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National Grid is an energy transmission company. It connects billions of consumers with energy companies. The company operates in the United Kingdom and the northeastern United States.

The company started its operation in the 1980s under a different name in the United Kingdom. Privatization of the electricity industry started in the 1990s. With this, the parent company under British management started National Grid.

Since then, the company has expanded to the northeastern part of United States. It employs thousands of employees to achieve its mission. A couple of years ago, it received the award World’s Most Ethical Companies for the fifth time.

The company provides many benefits to its employees. These benefits include holiday pays and maternity leave of up to 52 weeks (or paternity leave of up to two weeks). Other incentives include pension and share capital schemes.

People like working in the company because of its many choices of incentive schemes. The working environment is safe and conducive. It also upholds diversity and offers equal opportunities to individuals.

How old do you have to be to work at National Grid?

You must be 18 years old and above to work in National Grid. The company offers different positions applicable for apprentices, undergraduates, newly graduates, and professionals seeking to change their career paths.

National Grid Careers

Cable Splicers: This position requires a journeyman status and at least a high school diploma. Cable splicers must be knowledgeable in electrical theories and safety rules and procedures. They handle emergency work and perform installation and termination of high-voltage lines.

Transmission Design Engineers: This position is a full-time job. Engineers are responsible for planning and designing new transmission lines. They estimate costs and scope of the projects involved.

Human Resource Assistants: They handle internal transactions such as payroll concerns and complaints. Assistants are the mediator between employers and employees. They provide support to employees regarding human resources policies and implementation of these policies.

Finance Personnel: They are responsible for planning and forecasting of the budget for the company. Associates help and maintain financial integrity. They help senior employees in the finance and accounting department in safeguarding the company’s assets.

Other positions may include system operators, procurement associates, IT associates, security and safety personnel, economics and communication associates. Available positions may vary from one location to another.

National Grid Application

For online application, create an online profile with the company’s website. Through your online account, you can access and search vacant job positions. You can send an application and attach your resume.

The company only accepts online applications, though some locations may accept in-person applications. To be certain, call the company’s HR department or customer service representative to inquire about specific application requirements.

In filling up the application form, be sure to read the requirements for the job you are targeting. National Grid may be an equal opportunity company but it does not mean that recruiters are not strict about minimum hiring requirements.

In your resume, include previous job experience related to the position you applied for. Describe each previous job, briefly. Use bulleted points to highlight your skills and achievements on the executive summary right after the objective part.

The recruitment and hiring process consists of four stages. Prepare for each stage. Even if you do not receive any call for a phone interview for the first try, recruiters may re-evaluate candidates and may schedule an interview.

Facts about National Grid

The company adheres to a culture of excellent service by providing continuous training opportunities to its employees. Through empowering its employees, it ensures that energy transmission to consumers remains fast and reliable.

The company has recently announced its poster making competition for young artists, ages 5 to 11. Through the competition, it aims to raise awareness on safety measures in handling accidents related to electricity.

Its consumers know the company for its advocacy for safe energy transmission. National Grid continues to find ways on efficient transmission through research and development projects.

Aside from the company’s own social efforts, it commissions its employees to participate in giving. Through the GAYE (give as you earn) program, employees can opt for a payroll deduction wherein the deduction is given 100% to their chosen charity.

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