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Marc’s is a discount grocery chain for the value-conscious shopper whose inventory consists of name-brand merchandise. They also offer extra services in the courtesy section and bargains in its closeouts department.

Marc Glasman opened his first store in 1979 as a drugstore offering affordable products for cost-conscious customers. Since then, it has grown into a network of stores throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Canton and Akron.

The Marc’s chain currently consists of over 60 stores in the NE Ohio region. It keeps costs, and prices, down by having a huge store volume, with thousands of customers daily.

Qualified employees enjoy a benefits package including a 401(k) plan, health insurance and life insurance. In addition, they get discounts on prescription medicines and store merchandise.

What people liked most about working at a store were the friendly co-workers as well as a generally positive working atmosphere. In addition, they appreciated the good staff discounts.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Marc’s?

Most entry-level positions require applicants be at least sixteen. However, management and other senior positions require that applicants be eighteen and above since they have more advanced qualifications.

Marc’s Careers

Store Managers are responsible for the daily running of the store and their duties including hiring staff and conducting job interviews, training new staff, handling the budget and arranging staff schedules.

Pharmacists interact with customers and provide them with the support and care they need. They fill out prescriptions and other orders, and supervise pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy Technicians fill out customer orders under the supervision of pharmacists. They also handle routine tasks such as keeping inventory up-to-date and maintaining customer records.

Stock Clerks ensure that the store is always properly stocked. They also maintain the stock room and ensure it is organized so they can easily and quickly locate stocks.

Other available positions include cashier, sales associate, assistant managers and warehouse workers. In addition, retail positions are available in various store departments, including Health & Beauty and Produce & Grocery.

Marc’s Application

You can apply by going to the career’s page and filling up an application form or submitting your resume for the position you want.  You can also visit a store to submit your application personally.

You can apply online by visiting the Career page. You can also apply in person by filling up an application form and going for an interview at your desired store location.

When you apply online, keep your resume handy so that you can answer questions about your previous work experience. Applicants who are sixteen will require permission from their parents or legal guardians to apply.

Since there are no clear job descriptions on the Career, you have to craft your resume carefully so your qualifications reflect the general responsibilities for the particular position you are applying for.

When interviewing for a position, it is an advantage if you don’t only show enthusiasm to work for Marc’s, but also display problem-solving skills and an ability to deal well with people.

Facts About Marc’s

The company generally has a positive culture, with coworkers who are easy to work with. However, things can get hectic, particularly when there are many customers so employees should be prepared to deal with this.

Marc’s has collaborated with the Cuhayoga County Board of Health to promote healthier eating habits. The chain donated 1,700 boxes of seed packets that the CCBH gave away during community events while discussing better eating and food preparation with recipients.

The grocery is known for providing various consumer products at very affordable prices. They also promote healthy eating by sourcing fresh produce from small farms in the locality and all over the world.

Aside from its philanthropy, Marc’s also promotes environmental sustainability through recycling and improving energy-efficiency in its stores. In addition, it is transitioning to selling only cage-free eggs.

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