that there are assessments that they need to take.

Provide a short summary of your skills, accomplishments, and career goals. Work history and experience should follow. Write them starting from the most recent one. Provide a detail description of your previous employers and job responsibilities.

The interview may last for 30-60 minutes. In both the telephone and face-to-face interviews, you will be asked questions related to situations where you have shown your skills. Study on how you can prove these strengths and skills.

Things to Know About HSBC

Sustainability is one of the things that the bank focuses on, but it does not only cover the financial aspect. It strives on balancing their economic responsibilities with their social and environmental duties.

The bank has sustainability risk policies that outline their contributions in reducing environmental problems. It commits on reducing its annual carbon emissions per employee.

It also partnered with charities to support advocacies on education, environment and health. They provide assistance to people by giving access to education and entrepreneurship.

Recently, HSBC has been accredited by the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, which aids in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries.

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