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Pricesmart is a warehouse chain that operates in Central America. It sells fresh goods and groceries. Today, it has more than 700,000 members and over 1 million cardholders.

Sol and Robert Price founded the company and started operations in the 1970s. The main office is located in San Diego, California. It has more than 30 warehouses in 12 countries, with most of its stores located in Latin America.

In 1997, the company made its first initial public offering. In 2010, Fortune Magazine included the company in the top 100 fastest growing companies. Right now, it has more than 3000 employees.

Pricesmart provides a complete benefits package to its employees, giving incentives to dedicated workers. Other benefits include insurance coverage for employees who have worked for years with the company.

The working environment attracts people in applying for a job in the company. Furthermore, the company offers many employment opportunities. It creates an opportunity to work with other nationalities, particularly Latin Americans.

How old do you have to be to work at Pricesmart?

An applicant should be 18 years old and above to qualify to work. The management screens applicants and selects those who have exemplary personal traits and skills.

Pricesmart Careers

The company is constantly hiring for highly skilled individuals even with their entry-level positions. The most common one is the cashier. They handle cash transactions and enter the goods bought through the POS machine.

Another entry-level position available is store associate. They assist customers. They perform re-stocking of empty shelves. In some cases, they may assist customers to the parking area.

The assistant manager is a common position in the management level. They help in the training of new employees and provide a general assessment to the managers.

On the other hand, store managers handle the daily store operations. They conduct interviews, prepare the store budget and perform payroll functions. They create schedules for the store staff.

Other positions may include sales associates, courtesy clerk, accounting clerk, and fresh produce clerk. To know the complete list of vacant positions, visit a Pricesmart Warehouse near your location or browse the career section of the site.

Pricesmart Application

The application process is easy. Simply send a resume through email. Alternatively, you can fax your resume. You can find their fax number in the employment link on their site.

You need an email address to send your resume to the company. If you do not have any email address, you can use a fax machine to send one. Alternatively, visit the nearest warehouse.

Most of the Pricesmart warehouses are in Latin America, with only one store in the U.S. Thus, knowing a little Spanish will give you an advantage although bilingual skill is not required.

For your resume, enumerate skills relevant to the work you applied for. Keep your resume concise. Format it with wide margins and double space in between subheadings. In the executive summary, use bullet points.

Attend the interview on time. Be prepared and dress in a business outfit. Nervousness before and during an interview is okay but if you go prepared, you can answer interview questions confidently.

Things to Know About Pricesmart

The company has excellent customer service. It brings the freshest produce to the community. With its continued quest for excellence, it received many awards throughout the years.

Just recently, it opened its 7th store in Colombia. The company has an on-going contract with a private construction company to build a warehouse. By 2017, the company will open its Florida warehouse that will handle dry goods export.

The notable characteristics of a PriceSmart store are its warehouse-like operation and price affordability. Members and cardholders can buy products in bulk, which makes their purchases discounted.

The popular community effort of the company is the Aprender y Crecer program. This socio-economic cause supports public schools in Latin America. This began in 2006 and benefited more than 60,000 students.

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