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The fashion industry has become a large venture for men, women, and children.  Nordstrom first started off as a small shoe shop in New York.  First opened with the investment of John Nordstrom and Carl Wallin, their shoe shop called Wallin and Nordstrom set the pace for what would be the leading fashion retailer in the U.S.  Nordstrom jobs are now easily accessible through the Nordstrom application available online.

John Nordstrom began this adventure in 1901 and has since left his children and the children of his children manage and bring the company to success.  They first began with the sales of shoes and then quickly ventured into women’s fashion in 1963 and has since then slowly added a numerous upscale collections of European and famous brands such as Jeffrey, Faconnable, Haute Look, and many more.

Job opportunities are now even more readily available in any of their 304 stores in the U.S. and Canada.  They also offer 24 hour shopping access through their online stores and  Nordstrom rack, Trunk Club, and Haute Look also offer customers many opportunities to shop for upscale fashion at bargain prices.

Nordstrom careers are some of the best in the fashion industry.  Associates work with some of the best innovators and leaders in fashion and constantly keep up with what is trending.  Their career website shows you exactly how to apply for Nordstrom online.  The Nordstrom job application online will detail the required skills needed for each position. You may also get the printable application form and apply in person.

Nordstrom Careers

Every person employed at Nordstrom share the same passion for fashion and excellent customer service.  It doesn’t matter what position you are in, whether it be as a sales associate, alterations, stocking, retail management, or corporate, every person here enjoys what they do.  Nordstrom requires people that can work in a fast pace environment and keep up with every day trends.

There are also many internships available to help you get your feet in the door and learn the ins and outs of the organization.  Retail positions are available at every retail store and range in position like retail sales, counter assistance, customer service, stocker, and much more.  Each job comes with a competitive salary and benefits package which includes medical insurance, retirement plans, merchandise discount, and more.

Positions in the corporate department may require additional levels of education. You may find openings in the accounting department, logistics, merchandising, account manager, and more.  People that start their Nordstrom careers early get to learn as much as possible to achieve great success.  It is for this reason and their sense of community that they were voted in the Fortune 100 best companies to work for.

How old do you have to be to work at Nordstrom?

The minimum age required to begin employment is 16.  You may start your career in the fashion industry as a sales or cashier associate.  Beginning to learn the process of this leader in fashion will lead you to reach promotions and a higher level position throughout the length of your career.

Nordstrom Job Descriptions

Retail Sales- Work closely with customers to ensure proper fit is achieved by assisting in size measuring and gathering the proper sizes.  They build close relationships with clients to ensure returning customers and maintain client privacy policies.  Set personal sales goals and assist in team sales and cleaning of the department.  They bring home a salary between $18k & $38k.

Stock Team- They process inventory and ticket the merchandise properly indicating sales or regular priced tags.  They set the sales floor and stock what is needed.  They assist the customers find what they are looking for and are able to move in a fast paced environment.  They make an hourly wage of approximately $10.20 per hour.

Alterations/Tailor Shop- Complete alterations in a timely fashion in accordance to company standards.  Work closely with store staff and clients to ensure complete satisfaction.  Properly use the sewing machine to complete necessary work.  Hourly pay of around $17 & $20 an hour.

Loss Prevention- Develop methods and systems for loss prevention.  Keep close security measures to keep shop lifters away and provide good service to customers while adhering to company standards.  Document all losses properly.  Their salary is about $16 an hour.

Retail Sales Counter Manager- Involves assisting customers in the cosmetics department counter choose the right product for their needs.  They are required to greet and thank each customer in a timely manner as well as open Rewards accounts.  Their responsibilities also include building lasting relationships with customers by following up on their purchases.  Their average pay is $18 an hour.

Nordstrom Interview Questions

After sending your online application, you will be called in for an interview in which you will be subject to many interview questions regarding your past work history and personal achievements.

How would you sell an item to someone who is shopping for someone else? Sales is going to be one of the main things you will be doing.  Selling an item to someone other than the buyer will require you to ask questions regarding the other person and what they like and then suggest based on that.

Why do you want this job? Let them know the real reason why you applied there while also mentioning positive things about the company.  Whether you want a career in fashion or just pay your college tuition, mentioning positive things about them will give them a good impression of you.

What department are you interested in? Be specific as to the department you want to work in.  If you desire moving up to another one in the future, let them know your aspiration for advancement opportunities.

How did you achieve a sales goal set by your manager?  Sales goals will be an important aspect of your job.  Therefore, having positive examples of meeting and exceeding sales goals is a great advantage.  Tell them of a time you did this and explain it step by step.

Give me an example of how you solved a conflict? Many people will encounter difficult customers throughout their career.  A successful sales person or customer service representative will know how to solve a problem.  Explain of a time you did that successfully and what the outcome was.

Advice for Application Process

The Nordstrom application sometimes requires you to only apply for only one position.  Depending on which local store you want to work to, choose one of the many Nordstrom jobs and apply online.  The printable application for Nordstrom is only available should you wish to download application form and submit directly with the hiring managers.

The job descriptions clearly outline who is qualified to apply and give you salary information, so when you apply for jobs at Nordstrom, you will be required to present a resume with an outline of your prior work experience.  Nordstrom jobs online are easy to apply to with their direct application link which will be carefully reviewed for qualities and skills needed to fulfill each position.

Interviews are held at their many locations and will require you to appear in person looking sharp in business casual clothes.  Sometimes you may be required to attend multiple interviews depending on the position you applied to.  The free application allows you to apply to many of their local stores which will increase your chances of landing a job.

Applications are reviewed and submitted to the hiring managers as they are received so call backs may sometimes take a couple days or even weeks. Always ask questions regarding the position and the requirements they are looking for.  Be honest when answering your interview questions and show appreciation for their time.  Be courteous and bring in a high and positive energy to the interview.

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