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Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Application Online

lee famous recipe chicken

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is an American casual dining franchise known for its chicken recipe, home-style side dishes, and biscuits. It has more than 140 stores in more than 10 states.

The company was founded by Lee Cummings and Harold Omer in 1966. Today, it is under its parent company Lee’s Famous Recipes, Inc., with its headquarters located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Aside from its famous recipes of chicken and spices, the well-known fast food restaurant has also been recognized for its exemplary recipes, efficient business management, and franchise network.

The company provides a comprehensive compensation package to its employees which includes medical and dental insurance, 401k retirement plan, flexible schedule, paid time off and paid trainings, among others.

People love working for the company because it maintains a positive environment and embodies service excellence. It also presents a wide array of opportunities and promotions for qualified individuals.

How old do you have to be to work at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken?

The company requires its applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible for employment. Cooks, crews, and managerial jobs all have the same minimum age requirement.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Careers

Service Crews: They are in charge of greeting and assisting customers with their orders and requests. They make sure that the dining area is clean, particularly the tables and the restaurant counter.  

Line Cooks: Their main task is to supervise the general meal preparation process, specifically the plating or presentation. They should strictly adhere to the restaurant’s set policies and standards to ensure that meals have consistent taste and appearance.

Prep Cooks: They are responsible for preparing all ingredients for all meal orders. The job involves being highly efficient and accurate in measuring. They are expected to maintain close coordination with the rest of the kitchen staff.

Restaurant Managers: Their key duties include ensuring the general operations of the fast food restaurant such as customer relations, inflow and outflow of stock and supplies, performance of employees, and meeting of target sales.

Other common jobs that are also available in this company are: Shift Leaders, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Customer Service Representative, Stock Associate, Franchise Specialist, and Distribution Associate.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Application

The company has an online job portal where interested persons can directly access the current available positions as well as check the job description and requirements.

Aside from sending their application online, jobseekers can also opt to personally submit their application to specific store locations that they wish to work in.

In filling up the application, it is important to ensure the use of correct grammar and spelling. All required information should be provided, especially contact details such as mobile phone number and email address.

Applicant should also use the following tips in writing a good resume: use reverse chronological order, limit to maximum of two pages, avoid excessive formatting design, and ensure perfect grammar and spelling.

In preparing for the interview, all applicants must read on the company and the job. They should also rehearse answering confidently to common interview questions as well as to inquiries about their career experience and academic credentials.

Things To Know About Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

The company maintains a positive culture in all of its stores nationwide as it focuses on providing excellent service and high quality meals to its customers. It also supports diversity among its employees.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has been aggressively increasing its online presence, specifically in social media (Facebook and Twitter). The company sees this promotional strategy as an effective way to engage their customers.

Its founder Lee Cummings is known for being a part of another successful fast food chain, KFC. Cummings was the nephew of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is involved in several corporate social responsibility programs including the donation of aid for challenged communities, scholarships for less fortunate children, and rehabilitation of disaster-struck areas.

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