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Old Navy not only serves the fashion world but offers easy access to job opportunities for job hunters nationwide. They are always hiring for retail hourly positions as well as management careers. The steps to getting an Old Navy application are pretty simple. You can either apply online or fill out a printable application form.

The printable application for Old Navy can be found on the company website through Gap Inc where you can also fill out the online application. Once you find the position you want to apply for, you will be prompt to set up a username and password. This will give you all time access to their job portal.

Old Navy opened its first store location in Colma, California back in 1994. Not too far from their retail debut they managed to reach $1 billion in sales by 1997, making them the first retailer to reach such an amount within less than 4 years in operation. Known as an operation subsidized by Gap Inc, the retailer currently holds over 1000 locations nationwide.

Old Navy jobs give individuals the ability to walk a different path. A path that is filled with advancement. They view quality and style as something everyone should have access to and employees work very hard to make that happen. Their goal is to make shopping fun again by balancing fashion.

Old Navy Careers

Old Navy careers offer employment opportunities in nearly every department standing. Retail Old Navy jobs may include sales associate, stock clerk, stock lead, shift supervisor, assistant store manager and over a tenfold more. Supervisory positions are also available but require a bit of experience in the position at hand.

Having a career with the fashion retailer means you desire to be be inclusive with fashion. When it comes to their higher end positions they prefer to hire those who are truly creative with confidence and drive for corporate positions. Old Navy jobs in need of those type of individuals are manager of finance, senior business operations manager, logistics analyst and many more.

How old do you have to be to work at Old Navy?

The minimum age for entry-level employment at Old Navy is 16 years old. For careers other than entry-level the age minimum is 18 years old. Besides having a positive attitude, most of the jobs require you to stand or move for lengthy periods of time and you must enjoy working with the public.

Employees can easily achieve a balance between their personal lives and careers with the benefits offered unto them by the retail chain. The most popular perk is employee merchandise discount. They also offer a savings and retirement plan with their comprehensive 401(k) plan, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, travel, hotel, and car rental discounts, along with local gym discounts.

Most locations are open Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm and on Sundays 10am-6pm. Hours may also vary by location but on major holidays or celebratory seasons the hours of operation may extend. They are closed for only Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Employees can usually face very flexible schedules by setting up their own.

Old Navy Job Descriptions

Sales Associate– They have direct dealings with store customers and must be personable and positive at all times. Responsibilities include, helping customers with purchasing decisions, product returns, ringing out purchases, organizing shelves and displays, credit card operations and all customer service basics. The average pay for the position is $8 an hour.

Brand Visual Merchandise Expert– This position expects one to be able to motivate customers and have an influence on their decisions. There is usually one per department, they hold responsibilities of learning about all products of the department, placing items in their rightful sections, confirming product shipments and must elude social skills. The average salary for this position is $11 an hour.

Brand Logistics Expert– This is more of a career focused position. The responsibilities are at large but not limited to; managing the merchandise for multiple locations, keeping the store room organized and performing periodic maintenance checks. They must follow all set working procedures as an logistic expert. The minimum salary for this position starts at $12 an hour.

Store Manager– They are responsible for the store’s layout and customer service flow. They must ensure the store is meeting periodic sales and profit quota, come up with business strategies, set goals, consider company influenced promotions and marketing campaigns, handle daily store opening and closing, and several customer service related duties. The yearly salary for this position averages at 60k.

Pricing Specialist– The price specialist makes sure that the store pricing is always accurate and all customers can clearly view and understand all pricing throughout the store. They follow the company guidelines when performing markdowns, signing and marketing. This helps the brand by triggering a drives in sales and profit. The average pay for this position is $10 an hour.

Old Navy Interview Questions

What do you know about Old Navy? In order for you to answer this question in your interview, you must have knowledge about their background. The moment you set a date and time to be interviewed do a little bit of research about the key facts concerning the store and memorize about 3-4 facts. Therefore you’ll be set and ready to answer this question.

Are you comfortable talking to customers? The best way to answer this question is by looking at the position’s job description and one of your best communications skills and link them in your answer. You are basically elaborating on how your communication skills make your comfortable with dealing with customers because it aligns by your duties.

What sets Old Navy apart from different clothing stores? This is another question where conducting research would come in. You can familiarize yourself with their core values and mission statement, elaborate on them during your interview on how that sets them apart from the other brands in the retail industry.

Are you a reliable person? Explain. To answer questions like this, it is good to make reference to your past work experiences. You can think of a task you were the most reliable for and breakdown what actions you knowingly took to ensure being the most trusted person for the task.

Why do you like to shop at Old Navy? The interviewer wants to ensure that you are actually favorable of the brand. They take their fashion goals seriously and want those who are representing them to have the same view. Your pre done research should assist your answer. Simply be honest about your reasons.

Advice For Application Process

Wondering exactly how to apply for Old Navy online? When filling out the Old Navy job application online it is imperative to have your resume ready out of all things. This will make the application form process faster because your uploaded resume will fill in the spots of questions prompt about experience.

Old Navy jobs online are very simple to apply to. When you apply for jobs at Old Navy it is best to be as complete and honest as possible. You will be asked for your personal information at most, as well as your previous experiences. After you complete the application form you have officially created a candidate profile with the company.

The fashion retailer conducts a number of interviews for many positions. Most likely you will be involved in a group interview, so make preparations for such setting. Make sure you conduct background research concerning the brand, you will most likely be asked questions about the brand. Base all of your answers with the job description of the position you applied for.

It is best to arrive to the interview appropriately dressed. Business casual is the norm for prospect employee attire. They also conduct tradition requirements such as drug testing, background checks, and reference inquiry. Ending up with negative results hinder your chance at being considered for the position.  Make sure you are ready to be prompt for such things.

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