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IHG is a company known around the world for its renowned hotels. In fact, over twelve brands comprise the IHG logo. More than five thousand hotels are included.

Also, the hotels include within them, as a whole, almost one hundred and seventy thousand rooms. The hotels are well placed in almost one hundred countries world wide. They are experienced in hospitality on numerous levels, across many cultures as well.

Creating awesome hotels, which guests will continue to fall in love with, has always been behind some of the greatest goals of IHG. They are not far from these goals. In fact, they have already been greatly achieved. They only continue to go further in these pursuits in growth and potential.

A portfolio of brands preferred, delivery systems of the greatest excellence, and the most skilled employees, certainly help. IHG’s cultural commitment involves a sincere devotion and responsibility for every decision made & action taken by the company. This serves as a testimony to itself.

IHG began, technically, back in 1977. The very first brewery BASS involved pioneer people with more than brilliant ideas. Such people have founded and led the IHG brand over time since then.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at IHG?

The general age requirement within the U.S. is that of 18 years old. In some Canadian provinces, it is 21. One generally needs to have completed high school or obtained a GED, at the very least.

InterContinental Hotels Group Careers

As IHG’s portfolio of hotels continues to increase beyond control, so does its need for employees. IHG hires year round. IHG does not discriminate.

That being said, any race, religion, ethnicity, disability, reasonable age, etc., may apply at any time. All applications are reviewed. Some are accepted.

IHG seeks more than passionate people for employment. They seek such energy and unique personality strengths for their positions. They ask for no less.

IHG offers careers within their very guest hotels. Such careers include customer service and hospitality strengths with or without previous experience. All additionally required training will be provided as needed.

The main careers involve Front Desk Receptionists and Housekeeping/Laundrymen. Call Center Employees and Corporate Communications careers are offered as well. Positions for growth and promotion from within are plenty.

IHG Application

There is a link called FIND A JOB within the main web site. Click on it and wait for many others to follow. Applicants are encouraged to be honest and upfront.

In short, be yourself. Click the BE YOURSELF AT IHG link. You will read a bit more about the company before proceeding.

If you are still interested, continue. Once again, click on the FIND A JOB link. Many options will open up.

Do not be dismayed. Read everything carefully and do not afford mistakes. You can then create a profile page by clicking on that link. This should be done first.

After a job seeker profile is created, all jobs of interest may be added to a cart. If you apply once and fill in the needed information, you may reuse that information when you apply for other positions on the same site. This saves time and effort.

Facts About IHG / Things To Know About IHG

You may also search by job reference number or job keyword. Blank search bars are provided for this. Apply and wait about a week or two to hear back from the companyby phone or email.

Did you know that you can also save certain job searches? It is true. The options are endless.

You may also find the locations and regions of each IHG hotel. There is also a Careers Advice section on the site. It offers additional input.

Also, a basic search and an advanced search are included. One may employ either or both. Dozens of different job types are available.

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