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The Lucky Supermarket is a subsidiary company of Save Mart Supermarket. The supermarket retails many products from fresh produce to manufactured goods. It offers reward points to its customers.

In the 1930s, Charles Crouch bought a supermarket and renamed it to Lucky. Decades later, Save Mart Supermarket acquired the franchise and rebranded the name. In 2007, Save Mart revived the Lucky brand and used it up to this date.

Lucky Supermarket labels its service as the “true neighborhood stores”. It makes constant changes to adapt to their customers’ needs. With this corporate value, Lucky received numerous awards as the cleanest stores and excellent service providers.

The management treats the employees with respect. It provides them equal opportunity to develop their skills. Long-term benefits include health insurance coverage and higher-than-the-minimum salary.

People prefer working in Lucky Supermarket because of the teamwork that the company endeavors to maintain. The company maintains a quality workplace where employees can work with integrity and commitment without feeling overworked.

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Lucky Supermarket?

The minimum age to work at the supermarket is 16 years old. Thus, a high school student can work part-time in one of its stores.

Lucky Supermarket Careers

The supermarket is always hiring. Grocery clerks are one of the common vacant positions. They handle cash sales transactions. They stock shelves and pack bought items in grocery bags.

Courtesy clerks’ responsibilities may include stocking of shelves, helping customers carry their grocery bags and gathering shopping carts outside the store. They also perform cleanup duties and other tasks as assigned.

Deli clerks stay in the deli sections, slicing meats as requested by customers. They prepare meals and salads for customers and ensure the cleanliness of the delicacy counters.

The accounting clerk is also an entry-level position. The main duties of accounting clerks are to maintain accounting records, reconcile accounts and assist the accountant or bookkeeper.

Other positions are produce clerks, seafood clerk, bakery clerk, property management clerk, accounts receivable clerk and meat clerks. For available positions, visit the official site of the company.

Lucky Supermarket Application

Applying for a position in the company is simple. Visit their site and answer a few questions. The site requires the creation of a profile before you can send an application.

The company receives online and personal applications. If you opt to visit a store near you, ask for the HR personnel. The personnel might ask you to fill out an application form.

A good application form features your best skills. Apply for positions to which you are qualified. Otherwise, Lucky Supermarket might reject your application. For example, your previous jobs were cashier positions. Most likely, you qualify for a cashier position.

Place the achievement summary after your objective line. Quantify your accomplishments in monetary value or percentage increases. Limit your resume to two pages and include only relevant work experiences and skills. Provide only a summary of all your previous jobs.

When the company calls you for an interview, prepare and expect common questions such as “why should the company hire you”. Arrive at the interview location fifteen minutes before the specified time.

Things to Know About Lucky Supermarket

The company is popular for selling fresh produce at an affordable price. They always seek ways to improve their services and think of innovative ways to satisfy every customer’s demand.

A few years ago, Lucky Supermarket launched its app in two of the most popular online stores on the internet. With the app, consumers can monitor their rewards points and the products eligible for redemption.

They are known for providing a complete array of fresh products and grocery items. Their stores are really a one-stop-shop. A customer can find almost everything in their store.

The company is also active in community-based activities. Through a volunteer registration, the company donates 3% of qualified purchases to an organization that the customer chooses.

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