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Lego is a Danish brand popular for manufacturing colorful interlocking plastic bricks which is their flagship product. It is under its parent company The Lego Group.

The Lego construction set was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen and was first released in the market in 1949. Its headquarters is located in Billund, Denmark.

It has won numerous awards and accolades over the years including Toy of the Year for many consecutive years, Toy of the Century, and National Toy Hall of Fame.

The company provides employees with a competitive compensation package and benefits including medical and dental insurance, 401k retirement plan, paid vacation time, paid trainings, and career advancement opportunities.

People love working for the company because it is a global business, meaning it presents a wide array of career opportunities in most fields and disciplines. The company also implements efficient human resource programs for work-life balance.

How old do you have to be to work at Lego Stores?

The company requires its applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible for any available position including retail, engineering, and distribution jobs.

Lego Stores Careers

Sales Representatives: They are in charge of greeting and assisting customers. They attend to all concerns related to products and purchasing; they are expected to answer all queries regarding all products in the store.

Store Managers: They are responsible for the general operations of the whole store including monitoring of employees performance, inflow and outflow of stocks, supplies and cash, meeting of target sales, and periodic reporting to upper management.

Distributor Associates: Their key role is to ensure the correct quantity distributed to each outlet. They closely coordinate with manufacturing executives and store location heads. The job entails high accuracy and being attentive to details.

Sales Specialist: Their main duties involve analyzing sales and revenue for a specific region. They analyze sales data, report to business decision makers, and input sales and marketing strategies that will help increase sales profit and minimize cost.

Other common jobs that are also available in this company are: Customer Service Representative, Junior IT Programmer, Account Executive, Digital Marketing Assistant, and Loss Prevention Officer.

Lego Stores Application

The company hosts an online job portal where jobseekers can conveniently access available positions, requirements, and job description. They can also upload supporting documents such as a resume.

Applicants have the option to apply personally or online. However, it is recommended that they submit their applications through the job portal for a faster and more convenient process as the recruitment system is centralized.

In filling out the application form, it is important to provide all required information particularly contact details such as mobile phone number and contact number. They should also double check to ensure proper grammar and spelling.

In writing the resume, it is advisable to use reverse chronological order to highlight more recent experiences. To ensure readability, it’s best to limit the resume’s length to two pages.

Before the interview, applicants should conduct learn about the company and the job they’re applying for. It is also important to arrive at least five minutes before the schedule to make a good impression.

Things To Know About Lego Stores

The company adopts the culture of innovativeness, fun, and teamwork. Their employees are always given the chance to share their ideas and develop their careers within the company.

It has recently introduced a new structure for active family ownership of the company, giving way for a more long-term based brand potential. It has also announced the appointment of its new CEO Bali Padda.

It is best known worldwide for being the largest manufacturer and retailer of play material. It is also famous for its movies, games, competitions, and amusement parks.

The company has been consistently expanding their corporate responsibility programs and advocacies that are centered on harnessing the innovativeness of children and creating a positive impact by taking the lead in environmental actions on sustainability.

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