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Texaco, also known as The Texas Company, is an oil and gas subsidiary under Chevron Corporation. The company headquarters is located in San Ramon, California.

It started in 1901 as the Texas Fuel Company. It was founded by Joseph Cullinan, Walter Sharp, Thomas Donoghue and Arnold Schlaet in Beaumont, Texas. The company has operated independently until 2001 when it merged with Chevron Corporation.

Texaco gas stations remain strong in the US market. It also has presence in West Africa, Latin America and Europe. It is also a popular retail brand in the United Kingdom. The company has over 2,000 locations operating worldwide.

Full-time employees have access to dental and health coverage. Paid sick days, time offs for vacations and holidays are also offered. Qualified employees may also be deemed eligible for retirement plans.

In addition to the benefits package, customer service trainings are also available to employees. Career advancement opportunities are open for all. Another feature that attracts employees includes the adaptable scheduling, such as the flex-time options for workers.

How Old Do you have to be to Work at Texaco?

The minimum age requirement for individuals to work in the company is 18 years. The minimum requirement for entry-level positions in gas stations include high school diploma.

Texaco Careers

Station Clerks and Associates – The minimal requirements of this position make it highly accessible to entry-level applicants. As a customer service position, the job prefers candidates with retail experience. Duties include stocking, food preparation and maintaining store cleanliness.

Station Cashier – The role includes managing monetary transactions and completing customer purchases. Part of the job is to check identification cards to prevent tobacco, alcohol and lottery tickets sales to underage buyers. The job pays up to $9 an hour.

Assistant Manager – Hired candidates report directly to corporate administrators. Duties include manning the cash register, answering employee queries, handling shift logs and preparing paperwork. Candidates with high school diploma and at least six months experience in the retail are preferred.

Supervisory Staff – The supervisory role includes upholding company policies, training new hires and overseeing store operations. To qualify, applicants must at least have a year worth of previous managerial experience. The job pays around $40,000 per year.

Transportation, administrative and maintenance jobs are also open. For candidates with bachelor’s degree or higher and professional experience, higher positions in information technology, human resources, engineering, finance, accounting, business development, sales and marketing, procurement and project management are available.

Texaco Application

Employment opportunities are posted in the job site based on job types and location. Online submission of applications is possible. Alternatively, interested candidates may join recruitment events held by the parent company in US campuses.

Entry level positions in specific gas store locations are posted in third party websites. Online application is possible but in store application may be preferred.

Candidates must fill online application form completely and thoughtfully. A single login is required to make a submission on the company’s website. Additional requirements may be necessary depending on the position.

A comprehensive resume detailing educational background and professional experience get recruiter’s attention. For online submissions, applicants are advised to save their resumes in easily accessible format such as Word and PDF. Applications must be submitted with references and cover letters.

During the interview, recruiters are looking for results-oriented individuals. It is advisable to respond to questions in specifics. Applicants are also encouraged to be proactive in asking about the company during the interview.

Facts About Texaco

Employees enjoy a casual and dynamic work environment. The company culture promotes team work and collaboration. It considers diversity as both its core value and competitive advantage.

The company makes an effort towards community involvement. It remains to be fully committed to the Fuel your School program. It is a pledge to donate a dollar to local classrooms with every eight gallon gas purchase at participating stations.

The company is known for its flagship fuel “Texaco with Techron.” Chevron developed the additive in 2005. Today, gasoline sold in Texaco gas stations worldwide comes with Techron.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, the company teams up with various charitable organizations to further their philanthropic goals. The company supports music and sports through sponsorships.

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