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Hurley is a multinational company based mainly in America. The company provides its customers with the latest surfing apparels and accessories.

Bob Hurley started the company in Costa Mesa, California in 1979 as Hurley Surfboards. Since then, it linked up with other companies for innovation. In 2002, Hurley became a subsidiary of Nike, Inc.

The contributions of the company to the surf industry are recognized through the awards it received. Phantom Boardshorts awarded it as the “Boardshort of the Year” for four years.

Aside from the competitive base salary, the company offers its employees other benefits such as healthcare assistance, insurance, product discounts, paid vacation and holiday, tuition assistance, and retirement plans.

The company provides employees with a positive working environment where physical and mental fitness are prioritized. Workers also have the opportunity to purchase company stocks for a 15% discount.

How old do you have to be to work at Hurley?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to qualify for work in Hurley.

Hurley Careers

Supply Chain Analyst: This person is responsible for interacting with the company’s cross-functional partners for inventory purposes. He validates all the data from these partners.

Account Service Representative: This person is tasked to track and maintain orders to ensure that it arrives on time. The account service representative provides the product flow reports for stakeholders to view.

Assistant Manager: This person establishes relationships between employees to lead them. He must regularly check the operations of the store.

General Manager: This person is responsible for the overall operations of the business. He sets the goals that the employees should aim to achieve.

The company offers other job opportunities for applicants who want to join their team. Job positions such as sales associate, stock associate and merchandise handler are also available.

Hurley Application

The applicant must visit the website of Nike, Inc. to apply online. After clicking the apply button, he is asked to register to proceed with the application.

The company makes use of online, mobile, and personal applications for their hiring process. The applicant can choose which of the three proves to be the most convenient for him/her.

The applicant must have knowledge on the company’s product offerings. It is an advantage to study what the business is all about and what kinds of customers they usually have.

The resume should be organized in a way that the hiring manager will immediately see the skills of the applicant that can be of use for the company. Proofreading is also a must.

Interviews may focus on situational problems. The applicant must clearly state if he/she agrees with the situation. It is necessary to be specific with answering the hiring manager, instead of giving broad answers.

Things to Know About Hurley

Aside from attaining success in the financial aspect, the company has a mission to help the community grow. There are two things that it focuses on – community impact and sustainable innovation.

Eliminating waste is one of the advocacies of the company. It has developed designs that are efficient to reduce waste. In 2015, it was able to turn 54 million pounds of factory scrap to materials for their products.

Its employees are known for being volunteers. They donated around $3.2 million dollars since 2010 by giving 300 cash grants to programs that focus on health and sports promotion for the youth.

Another goal of the company is to innovate and inspire athletes to continue developing themselves to reach their true potential. The company supports programs that promote physical activities for the young generation.

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