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Old Country Buffet

Old Country Buffet is owned by Ovation Brands who have headquarters in Greer, South Carolina and corporate support center in Eagan, Minnesota.  They look for candidates who are passionate about customer service.  If this sounds like a place for you, then click on the link below and search for Old Country Buffet jobs.  Once you find the job that fits you, fill in the Old Country Buffet application.

This company was founded by Roe Hatlen and C. Dennis Scott in 1983 along with Dermot Rowland and Doron Jensen. Rowland and Jensen left in 1986 to start Homestyle Buffet in Clearwater, Florida. Scott left in 1989 to start HomeTown,

The two chains merged in September 1996 under Buffets Inc. which then changed its corporate name to Ovation Brands in October 2013.  Since the beginning, their mission statement is to have the food quality, friendly service, and cleanliness that exceed the customers’ expectations.

They also look for candidates who can treat the customers’ as extended family, who are willing to call the customers’ by name and do whatever is needed to make the customer feel comfortable.  How to apply for Old Country Buffet online is easy.  Simply find the link located under the heading Job Links, search for Old Country Buffet jobs to find a match for your skills, and submit your Old Country Buffet application.

Old Country Buffet Careers

There are several in store opportunities available.  Some of those positions include Cashier, Server, Manager, and Restaurant Manager.  You can find more in-store positions when you search for Old Country Buffet jobs online.

Other Old Country Buffet careers can be found at the corporate level.  These opportunities include Tax Accountant, Senior Tax Accountant, Human Resources Services Representative, and Senior Human Resources Services Representative.  They offer a competitive yearly salary; however, most corporate positions do require a degree or equivalent experience.

How old do you have to be to work at Old Country Buffet?

The minimum age to work for this company is 18 years old.

This company offers a comprehensive benefits package.  Some of the benefits include discount employee meals, paid vacations, medical, dental, and vision insurance, short- and long-term disability coverage, family meal discounts, and 401(k) retirement plans.

If you want to apply for jobs at Old Country Buffet in person, there is a printable application for Old Country Buffet that you can download by clicking the link provided.  Business hours are Monday through Thursday from 11:00am to 8:30pm, Friday from 11:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00pm, and Sunday from 8:00am to 8:30pm.  It is recommended that you contact your local store to find out the best time to come in.

Old Country Buffet Job Descriptions

Cashier – The position of the Cashier will interact and connect with the customer and set the tone for the visit.  Responsibilities include making the guests’ feel welcome, anticipate customers’ needs, answer the phone, and correctly process payment for the patrons’ order.

Baker – The Baker is responsible for preparing and cooking hot foods and bakery items using the set recipes, mixing ingredients for dessert recipes, cutting, garnishing, and plating desserts.  Other duties include preparing and baking a variety of breads, muffins, and desserts while ensuring proper safety and sanitation procedures.

Server – The role of this position is to treat every guest like you would treat a friend, anticipate customers’ needs, delivering the three steps of server hospitality which will be taught during training, and maintaining and stocking the servers’ area.

Line Cook/Prep Cook – The Link Cook/Prep Cook is responsible for preparing carved meats for cooking and slicing cooked meats to be served, frying chicken and plate to be served, small batch grill cooking of various cuts of meat, and steaming vegetables, cooking pastas, and slicking bread.

Dishwasher – The duties of the Dishwasher includes hand washing pots and pans, and sending racks of plates, blows, silverware, and glasses through the washing machine.  Other responsibilities include stocking ice in the soda machines, ensuring that the customers’ have spotless dinnerware, utensils, and equipment, and setting up bus carts with silverware sorting and soaking tub.

Old Country Buffet Interview Questions

The following questions are those typically asked during an interview in a restaurant industry setting and are meant to help you prepare.

What is Hospitality?  An excellent way to answer this is by putting yourself into the customer’s shoes.  Imagine what the perfect service to you would be as a guest and then explain it to the hiring manager.

If something went wrong with a guest’s meal and they were upset, how would you handle it? This question is asked to determine how you would resolve the customer’s issues.  A great answer to this would be to listen to the customer, discover what the concern is, be empathetic, be apologetic, and fix the issue.

How did you prepare for this interview?  This is a question to test if you have done your homework.  The interviewer doesn’t want to know what your routine is; instead, he or she wants to know if you have done any research about the company, its mission, core values, and beliefs.

What bugs you about coworkers or bosses?  Hiring managers may use this question to tease out whether you’ll have trouble working with others or could drag down workplace morale and productivity.  Don’t focus on past irritations; instead, focus on the positive aspects of past co-workers and management.

Can you describe a time in work or school where you made a mistake? The interviewer may be trying to glean whether you’re too self-important or not self-aware enough to take responsibility for your failings. On the other hand, if you point out all of your mistakes, then you are showing off your insecurities.  The best possible answer to this is to focus on a small mistake and what you learned from it.

Advice for Application Process

The first part of the application process is to update your resume to match your application and make a new cover letter for each application that you submit.  After you have completed the application, then you should thoroughly research the company.  The more knowledge that you bring to the interview regarding the company and the position that you are applying for, the more serious you will look to the hiring manager.

First impressions are very important when interviewing for a potential job.  Dress professionally and worry about the small details. Make sure your shoes are clean, polished, and professional-looking. Keep the fragrance, makeup, and jewelry on the conservative side.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to account for unforeseen delays and actually walk into the building five minutes early.  You should meet the interviewer’s gaze, give a firm handshake, don’t slouch or fidget, speak up, don’t interrupt, and be polite to whomever you speak with.

Answer the interview questions by giving examples from past work experience that will highlight your enthusiasm, dependability, and your commitment to teamwork.  Make the interview about what you can do for the company and keep your answers to no more than two minutes long.

At the conclusion of the interview, ask for a business card and thank the interviewer for his or her time.  Once you are home, email a thank you to the interviewer as well to keep your interview fresh in the hiring manager’s mind.

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