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Since the utility company was created in 1926, Indianapolis Power & Light Company has been devoted to being the best utility and electric company out there.

They supply electricity to over 480,000 homes and businesses. They supply to those in Indianapolis and other areas in Indiana. IPL is part of The AES Corporation. The AES Corporation has more than 20,000 people. They are committed to meeting the world’s need for power.

IPL delivers electricity safely with a low cost and great customer service. Their rates are below average for the industry. Their customer service is among the best. Employees get benefits like paid vacation and health insurance. They like working at IPL because it is fun and rewarding.

The company and its workers continue to support the community. They also support nonprofit organizations and civic initiatives. IPL also gives toward helping the environment.

The company is one of central Indiana’s leading employers. They lead the way on economic development initiatives. IPL has sponsored local events and supported making the city beautiful.

How old do you have to be to work at Indianapolis Power & Light Company?

There is an age requirement to work at Indianapolis Power & Light Company. To work you need to be at least 18 years old or over.

Indianapolis Power And Light Careers

Asset Strategist: Asset strategists create a strategy for assets in their field. They develop and maintain standards and policies. They also maintain design and build.They ensure asset plans they are responsible for.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Analyst: Customer Service Quality Assurance Analysts track the quality of customer services contacts. They analyze facts and recommend ideas to improve customer service. They provide constructive feedback.

Electrical Maintenance Planner: With guidance, these employees create profitable and organized work plans. They create and prepare information for resource maintenance schedules. Electrical Maintenance Planners also prepare maintenance reports.

Generation Team Leader: These people supervise and organize the workers who are given a task. They are the first level of supervision. They are also responsible for handling power plant operation and maintenance.

Besides the careers above, there are other common jobs at IPL. There are engineers, project managers, and community affairs careers. Also, there are operations training specialists who train customer service employees.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company Application

To apply for a job at IPL, you need your contact information. You will also need a current resume. You have to apply separately for each job, with one resume for each. Also, you should not call them about your application status.

The Indianapolis Power & Light Company only accepts applications turned in online. Do not turn applications in in person. The application will not be accepted.

When you apply, read the full job description. Make a unique cover letter. Also, pay attention to keywords and change your resume to fit the job.

Make sure your resume is up to date. Make sure the skills you list are useful for the job you want. List references that know your work ability. Do not put every job you have had on your resume. List the jobs that are relevant to the one you are applying for.

Before your interview, research IPL. Also, go over basic interview questions. Dress to impress. Make sure your clothes are neat. Also, be sure to make a good first impression.
Things To Know About IPL
Their mission is to improve lives through safe and acceptable energy. They put safety first for employees, contractors, and communities. They have integrity with everything they do.

IPL was named a 2016 Utility Environmental Champion. They were named so by Cogent Reports™. They earned an Emergency Assistance Award after severe weather in 2016.

IPL helps save energy and fight hunger. They are joined with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. They are known for their efforts to help the environment and communities.

They encourage their employees to volunteer for over 200 organizations. IPL has given over 20,000 hours of volunteer service. They also support these organizations financially.

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