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Life Time Fitness is a chain of health clubs or fitness centers operating in the U.S. and Canada. It is headquartered out of Chanhassen, a suburb in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The company was founded by Bahram Akradi. Initially, it was incorporated as a Minnesota corporation under the brand FCA, Ltd. In 1992, it was registered under the name Life Time Fitness.

They currently have more than 110 health and wellness centers in North America. Many facilities operate 24/7 and feature food courts, personal fitness instruction, childcare centers, and salons.

Employees get to enjoy free gym memberships and join health and wellness programs for a more balanced lifestyle. Other benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, healthcare coverage, paid time-off, and retirement plan.

The company maintains a friendly, entertaining, functional, educational, and innovative environment for both employees and clients. People who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to help others to do the same love working at Life Time Fitness.

How old do you have to be to work at LifeTime Fitness?

You need to be at least 18 years old to apply at Life Time Fitness. Applicants possessing general education equivalents or high school diplomas may apply for entry-level positions.

LifeTime Fitness Careers

Lifeguard: Maintains fun, clean, and safe pool areas; monitors activities and provides assistance in the swimming areas to avoid accidents; rescues swimmers at risk of drowning, and; administers first aid, CPR, or AED services as necessary.

Fitness Instructor: Provides cutting-edge fitness education to groups of people through various interactive and entertaining classes; acts as a fitness resource for the participants; maintains strong relationships with clients to encourage continuous attendance.

Member Services: Directs, coordinates, and supervises fitness floors; builds customer relationships by providing high-quality services; other tasks may include housekeeping, attending to customers’ request, and demonstrating fitness equipment.

Swim Instructor: Primary duties include providing safe and competent swimming instructions using recognized established lead-up skills; teaching with positive reinforcement and encouragement, and; organizing class schedules for maximum practice.

Other available positions include aquatics group fitness instructor, slide attendant, swim team coach, housekeeper, front desk team member, hospitality team member, aquatics supervisor, LifeClinic chiropractic, registered dietitian, and personal trainer.

LifeTime Fitness Application

You may search for available job positions by visiting the company’s career page. Submit your resume through their online portal and fill out the forms with accurate information.

Applying online is recommended. Do note though, that after submitting the required forms, it may take a few days to a few months for you to receive an invitation for an interview.

When filling up the application form or any data sheet required by the company, it is important to check for typographical errors. Such seemingly minor mistakes could severely affect your eligibility and chances.

As for writing a resume, it’s best to remember that longer resumes aren’t really better than their shorter counterparts. In fact, those that come with more than two pages are at risk of being skipped entirely.

Since Life Time Fitness advocates healthy lifestyles, interested applicants should readily determine the steps required to stay pro-active in everyday life – especially since these might be brought up during the interview.

Facts About Lifelifetime-fitness-logoTime Fitness

Life Time Fitness maintains a work culture that promotes active and healthy way of life. The company is committed to helping members and customers achieve fitness goals, health objectives, and athletic aspirations.

The fitness chain is looking to open new locations in 2017 – one in Oklahoma and another in Pennsylvania. The former, if approved, will be a two-story, 180 square-foot facility.

The company is known as a premier fitness club and gym, mainly catering to posh clientele. Despite that, it still offers membership discounts and occasionally holds competitions with cash prizes.

The Life Time Foundation furnishes administrators and school cooks with the tools required to transition to serving healthier meals to students. It also provides financial support to offset budget gaps.

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