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In today’s busy world, a company that can provide easy workforce solutions while providing jobs to people is definitely a necessity.  Manpower Group offers many services that companies need today to be able to succeed.  The Manpower application is one that can be very versatile since there are plenty of positions to fill.

This company offers solutions to companies with recruiting, staffing, human resources, training, development, consulting, and more.  They are located in Wisconsin and founded in 1948 by Aaron Scheinfeild.  They were the first company of its kind and have since created an industry that helps millions grow their companies and assist in job placement.

Operating in over 80 countries, Manpower Group has reached a new level of excellence doing what they do while constantly expanding and sharing their knowledge and power with the companies and people that need it the most.  The help that their solutions give to companies enable them to grow and successfully run their business and profits high.

Every year technology changes and more innovating solutions appear.  Manpower keeps up with the latest technology and training programs to help their clients and their staff in continuing their path to success.  Manpower Group jobs not only help people have a successful career but also businesses keep up with the work load and maintain a good name for themselves.

Manpower Careers

Manpower jobs are so versatile since they have a job placement centers which need people to place candidates in those jobs.  There are many of job opportunities ranging from recruiter, benefits personnel, human resources, IT, finance and more.  Your core skills, certifications, and qualifications will be measured to determine the best position available for you.

Engineering and IT positions are widely available since they work with some of the best companies in the world.  Manpower careers are definitely worth seeking since the company is known all over the world and has a pristine reputation and provide the necessary training required for anyone with the proper skills to succeed.  There are many possibilities for employment which you can find in their careers website.

Manpower careers also invite people to apply in their corporate positions suitable for applicants with college degrees and certain certifications such as engineers, financial advisors, accountants, project managers, and more. Working with and for Manpower is not only a great opportunity to a great career, it also allows their personnel to enjoy the many benefits they offer such as medical insurance, retirement plan, and paid time off.

How old do you have to be to work at Manpower?

Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be able to apply for jobs at Manpower.  The Manpower application will specify the minimum age and requirements needed to apply for each position selected.  They operate their offices from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and stay closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Manpower Job Descriptions

Claims Professional- Processes claims and payments, answers questions from the customer service department.  They also communicate with insurance companies.  Their hourly pay is $13 an hour.

Recruiting Coordinator- They generate reports on candidates and enter the candidate’s information in spreadsheets.  They also review resumes and create databases for the other recruiters to use.  Follow up with candidates, performs background checks, arranges appointments, and sets up conferences with candidates and potential employers.  Their salary is $45k.

Commercial Customer Service Rep- They resolve first hand all problems they get during calls and in person.  They handle the troubleshooting and try to minimize the time customers wait.  They make an hourly pay of $16.95.

Recruiter- Attract and speak with potential candidates to place them in the correct line of work according to their skill sets.  Do the proper research ln the candidates and places of employment and contact both to set up interviews.  Salary for them is around $33k and $69k.

Permanent Placement Consultant- Develops recruitment strategies by completing a thorough research on the market and competitors.  Speak to final potential applicants and sets up final interviews.  Reaches the sales goals and looks for other methods of recruitment.  They make about $48k per year.

Manpower Interview Questions

The Manpower application needs to be fully reviewed prior to receiving a call for an interview in which you will be required to answer a few questions.

How did you resolve a difficult problem in the past? Hiring managers want to know that you are able to resolve problems on your own and what steps you take when doing so.  Always mention positive experiences.

How did you hear about us? Since they are a recruiting agency, they do need to know the source from where you knew they were hiring.  Let them know where you saw it and how they enticed you to apply.

How do you handle high stress environments? Recruiting agencies sometimes can be very stressful since deadlines have to be met.  Go over some of the methods you use to stay calm when under pressure.

Are you able to meet a quota? Meeting quotas are very important in this industry so let them know the steps you take when you have a quota to meet.

Why do you want to work here? Having a good knowledge of the company and its values will help you explain to them why you wish to work there.  It is important to only mention positive things.

Advice for Application Process

It is best to get a printable application for Manpower if you wish to go in person and directly speak to a hiring manager.  If you need more direction on how to apply for Manpower online, it is easy to go to their career link and navigate from there.  There will be options as to which position you want to submit the direct application to. The Manpower job application online will be simple to fill out and you may attach a resume.

When you apply for jobs at Manpower, be sure to have a specific knowledge of the positions you are applying to and learn their core requirements prior to attending their interviews.  You can find the job descriptions when you look at the Manpower jobs online and determine which one you are the best fit for.  Since they receive many applications, it may take a few days before they call you for an interview.

Some candidates feel more comfortable when they download application form, print it, and take it personally along with their resume.  This can work also by using the printable application form you can request from a recruiter. The online application are better sometimes since you are able to see which one of the many locations is hiring and for what position.

Each position open will have a free application link for each of the local offices they have.  When you apply online and have not heard anything back for about a week, you can call the office and ask for feedback regarding the position you applied to.  Make sure to be very professional and to dress in business attire.  Firm handshakes always go a long way as well as thanking them for your time.

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