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Are you wondering about how to apply for Kmart online? The Kmart application is accessible through their website. It is a free application and applicants are required to register and create an employment profile. Now that you have set up your profile, you are able to apply online for Kmart jobs.

You can find the Kmart application through the Careers section of their website. You will be given to option to upload your resume, manually type in the necessary job description or use the resume builder the online application provides. After you submit your resume, you will be able to seek all the Kmart jobs that may interest you.

When you apply for jobs at Kmart you need to be aware of your employment history. You will be prompt to indicate the amount of time you’ve worked at your previous jobs, the salary, and why you left the company. You will also need to take a career test. Kmart uses the results to determine if a candidate will be a good prospect for hiring.

Kmart is a great place to work at. Employees can easily achieve a life and work balance with a great pay, substantial vacation time and not to mention the people you will meet there are pretty awesome too. Job duties may be challenging and not easy, but that is what makes working at Kmart a fun experience.

Kmart Careers

By having such a wide range of departments in the retail industry, Kmart has a surplus amount of job opportunities in their retail/in-store sector. The most common Kmart careers are Sales Associates and Cashiers. There are even call center opportunities and restaurant based tasks. With gained experience individuals have a chance at being promoted to a management position.

The main reason why Kmart is able to function is due to corporate responsibility. There are several career opportunities in their e-commerce, logistics, and information technology departments. These positions may be very challenging and dynamic but they upkeep the in-store operations and are the best positions to make a living with.

How old do you have to be to work at Kmart?

Kmart is hiring individuals as young as 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must have a working permit to be considered for employment. Kmart does a strict background check and drug testing, so if you have ever committed any theft crimes or used any drugs you won’t be considered for employment.

The employee benefits are determined by the position you have. They offer employees associate discounts, paid vacation and holiday, medical plan, dental plan, retirement savings plan, employee assistance, disability income plan and even an adoption assistance program. Working there can surely fill in any financial gaps making the work and life balance easier for employees.

Most Kmart locations are open everyday from 8am to 10pm. During the holiday season, days before Christmas they are open for a full 24hrs starting at 12:01am til 11:59pm. On Christmas day the store is closed and resumes back to their normal schedule the following day. On Black Friday the store opens at 6am and remains open for the next 42 hours for shoppers.

Kmart Job Descriptions

Cashier– Daily cashiers work with customer service duties by ringing up goods, answering customer questions, handling customer purchases and money. Also a cashier may be obligated to perform other service duties like merchandising, stocking and inventory management. They must display a friendly attitude and be able to pay attention when it comes to money handling. The pay averages around $10 an hour.

Stock Clerk– They make sure the sales floor is presentable and always stocked. The stock clerk stocks the shelves, rotates products, and at most assists customers with finding them what they need. It is a small amount of physical activity, but the stock clerk may be entitled to perform necessary duties if there is a high level of traffic in the store. The pay starts at $9 an hour.

Sales Associate– Working in a very fast paced environment, the sales associate provides courteous customer service to consumers. While controlling seasonal replenishment by making sure operational and merchandising programs are organized so that sales can improve. They also assist with audits and proper inventory. The pay starts at $8 an hour.

Manager– A Kmart manager is the captain of the store. They administer and oversee the wellness of their location while taking care of daily operations. The manager is also responsible for hiring and firing workers as well as keeping the atmosphere safe for customers and employees. They pay can start at $15-$20 an hour.

Customer Greeter– A customer greeter must be aware about everything in the store. Customers will most likely randomly approach them with questions about merchandise and such. They assure that the customer has a positive shopping experience by using a friendly approach and sales knowledge. Responsibilities also include making sure the shopping carts are clean and organized. The pay starts at $7 an hour.

Kmart Interview Questions

What plays the key role of success in any retail business? You can mention key qualities that keep a retail business afloat such as product value, pricing, being a team player and communication.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? For some reason many job applicants get stuck with this interview question. The simple solution is to pick a weakness that you have that has no connection to the job, and talk about what you can do to improve it.

This job is very repetitive. What will motivate you to do it well every day? Not everyone is fond of pushing jobs. Your answer should be focused on your choices for job methods, you need to be able to dispute such in your response.

Would you mind working overtime? Would you mind working at night? A simple “No I don’t mind”, will not cut it. The interviewer would assume that you are desperate for the job. Elaborate on why you can work overtime and nights. If you have any previous experience doing so, mention the benefits it brings to the store when employees work overtime and night shifts.

How do you deal with an angry customer?  You can emphasize on “the customer is always right, even when he is wrong” rule.  Alert the interviewer on how you usually avoid confrontations with customers and use the components of quality customer service skills to make the customer happy.

Advice For Application Process

When applying for Kmart jobs online it is advised that you are prepared. Always have a copy of your resume ready for when it is time to fill out the work history part of your application form. Especially if you are applying at your local store using the kiosk, you would want to have your previous job descriptions ready to link to your application.

The Kmart job application online will ask you a list of workplace based questions. Be complete and truthful in all of your answers. These are basically pre-qualification questions that will determine if you should be considered for employment. By answering these questions, you are giving the store information about your availability, education and work history.

The position you applied for is the blueprint for how to prepare for your interview. If you applied for a management position arrive somewhat formal or business casual. For positions that are lower than a management one, you can dress casual. Just make sure it is appropriate, sharp and tidy.

If your interview is successful you will be asked to come back for a second interview. If this is successful you now have to perform a background check and take a drug test. This process may take about 3 days to a week to complete. If you end up passing the background check and drug test, you will be prompt to come back for orientation and training.

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