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Max & Erma’s is a casual dining restaurant chain in Columbus, Ohio. Apart from its headquarters, it also operates in Midwest and East United States. The restaurant is known for its gourmet hamburger dishes. Among its other signature cuisines are nachos, wings, and skewers.

The restaurant chain was founded by Todd Barnum and Barry Zacks in 1972. Glacier Restaurant Group serves as its parent company. Since 1985, Max & Erma Visocnik operated the dining place following the acquisition of German Village’s tavern.

The popular dining company has branches in 51 locations, including Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. In 2010, it was acquired by American Blue Ribbon Holdings.

Being employed by the restaurant chain will provide you an exciting and fun experience. The company provides competitive salary, bonuses, free meals, and insurance coverage among others. At present, it offers 10-day paid military leave for National Guard Members and Active Reservists.

People work in the company for it offers an environment for diversity of staff. Growth opportunities are also provided for qualified candidates.

How old do you have to be to work at Max & Erma’s?

You should be at least 18 years to work at Max & Erma’s. If you are under 18, employment is subject to verification or you have a work permit.

Max & Erma’s Careers

Server: A Server is responsible for serving customers at their table. You will take note of their preferences apart from their menu orders. Afterwards, a server would also bring the orders to customers as noted.

Host/ Hostess: A Host/ Hostess will be greeting customers upon entrance. Ushering the clients is also done while registering them on the waitlist when necessary. Answering calls and inquiries is also a responsibility.

Bartender: A Bartender is responsible for serving beverages behind the bar. Other responsibilities include maintaining supplies and regular inventory. Planning the operations behind the bar is also a duty.

Expediter: An Expediter ensures that the orders in the kitchen are delivered in a timely manner. They liaise with customers, cooks, and servers to ensure orders are accurate.

Other positions available at Max & Erma’s are Prep Cook, Bus Host, Cook, Carry-Out, and Dishwasher. All staff may work in a wide range of hours, inclusive of weekends and holidays.

Max & Erma’s Application

The restaurant is seeking for professionals and future leaders with patience, energy, and organizational skills. The management hires candidates with growth opportunities and excellent desire for a fun environment.

You could apply to the restaurant chain by sending your cover letter attached with resume to Human Resources e-mail address ([email protected]) or faxing it to 406-862-5228. Alternatively, you may apply via its official website by filling out their online form.

As much as possible, fill out the required fields in the online form honestly. You will be required to input basic information and answer important employment questions. These questions include the position you desire and your availability.

If you will send your resume, make sure that it is readable and detailed. Make it brief and concise. In addition, highlight your competitiveness to be in a restaurant chain. For instance, include your Food & Beverage industry experience.

While waiting for a possible interview, it is best to review your resume thoroughly. Most of the interviewer’s questions will be on the references you provided them. You are trying to be in a restaurant chain, so better prepare for basic F&B knowledge.

Things to Know About Max & Erma’s

The restaurant chain has a casual and fun culture even in its operations. It offers friends and family a place to get together without necessarily worrying about great service.

The popular food place announced that it will shift to a new concept in its interior. Earlier this year, Glacier Restaurant Group decided to make their stores modern. The management plans touse the similar concept of MacKenzie River Pizza Grill and Pub.

The company is known for its great burgers in a casual dining area. Their stores have been known for the signature local paraphernalia covering the interior.

Donations and fundraising are considered fundamentals by the chain. You could submit your organization of choice via the company’s website. Within a week, a representative will coordinate with you for further information.

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