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Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery is a chain of franchised ice cream and desert stores. They are best known for their unique ‘mix in’ approach in which toppings are blended onto a scoop of ice cream placed on a frozen granite slab.

Tom LePage and Sigmund Penn opened their first store in Houston in 1983, under the name Cones n’Cream. After the store became a hit, partners started offering their concept for franchising in 1984 under their new name.

Marble Slab has more than 300 stores, mostly located in the US and Canada, as well as overseas locations including Singapore, Kuwait, Dubai and Lebanon. It was also rated a Top Consumer Pick according to a Nation’s Restaurant News survey.

Benefits vary across branches depending on the discretion of the individual franchise holder. Qualified employees may participate in a 401(k) retirement savings plan and health insurance, and enjoy paid time off.

Employees most enjoyed getting free ice cream during their work shifts. Others said that it was a good place to gain experience in customer service.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work in Marble Slab Creamery?

The minimum age to apply for a job in a store is sixteen for most entry-level positions. Job opportunities with greater responsibilities, however, may have a higher age requirement.

Marble Slab Creamery Careers

Team Members interact with customers, taking their orders and ensuring that they are processed quickly and accurately. They may have other responsibilities including ensuring the cleanliness of the store and ensuring that the stocks are properly rotated for freshness.

Shift Leaders coordinate the schedules of team members to ensure that the store is fully staffed during operating hours. They also shift rotations and provide employee training. They ensure that the product is produced within the company’s quality standards.

Assistant Managers work with store managers in smoothly running the store. Their duties include maintaining store cleanliness, training and supervising Team Members, assigning duties and planning work schedules and monitoring sales.

Ice Cream Scoopers assemble customer orders according to the guidelines set by the company as well as customer requests. They may also help in preparing the store’s daily inventory of fresh hand-made ice cream.

Other common positions include managers who have direct responsibility in the store’s daily operations and servers who take customer orders and prepare ice cream cakes based on their specifications.

Marble Slab Creamery Application

Since franchise holders independently own each Marble Slab Creamery location, you will have to apply in-store. However, there is a printable application form available that you can fill up before applying in person.

Since there is no centralized careers page for the company, you cannot apply on-line. Only in-store applications are accepted so you will have to visit the location you are interested in working for.

Since the application is printable, you have the luxury of being able to read through it beforehand. Make sure to fill up all the relevant blanks, and place N/A on those you cannot.

Since most applicants for entry-level positions may have limited or even no past work experience, stress your educational attainment in your resume. List your GPA if it is at least 3.3 and include any relevant skills in a separate section.

During the interview, demonstrate that you have done your homework by showing that you understand the requirements of the job you are applying for. Also, show your ability to deal with customers in a positive manner.

Facts About Marble Slab Creamery

While the culture differs among locations, generally employees found the working environment to be positive, with friendly co-workers and the opportunity to interact with satisfied customers. They also had to develop patience when things got hectic in the store.

The Global Franchise Group, parent company of Marble Slab Creamery, hosted a National Scoop Night fundraiser on October 4 for cancer research. Participating stores donated 15% of sales from 5 to 8 pm to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The chain is known for its super premium ice cream, which contains at least 14% of buttermilk and less air than ordinary ice cream. In addition, scoopers turn the preparation of the mix ins into a show for customers’ enjoyment.

Through its “Bite for the Fight” campaign, Global Franchise Group has raised more than $1 million for lifesaving cancer research. The 3-year drive encouraged Marble Slab customers and franchisees to donate to LLS’s annual fundraising program.

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