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Malaysia Airlines, under its corporate name Malaysia Airlines Berhad, is the flag airline of Malaysia. It operates in destinations in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

The airline was founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. It was once a part of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines until the two countries decided to operate their air transport system independently in 1972, giving birth to the Malaysia Airlines known today.

The company has received several awards and recognition over the decades such as the Bronze Medal in Business Traveler’s Cellars in the Sky Awards, and Gold Award in Transpiration, Travel and Tourism Category.

With over 12,000 employees in 53 cities worldwide, the airline offers a competitive compensation and benefits package including performance-based incentives and an excellent professional landscape with a wide array of opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.

Employees love working here because they experience a fast-phased and entrepreneurial environment that allows them to enhance their skills and unleash their potential while helping the company provide an exemplary service that keeps up with the progressing industry.

How old do you have to be to work at Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines require its applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible for any available position including inflight and ground jobs.

Malaysia Airline Careers

Flight Attendants – Their key duties involve ensuring the safety of all passengers. They also attend to the guests’ needs during the flight primarily by ensuring that there is enough food and drinks for all passengers throughout the flight.

Passenger Service Agents – They are responsible for facilitating the selling of flight tickets to passengers by computing total amount, processing cash, debit or credit card payment and issuing refunds when needed. 

Flight Dispatchers – Their main job is to ensure the safety of the aircraft’s flight by preparing a comprehensive flight plan according to airline and industry policies and protocols.

Ground Station Attendants – They provide high-quality customer service by assisting passengers before boarding. They attend to guests’ inquiries and concerns regarding directions, schedule, and other terminal services.

Other common jobs in this company that applicants can also consider are: Avionics Technician, Airline Administrative Support, Ramp Planner, Crew Schedule Coordinator, and Airline Ticket Agent.

Malaysia Airlines Application

To apply for any position in Malaysia Airlines, jobseekers are required to register in the company’s online career portal. Online accounts with verified email address can proceed with the application.

On the applications page, users can create their own profile containing personal and professional information and upload relevant documents such as curriculum vitae, cover letter, recommendations and a photo.

In filling out the application form, applicants are encouraged to complete all required information especially contact information. Providing the same email address throughout the whole hiring process is also recommended to avoid confusion.

In writing a resume, it is important to keep it as short and simple as possible. Successful applicants usually use bullets instead of paragraphs to avoid kilometric sentences. Using reverse chronological arrangement will highlight more recent experiences.

Prior to the interview, the employer uses the provided employment references for background checks. It will be helpful if the applicant can discuss the submitted documents and credentials clearly and accurately to make a good impression.

Things To Know About Malaysia Airlines

The airline maintains a professional, progressive, connected and open company culture that upholds the highest standards while embracing industry innovations and diversity among its people.

Malaysia Airlines as recently expanded its operations to China, opening 8 new destinations and 11 new routes with 35 new frequencies between Malaysia and China starting early 2017.

The company is widely known for its Malaysian hospitality. Aside from its state-of-the-art aircraft and facilities, the airline capitalizes on the high-quality service provided by their cabin crew and ground attendants.

Malaysia Airlines has been involved in numerous corporate social responsibility programs primarily focusing on events such as walkathon and carnival for the benefit of vulnerable communities in Malaysia.

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