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Goddard School provides its students with a preschool program, which helps them achieve success academically and socially. Advanced teaching methods are used by the teachers for students to have fun while learning.

It was in 1988 that the Goddard Early Learning Center opened in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Anthony Martino founded the Carousel Systems in 1988 to offer franchises of the school.

There are over 400 franchises of the school in 35 states. Despite being owned individually, all the franchises share the same goal of providing one of the best early childhood education.

The employees of the school enjoy benefit packages covering retirement plans, healthcare assistance, insurance, and tuition assistance.

They are also given vacations and holidays with pay. In this way, they can spend time off with their love ones while earning.

How old do you have to be to work at Goddard School?

Job applicants who want to work in Goddard School are expected to be 18 years old or above.

Goddard School Careers

Teacher: This person is responsible for developing lesson plans for giving the students quality education. The teacher is expected to be patient in dealing with the students.

Cook: This person is tasked to manage the food preparations in the school. He ensures the safety of the foods served to students.

Teaching Assistant: This person assists the teacher in classroom discussions. He works with the teacher in developing the students’ skills.

Maintenance Worker: This person is responsible for keeping the centers clean and conducive for learning. The maintenance worker ensures that the school is safe for the students.

The company offers other work opportunities such as manager, child care provider, activities assistant, and office-assistant. A list of job offerings is available in the company’s website.

Goddard School Application

Since each center is individually operated, the applicant must search the specific website for the location of the job that he/she wants to apply in. A resume should also be uploaded along with the application form.

An applicant can apply through the company’s website or he/she can visit the school and personally apply. One method is not, in any way, better than the other.

Manners and appearance are everything in applying for a job. For applicants who choose to apply personally, it is necessary to be courteous and enthusiastic when inquiring. It is a chance to leave a good impression to the management.

The resume should be error-free. The company focuses on giving education so its applicants are expected to be knowledgeable enough to pass a decent resume.

The hiring manager must see the determination of the applicant in joining their workforce. This industry entails a lot of patience. The applicant must show his skills in dealing with children during the interview.

Things to Know About Goddard School

The school never stops innovating to promote education not only to its students, but also to the community where they belong.

September of this year, its students were given a special task that proved to be a fun experience rather than a burden. The students became toy testers for almost a week.

An annual summer camp is held for the children to learn things outside the four walls of their classrooms. Different themes are used to suit the children’s interests.

The camp has activities related to science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and, of course, fun. The program was designed to make learning a better experience for the children in the community.

Application Links

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