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It’s Fashion is a trendy fashion retail business. They sell all of the hottest, current trends in the fashion industry. The company sells stylish dresses, jackets, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, accessories, glittery jewelry, and shoes. It’s Fashion has items for everyone. Women, juniors, men, children, and babies may all find something fashionable at It’s Fashion.

The It’s Fashion company was founded by the Cato Company in 1987. The Cato Company was initially founded by Wayland Cato, Wayland Henry Cato Jr., and Edgar Thomas in 1946.

The number of people employed at It’s Fashion is estimated to be around ten thousand employees. These employees are employed in the corporate offices and the distribution centers, and the retail store locations. There are two hundred eighteen It’s Fashion retail store locations.

The It’s Fashion company has numerous benefits for their employees. Paid time off is available any time of the years. Whenever you work, you are adding on more paid time off time for yourself. The It’s Fashion additionally gives their employees a 20% off of any store items.

The employees at It’s Fashion like to work there for the 20% off discount. They like that they can earn paid time off. Additionally, the company is well-liked for being an equal opportunity employer.

How Old Do You Have To Be to Qualify to Work at It’s Fashion?

To work at It’s Fashion, you must be an adult. All applicants are required to be over the age of eighteen years old.

It’s Fashion Careers

It’s Fashion has many different career opportunities. Some of their leading positions are for sales associate, assistant manager, store manager, and district manager. Sales associates are expected to handle registers, greeting customers and organizing store shelves. You will be expected to stand on your feet throughout the day. You must additionally be able to lift thirty pounds of weight.

The assistant manager position is similar to the sales associate position. You will be given some managerial tasks and responsibilities in additional to greeting customers, handling the register and taking inventory. You may have to assist with schedules and with informing the sales associates on the latest decisions the store manager and district manager has decided upon.

Store managers at It’s Fashion are usually full-time employees. They work in the store. They take care of store inventory. They hire sales associates and the assistant managers. They manage the schedules. They are expected to know the same duties of the assistant managers and the sales associates in case of understaffing where they may need to step in to handle some of the tasks of the day.

The district manager handles an entire district of the stores. They communicate with the store managers and with the corporate headquarters. They manage inventory and ensure there is enough supplies at each store location. They check on the status of the stores. They are expected to handle some revenue reports to bring to corporate.

The other jobs available at It’s Fashion are the positions: training store manager, districting manager in training, senior district manager, regional vice president in training, regional vice president, and territorial vice president.

It’s Fashion Application

To apply at It’s Fashion you can fill out an application. Then you will need to put together a cover letter and a resume. You may proceed with sending your application either to the It’s Fashion Email or the It’s Fashion mailing address. You may also bring the application directly to a store location.

The It’s Fashion company offers an online application on their website. You can either save it and fill out on a computer or you may print it off and fill it out by hand. The retail stores may also have some applications available for you to request for to fill out.

When you fill out the application form, ensure everything is accurate. Proof read the form to make sure everything is readable and correct. Fill out everything that you can on the application form.

If you plan on attaching a resume with your application, make sure it is professional. Type it with size twelve font. Black ink is the go to ink color you should use for your resume. Ensure to include your education, past experience, contact information, and any references you may possess.

If you are going to a job interview at It’s Fashion, you must dress professionally and be prepared. Bring a spare copy of your resume. Dress professionally and fashionably. This is a fashion company, so ensure you look stylish and modern.

Facts About It’s Fashion

It’s Fashion is a business that seeks to bring fashion to their customers’ lives. They seek to be seen as a modern business.

It’s Fashion has regular new fashion events at their store locations. You can visit the It’s Fashion social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to receive updates on their upcoming events.

The company is known primarily for their trendy fashion. They are additionally seen as an equal opportunity employer. They employ about ten thousand people.

The Cato Company has donated to education scholarships. They value education highly. It’s Fashion additionally encourages their employees to follow their education goals.

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