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It is pretty simple to find Kroger jobs online. To apply online head over to their website, scroll down to the bottom of the web page and click on the careers section. You will see a list of positions they are hiring for, and also see a search box for you to look for the positions you would like to apply for. This leads you to the direct Kroger application.

You can search for Kroger jobs by title and location. The job opportunities are listed by the industry they represent, such as hourly, corporate or clinical. There are also many Kroger store brands and through their job search you can find specific positions for their other sectors. You can also get emailed updates about job openings by signing up for their Talent Community.

In order to abide by their duty to communities nationwide Kroger stands by 6 main values; Honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, safety, and inclusion. They declare genuineness with their customers, business records and vendors. Regardless of who you are your perspective will be treasured. Even during troubled times they still comply by their values.

Kroger focuses on the influence they have on communities. They have reduced their use of energy by 35%, the Fred Meyer division has 40 liquified natural gas trucks, they participate in organic recycling and have so far collected over 1000 bits. Also, by the end of 2015 their palm oil will come from certified sources only.

Kroger Careers

Kroger wants to hire individuals that enjoy building relationships with people and helping them. In their retail sector there is a broad range of hourly jobs to consider. In the retail field prospect Kroger jobs include being a store associate, cake decorator and even a jewelry sales associate. If you would like to work in the clinical field they offer positions for pharmacy technicians, nurse practitioners and even patient care technicians.

They also look for people who dream of achieving their goals and have no issues with being a hard worker. In their corporate fields like logistics, manufacturing, human resources, marketing, and finance they hold positions that acquire a lot of responsibilities. For example: A search engine marketing specialist would be responsible for developing and managing search efforts for the company.

How old do you have to be to work at Kroger?

With the approval of a work certificate any one as young as 14 years old can be considered for employment. For most positions you must be able to work on some weekends and holidays. Also you have to be willing to participate in any of the necessary training classes they offer.

Kroger offers pretty comprising and cutthroat benefits for employees. There is a bonus program which is determined by qualifications. A few of the benefits offered to full time employees are life insurance, disability plans, dental insurance plans, medical insurance plans, a retirement plan, long-term care insurance and paid vacations and holidays.

Being a nationwide chain they have many locations, which means the hours may fluctuate by store. The regular hours of operation is from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. They are open on all major holidays except for Christmas day. They will most likely be following a holiday schedule.

Kroger Job Descriptions

Store Associate– They are responsible for delivering excellent customer service in immaculate settings by following company guidelines and policies. Store associates are role models that practice the company’s mission statement. They also aim to heighten sales with persuasive selling and proper sales recording. The yearly salary for this position averages at 16k.

Assistant Store Manager– The assistant store manager helps the store manager with directing and managing effective duties to increase sales and profit. When the store manager is not present the assistant store manager performs the necessary tasks. They at most make sure the store associates are aware of all the important events and changes with providing coaching and advisory. The yearly salary for this position averages at 37k.

Jewelry Sales Associate– Due to the Kroger company having many brands,this would include Fred Meyer and Littman Jewelers. This career involves displaying merchandise and promotional materials by corporate preferences, performing watch battery replacements and band adjustments, and at most providing customers with product knowledge, benefits and features.. The yearly salary for this position averages at 19k plus commission.

Baker– A baker is responsible for preparing the special orders requested by customers accordingly by following all food safety guidelines and regulations. They must properly use kitchen equipment like the stove, computerized scale, and proof-box. A baker must also be able to understand the layout of the store and locate products for customer purposes. The yearly salary for this position averages at 22k.

Coffee Kiosk Barista– They are responsible for giving customers quick quality coffee selection and preparation. They are also responsible for meeting sales quota, suggesting store products for advanced service, and greeting customers as well as answering any questions they may have. The pay for this position averages at $9 an hour.

Kroger Interview Questions

Tell us about your previous work experience? If you have any retail experience, this would be the perfect time to mention it. If you don’t, talk about skills that are related to retail such as your customer service and communication skills. Also, if this happens to be your first job tell them how you are eager to gain experience and redeem yourself through this opportunity.

What can you tell us about Kroger’s? This may be a test to see if applicants conduct research about them before their interview. You can talk about how you witness their broad level of services and feel confident that your hard work ethic will be a good contribution because there is room for growth.

How do you define excellent customer service? Think like the customer. What would you want your experience to be when you go grocery shopping? Mention how a good product selection and low prices along with short checkout lines that move quickly and an open available staff are components of excellent customer service.

What is your greatest strength? Talk about qualities that make you a high prospect candidate for the job. You can elaborate on your possible sales, customer service, communication skills and hard work ethic. Make sure that you are explain these strengths. You don’t want to sound as if you are bragging by simply dropping a list of your strengths.

Why should I hire you? You can mention all your accomplishments and link them to the position you are applying for. Elaborate on why these certain qualities are a special fit and how it will assist in the growth of the company. It would be good to take a look at the job description and take note of the ones you can truly elaborate on.

Advice For Application Process

You will be asked a lot of questions on your application form. Especially when it comes to enlisting your previous working experience.  The online application has a ready made section to add your experience. This is why it is important to have your resume and cover letter finished and ready.

Exactly how to apply for Kroger online involves creating an employee candidate profile. This is where to attach your cover letter and resume. It is a free application where you will be giving an unlimited list of positions the Kroger brand is hiring for. You can even search for jobs at your local location.  If you apply for more than one position make sure you are honest on all applications.

The hiring process usually involves two interviews. The first interview is an one on one with the hiring manager. Your second interview will be more in depth. You will be asked questions about exactly how your skills can benefit the company. The interviewer also expects you to have a couple of questions to ask about the position.

The most worthy impression you can make is the first one. Be sure to dress accordingly to your interview. You may have your own unique style but when it comes to a job interview you may have to tone it down, this includes your hair style. Business casual is the most appropriate to emulate for an interview.

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