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Men's Wearhouse

The Men’s Wearhouse have 1,758 retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  They believe that there is no better road to success than to create and foster an environment in which their associates can grow, prosper, and flourish.  To begin your career with this company, find the provided link near the bottom, search for Men’s Wearhouse jobs, and fill out the Men’s Wearhouse application.

The company is a men’s dress clothes retailer that was found in 1973 by George Zimmer.  They have corporate office in Houston, Texas and executive offices in Fremont, California.  They target the male consumer between the ages of 25 to 55 years old by providing customer service and offering a selection of exclusive and non-exclusive merchandise brands.

The company guarantees that the customer will be completely satisfied with the fit, quality, and fabric or they may return the merchandise within 90 days of purchase. This is just one of their cornerstones that the company was built on.  The other cornerstones are mutual respect, teamwork, and servant-leadership coupled with fun and a family-like atmosphere.

The Men’s Wearhouse is committed to social and environmental sustainability on a local and national level.  To this end, they recycle 1,640 tons of materials, they have sent two tractor trailers loaded with merchandise for hurricane relief efforts, and they donate $5 for every tuxedo rented to Cash for Schools.

They have a core set of values that include nurturing creativity, growing together, admitting to mistakes, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle, enhancing a sense of community, and striving to become self-actualized people.  How to apply for Men’s Wearhouse online is easy.  Locate the links listed under the Job Links section, search for Men’s Wearhouse jobs.  Once you have found the opportunity that you like best, complete and submit the Men’s Wearhouse application.

Men’s Wearhouse Careers

This company has many positions available when you search for Men’s Wearhouse jobs online.  Some of the positions offered at the store level are Tuxedo Sales Manager, Retail Customer Service Sales Associate, Retail Sales Specialist, and Tuxedo Support Representative.

Other Men’s Wearhouse careers can be found at the corporate level.  Positions offered at the corporate office include Business Intelligence Architect, Information Security Policy Administrator, Business Analyst, and Payroll Specialist.

How old do you have to be to work at Men’s Wearhouse?

The minimum age to work for this company is 17 years old.

The company offers a very competitive and comprehensive benefits package.  Benefits included in the package are medical, dental, and life insurance, 401 (k), employee stock discount program, paid time off including holidays, vacation, and sick leave, tuition reimbursement program, and merchandise discounts.

There is no printable application for Men’s Wearhouse available to download; however, you can apply for jobs at Men’s Wearhouse in person at your local store.  Operating hours are

Men’s Wearhouse Job Description

Tuxedo Support Representative – This role will professionally answer e-mails from store personnel and provide prompt and quality customer service, research, audit, correct, and process reservations in Oracle software system, communicate with store personnel to audit reservations in a timely manner following proper quality control guidelines, and provide a consultative relationship with store personnel supported by excellent product knowledge and a thorough understanding of measuring and fitting, tuxedo pricing, POS, Oracle systems, and production as it relates to the Tuxedo Support Center, among other duties.

Retail Sales Specialist – The Retail Sales Specialist will provide world class customer service and follow up on promises made to customers in a timely manner, meet and maintain your personal retail sales volume goals and quality of sales, follow the coaching and sales lead of the store management team to maximize selling opportunities, work in a team selling environment by assisting teammates throughout the selling process, and assist tuxedo rental customers as directed by management to drive retail sales from tuxedo rental.

Retail Customer Service Sales Associate –The Retail Customer Service Sales Associate is responsible for maintaining positive and professional relationships with your coworkers, helping them improve their performance and seeking their assistance in improving your own, seeking and responding to constructive feedback from your management team and always bring concerns and requests to their attention., meeting and maintaining benchmark retail sales volume and statistical goals, and executing the established selling behaviors with each customer to go beyond the customer’s initial request or item of interest.

Tuxedo Sales Manager – The duties of the Tuxedo Sales Manager are to retain, implement, and ultimately train the business practices and selling behaviors related to driving tuxedo rental volume, demonstrate proficiency and train the store staff on Point of Sale and Tuxedo Operations systems, follow the coaching and sales lead of the store manager to maximize tuxedo rental and retails sales volume, and ensure completion of operational responsibilities related to tuxedo rental for every step of the rental process.

Men’s Wearhouse Interview Questions

The following questions are typically asked during the interview process and are standard for this type of industry.

What was your last performance review from your previous employer?  You want to be honest but try to give a specific reason that the company should hire you.  For example, if your previous employer rated you on a 1 – 3 scale where 1 is needs coaching and 3 is above expectations, focus the review on what you were rated in customer service.

What did you like least about your last job?  Be very careful when answering this question and keep things in a positive light.

How do you handle disagreements between yourself and someone else?  The person giving the interview wants to discover how you will handle an intense situation.  He or she wants to find out if you are capable of diffusing a situation and how you’re reaction is to these types of scenarios.

Can you describe yourself in five words? Make sure your response will highlight your strengths and the reasons why they should hire you but you should also be honest.  Some examples would be outgoing, honest, energetic, and caring.

Advice for Application Process

According to the company’s website, there are a few pieces of advice to help you land the opportunity that you desire.  You should take time to do some research around the company and read about the business, the job description, trade publications, and retail news.

After you have updated your resume to one or two pages and submitted your application, you should visit your local store.  Observe how the staff interacts with the customers and how they sell their products.

For your interview, you should wear an outfit that reflects the company but if you are in doubt, wear a classical suit or black skirt and blouse.  Keep your hair neat, your make up natural, and pay attention to the small details.  When entering the building, turn off your phone to keep distractions to a minimum.

Be confident and ask for the manager.  Introduce yourself, smile, and shake hands.  Answer the questions concisely, making eye contact, and use your previous to work experience to answer scenario-type questions.  At the conclusion of the interview, be gracious by thanking the hiring manager for their time and for considering you as a team member.


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