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Hometown Buffet

HomeTown Buffet is part of the Ovation Brands Inc, which own a range of restaurants in America, with their headquarters in South Carolina, Minnesota.  HomeTown Buffet has a range of restaurants known as old town buffet or country style buffet with 168 locations across America. It is a family style restaurant with a variety of choices for all ages. As a growing company it offers many opportunities. The full list of HomeTown Buffet jobs online can be viewed through the HomeTown Buffet application link at the bottom of the page.

HomeTown takes great pride in being an important part of the local community in which they do business, and thus feel the urge to contribute to those same communities. They offer opportunities to companies to carry out fundraising activities by offering buffet tickets at discounted rates, with the companies being able to pocket the difference between what employees pay and what HomeTown charges, thus raising instant funds for various charitable purposes. They also make donations to various aid groups and organizations within their community.

At HomeTown buffet jobs employees can expect to receive competitive wages, in addition to flexible work schedules for entry level positions. Restaurant staff eat free during their shifts and at higher levels the company also offers vacation pay, health benefits, retirement benefits and discounts for family meals.

Not only do they care for the communities but they also take very good care of their employees. They offer the opportunity for workers to progress in their jobs as there are openings in many different departments, starting from restaurant crew right up to management. The printable application for HomeTown Buffet is available at HomeTown Buffet application online.

HomeTown Buffet Careers

At HomeTown Buffet you have an opportunity to grow in your career by doing what you are passionate about. If you enjoy working for a company that is committed to providing quality service to customers in terms of the food they offer and the ambiance they provide to their dine in guests then a career at HomeTown would definitely be your cup of tea. You can access the printable application form which is a free application online.

There are many openings available throughout the organization to meet your unique skill set and experience. There are openings as part of the restaurant crew, in the management team and corporate support staff. The positions can be either full time or part time depending on the location and job applied for.

There are many HomeTown Buffet careers and job opportunities available on an ongoing basis to suit your specific skill sets and experience. Some of the opportunities the company is hiring for are, Shift Manager, Server, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, Hospitality Manager, General Manager and Area Director.

How old do you have to be to work at HomeTown Buffet?

To get hired at HomeTown Buffet you have to be at least 16 years old. Some positions have specific skills and qualification requirements, make sure to view these before applying. You can see how to apply for HomeTown Buffet online on the company website.

HomeTown Job Descriptions

Shift Manager – In this role it would be your job to make sure the restaurant you are assigned to functions as per standards in terms of food quality, cleanliness and guest hospitality. If you are someone who is great at keeping a tight ship in a friendly and amiable manner then this may be the right job for you. You can expect a salary of about $11 – $12 per hour.

Server – As a server it would be your job to meet and greet customers. Ensure the area is well stocked and customers are well tended to. If you enjoy dealing with different kinds of people, like to be physically active and thrive in serving others then this may be the job for you. In this position you can expect to earn about $19000 per year.

Hospitality Manager – Another name for the restaurant manager. In this role it would be your job to train members of your staff in doing their job in accordance with the company standards. Overseeing that the food being prepared is par excellence and the overall functioning of the venue is superb. As someone who enjoys being in a managerial role this job would be best suited for you. The average salary can be expected to be about $51000 per year.

Area Director – In this role it would be part of your responsibilities to oversee the overall functioning of the restaurants in your designated area. In this position you would be in charge for the efficient functioning of the individual locations including but not limited to sales and profitability. If you enjoy challenges and thrive under pressure then this may be the job you are looking for. The salary expectation for this position is approximately $67000.

HomeTown Buffet Interview Questions

Having a set of sample interview questions prepared before the big day can definitely help in ensuring you do a good job answering them when you are actually asked the same on the day of the interview. Below are a set of questions that could help prepare you.

Have you worked in a restaurant before? A restaurant job entails many things that other jobs normally don’t have, like interacting with many different kinds of people, standing for long hours and the ability to remember customer orders which at times may be quite lengthy. Make sure to explain how you would be able to perform your job well incase you do not have experience, and what value you can add if you do have experience.

How well do you work under pressure, narrate an instance from a past job? A restaurant job can be quite demanding on your nerves during rush hours, therefore the significance of how well you handle stress can be of utmost importance. Be sure to have something from your past experience in mind so you can relate to it during the interview and in response to your direct application.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? At HomeTown Buffet you don’t just have a job you have a career. And so the interviewer really is interested in what your future goals and aspirations are and how it ties in with the job you are applying for. Be sure to do your research with regard to the career path for the particular job you are applying for to be able to better address such a question.

Why do you want to work for HomeTown Buffet? It is important for the interviewer to know why you want to seek employment at their organization specifically. At this time knowing what the company does for its employees and the community it operates in will help you in breezing through such a question.

Talk about a weakness you had and how you overcame it? No one can be perfect but those who realize their imperfections and strive to overcome them are bound to succeed when faced with problems, because they know they can work towards overcoming the obstacles. The interviewer wants to know whether you are that kind of person who would not stumble in face of an unfavorable situation, so be ready to refer to the past in answering this question.

Advice For Application Process

There are a few things that you have to be mindful of when you download application form or access the online application and apply for jobs at HomeTown Buffet and in preparation of the big day. Take care to complete all forms and documents in the proper and correct manner also make sure to check for any errors or omissions. Nothing seems worse than a wrong spelling on a job application.

On the day of the interview dress appropriately for the position and take with you all required paperwork and documentation including your resume if required. Make sure to arrive on time and don’t forget to put on your best face and be confident and composed. A confident candidate has already won half the challenge of any interview.

Make sure you review sample interview questions and answers so as not to get caught off guard on the big day. After you apply online do your homework and find all data on the company, industry and position to be better prepared to handle various kinds of questions. Having said that don’t over do it, answer only what you are asked.

Every interview is different and every interviewer has his own set of unique questions that he may ask you, so don’t be surprised to be questioned on something you were not expecting. Be prepared, when you put in your applications to expect the unexpected and all shall be well.

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