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Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is operated under Sterling Jewelers, Inc., just like many other major jewelry chains in the United States, such as Zales and Belden Jewelers. Sterling is also owned by parent company Signet Jewelers, which is based out of the United Kingdom. You can find the Kay Jewelers application link below.

There are currently more than 900 Kay Jewelers locations across the United States. This brand is known as the number one specialty jewelry brand in the country. Since its creation in 1916, the company has grown due to its great customer service and beautiful pieces. With the help of its online store, the company can now reach people even in places where they don’t have stores.

As part of the jewelry industry, the company has a lot of major competitors, many of which are also owned by Sterling Jewelers. Not only does this brand compete with its sister companies, but it also has to compete with a number of local and regional companies, as well as online retailers.

Employees love that the business focuses on giving back. This company works with three different charities, including the American Diabetes Association and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 16 years, the business has raised more than $46 million for St. Jude to help children fighting cancer. The company has also donated more than $37 million to other charities.

Kay Jewelers Careers

Kay Jewelers careers may range from corporate to entry-level. Corporate careers can be in departments such as purchasing, supply chain, legal, accounting, finance and human resources. Other jobs may be in customer service and e-commerce, as the company does online sales, as well. If you want a corporate job, you may need to work at the company headquarters in Akron, Ohio.

In-store Kay Jewelers jobs may be either entry-level or managerial. Entry-level job opportunities include sales associate and customer service positions. Managerial positions include store manager and assistant manager jobs. If these positions sound like something you would be interested in, be sure to fill out a Kay Jewelers job application online today.

How old do you have to be to work at Kay Jewelers?

To start working Kay Jewelers careers, you must be at least 18 years old. Since stores are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays, you may be asked to work evening and weekend hours if you work for this company.

Most jobs offer employees benefits, and Kay Jewelers does, as well. Qualified employees can sign up for healthcare insurance and 401(k) retirement plan options. Monetary bonuses and performance-based raises are fairly common with the company, too. Eligible employees will receive paid time off, vacation time, holidays off and merchandise discounts.

Kay Jewelers Job Descriptions

Sales Team Member – As a member of the sales team, associates need to be comfortable talking about different products to the customers. These staff members need to be knowledgeable about the products in the store and they need to understand how to handle different pieces of jewelry. Some of these jobs are part-time, as well. Pay is usually around $9 to $11 an hour.

Store Manager – Responsibilities of the store manager include interviewing, hiring and training new associates, as well as setting sales goals. Managers need to create work schedules and deal with payroll tasks. Other tasks include supervising employees and ordering inventory. Store managers can expect to make a salary of about $45,000 or more per year.

Assistant Manager – Assistant managers mainly focus on helping the store manager with daily tasks. Assistant managers need to be comfortable being in charge when the store manager is away. Assistant managers are also more likely to help out the sales associates if the store gets really busy. Pay usually ranges from about $14 to $15 an hour for these employees.

Jeweler – Jewelers are responsible for a number of different tasks, including jewelry repair. Some jewelry repairs can be done in the store, and jewelers will also clean products that customers bring in. Jewelers for the company will help to sell products to customers, and they often work closely with both the sales associates and the managers.

Kay Jewelers Interview Questions

If you are asked to come in for an interview, you need to be prepared to answer common interview questions, such as these:

Can you tell me a little about yourself? This question helps interviewers get to know each applicant in a short amount of time. You can respond with both personal and professional information, but be sure keep in short and sweet.

Why are you interested in working for Kay Jewelers? When you were applying you must have seen information about the company that really piqued your interest. You should discuss the reasons with the interviewer so they can better understand why others may want to apply in the future.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Interviewers want to make sure that the person they are hiring is driven and has goals. It doesn’t matter what career path you think you will take, but it does matter that you have a vision.

Do you have any previous work experience? Many employment opportunities with this company will require that applicants have past work experience, but even if you apply for jobs at Kay Jewelers that don’t require experience, it is still beneficial if you do have some.

How would you respond if you noticed a customer or coworker stealing? Jewelry stores are big targets for theft, so it is important to the employer that all employees are diligently preventing theft. Your answer to this question is very important, so think about it before you go in for the interview.

Advice For Application Process

If you want to apply for Kay Jewelers jobs online, you can go to the company’s website and it will walk you through how to apply for Kay Jewelers online. While you are on the company’s website, you can browse open Kay Jewelers jobs and read a job description for each one. If you apply online, be sure to review your application form thoroughly.

If you would rather apply in-person, you should know that there is no printable application form for this company. Just as there is no printable application for Kay Jewelers, there is no place on the website to select download application form. If you want to do this, you will need to go to a local store and request a free application.

Whether you fill out an online application or you apply in-person, be sure that you turn in a direct application. You will also want to include a copy of your resume that outlines your previous work experience. Once the company reviews all applications, you can expect to hear back for an interview or be declined.

If your Kay Jewelers application gets you can interview, you will want to make sure that you show up prepared. You can do that by doing some research about the company and reviewing common interview questions like those above. You may also want to come up with a few questions of your own.

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