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Plato's Closet

If you are an enthusiastic individual, passionate about providing exemplary service whilst employing principled entrepreneurship to generate sales, a Plato’s Closet application is the first step towards an exciting and encouraging new career. As the company continues to row in presence and in popularity, there has never been a better time to submit an application.

The company is unique in the way that customers can sell their fashion items as well as buy them. Stores re-sell these gently-used items, meaning that in-trend brands and fashions are available to the consumer at a massive discount when compared to other fashion outlets. The availability of great brands at affordable prices, and the provision of an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience, are key values of the company.

The nature of the business provide employees with the unique opportunity to develop brand new skills, such as negotiation and business management. Stores are independently run by small teams, so even entry level employees can have some exposure to the operation of a retail store. The parent company strongly believes in the personal development of staff, so employees can enjoy excellent levels of support and training.

Although individual stores are owned separately, the franchise is owned and operated by the Winmark Corporation, along with other chains such as Once Upon A Child and Music Go Round. Plato’s Closet currently operates over 400 stores across the US and Canada – a number which continues to grow.

Plato’s Closet Careers

Stores are operated independently, just like their ownership. For this reason, every outlet has its own special flavor, making stores exciting and interesting places to work. Apply in-store today, if you want a fast-paced customer-facing career, on the front line of service provision and sales generation for the business.

The corporate office is located in Minneapolis, MN. Some important functions are carried out here, from IT support and HR to project planning and Operations Management. If you have experience in any of these fields and you are an innovative and creative individual, this is just the place to kick-start a new and exciting career.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

You must be a minimum of 16 years of age when you submit your free application. This may be higher in some locations, or if you are applying for certain Plato’s Closet careers such as management positions.

One of the most highly regarded benefits provided by the company is the paid training and comprehensive insight. Employees have great opportunities to progress and learn about the fashion retail industry and changing trends, most store managers having held entry-level positions. Store discounts are available, as are perks such as health and dental plans for more senior positions.

Employees will generally need to be available in line with most store operating hours, which are usually 10am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and 12pm to 6pm on a Sunday. Shift patterns are operated – though managers are generally wiling ton be flexible with your hours as long as you can be too, when required.

Plato’s Closet Job Descriptions

Buyer/Sales Associate – You’ll be able to provide impeccable customer service whilst showing a keen business acumen. Your duties will include using the company’s buying/selling guidelines to make appropriate offers or sales. Hourly wage is usually around $8. 

Customer Service Representative – You will have experience in providing helpful assistance and also handling disputes. The customer experience is yours to maintain and uphold, increasing repeat footfall by going above and beyond to be helpful. Customer Service Reps can expect to start on around $8 to $10 per hour.

Shift Leader – You are able to lead by example, showing new associates the ropes and continuing to guide more experienced ones in their duties. You may have to step in to resolve any escalated disputes, and customers may look to you for higher-level assistance. $9 per hour is the average wage for this role. 

Store Manager – You are an experienced leader and no stranger to holding accountability for the profit and loss of a department or business. You have a duty to help your staff develop on a professional level, encouraging the company values and effectively promoting the brand. Salary can start at around $13 per hour.

Plato’s Closet Interview Questions

Be prepared to answer questions from your hiring manager:

Why would you like to be working in this industry? The company is looking for someone who has a genuine interest in the fashion retail sector. Make sure they know how keen you are to be involved in such a vibrant and interesting industry. 

What made you submit a Plato’s Closet application? You should show that you share the same values as the company. Describe why you think they stand out from competitors, both in terms of employment and generating a positive customer experience. 

Why do you think customer service is important? This is really just to ensure that you understand how important customer service is to a company, in terms of generating a repetitive footfall and increasing sales. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? You hiring manager wants to hear that internal progression is on your radar. Talk about your thirst for learning new skills and developing a within the business. 

Is there anything you would like to ask me? Now is your opportunity to take charge of the conversation! Show your eagerness by asking questions about working at the company, but also come across as easy-going and relaxed by engaging in casual conversation.

Advice for Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Plato’s Closet online, don’t worry – to apply for jobs at Plato’s Closet you have to use the ‘download application form’ link on the Plato’s Closet jobs online website to grab a printable application form. When you have filled it out, take your printable application for Plato’s Closet to your nearest store.

Make sure you complete your direct application professionally, with neat and legible writing. That’s right – as you can’t apply online, you’ll have to reacquaint yourself with a pen! Unlike an online application, there is nowhere to hide when you hand it over – so make sure your resume lists all your experience clearly, concisely and honestly.

The interview will only last around 15 minutes. Generally, an informal session of questioning will take place, usually following a short assessment activity. The interviewer will likely be your prospective manager, so this is also a great opportunity to ask any questions of your own, such as further details on expected responsibilities, career progression or other internal job opportunities.

The one thing that sparkles in an interview is confidence – employers are hiring confident candidates who aren’t fazed by uncomfortable situations. Dress casually but smart, be yourself and be polite. Don’t forget to make sure that you completely understand the job description before submitting any applications for Plato’s Closet jobs.

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