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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has become a well-accepted gym among people throughout the United States.  Their gyms are made with the average Joe in mind to help achieve their fitness goals without the sense of judgement.  Planet Fitness has become a place people want to work for so the Planet Fitness application is now available online.

This gym was established in 1992 with their first location being in New Hampshire.  Today, there are over 700 gyms with almost 5 million members.  Some of these gyms are privately owned while others are franchised.  The founder, Michael Grondahl, purchased a gym that was going out of business and dropped the membership prices to compete with other major gyms.

Planet fitness wants people to work out at their own pace, however and whenever they want, without feeling judged.  Members at planet fitness are not pushed around but rather motivated and rewarded for their hard work.  They have state of the art equipment with easy to read instructions.  They don’t want their members to feel intimidated by “lunks.”

Planet Fitness jobs are very sought after since their community is very down to earth.  They currently sponsor the T.V. show, The Biggest Loser, and incorporates 50 cent’s energy drink “Street King” in their commercials and gyms.  There are many Planet Fitness jobs online that you can research and apply online through their free application system.

Planet Fitness Careers

There has been a great growth in the fitness industry and Planet Fitness is greatly expanding.  Planet Fitness careers greatly benefit you and your clients as a whole.  You both help each other achieve the desired goals and succeed by providing the best assistance without judgment you can give.  You can apply for jobs at Planet Fitness online or in person.

The many job opportunities available in the clubs are going to be as a member service representative, sales, assistant manager, personal trainer, manager, and front desk.  Planet Fitness jobs also come with many competitive benefits based on position such as paid vacation, sick leave, medical insurance, 401k, and a complimentary gym membership.

The laid back environment allows for great success among each employee.

How old do you have to be to work at Planet Fitness?

To be able to enjoy working for this company one must be at least 18 years old.  There are also many other positions available in the corporate side such as account manager, payroll, marketing director, financial analyst, among other positions that require a higher level of education.

They teach you how to put the customers first and enjoy seeing them succeed when they reach their goals.  Team work is their main focus while at work and they help motivate each other as well as their clients.  Every member is appreciated and motivated daily putting their goals first before anything else.  Personal trainers and fitness trainers develop great relationships with customers.

Planet Fitness operates daily from 5 am to 12 am Monday through Thursday, 5 am to 10 pm on Fridays, 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, and 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Planet Fitness Job Descriptions

Before you learn how to apply for Planet Fitness online, you must first review each job description and decide which one best fits your skills.

Member Service Representative- As one of the most important positions at the clubs, they are responsible for greeting members into the club, giving potential new members tours of the facilities, answer phones and solve and answer any questions members and potential members may have.  They also maintain the cleanliness of the equipment.  The average take home pay is between $9 & $10 per hour.

Front Desk- Very similar to the member service rep, they strictly stay at the front desk greeting member and potential members.  They assist in group class sign ups and answer questions to potential members.  They answer the telephones and schedule new member tours.  They hourly starts at $7.13 and can go up to $10.75 depending on length of employment.

Fitness Trainer- They are in charge of the group training programs.  They work closely with clients to ensure the work out programs work great in order to achieve the overall group’s goals.  They teach members how to properly use the equipment described in their specific work out program.  Salary is between $7.15 & $21.55 depending on experience and certifications.

Certified Personal Trainer- Personal trainers work on a one on one basis with each client.  They perform the necessary fitness assessments to determine the client’s fitness level.  They discuss the client’s goals and develop a work out plan specifically to target their needs.  They maintain good relationships with each client.  A CPT generally makes around $10 to $25 an hour depending on number of clients and level of expertise.

Assistant Manager- They work hard on client retention techniques by constantly motivating and assisting clients with any concern or question they may have.  Their responsibilities also include the supervision of membership sales, employee motivation, scheduling, and keeping sales up.  Average pay is approximately $450 a week plus bonuses.

Sales- In charge of membership sales, they direct the marketing campaigns and come up with new ideas on how to generate more memberships.  They focus on getting the right candidates for membership and explain the benefits of joining the clubs.  They also do tours with prospective members.  Their average pay is an hourly rate of $9-$10 an hour plus bonuses.

Planet Fitness Interview Questions

Once you have turned in your Planet Fitness application in person through the printable application form, you will need to get ready for your interview.

Why do you want to work here? Since the environment at their clubs is that of no judgement so you can be yourself while getting fit, having the same type of values will help you get hired.  They are looking for people that want to get healthy but not over react doing it.  Tell them your specific reason as to why you are choosing them.

Do you currently lead an active and healthy life style? It is not necessary to be super lean or buff or be on a crazy diet in order to work here.  However, being able to maintain somewhat of a healthy life style is what going to the gym is about.  Go over your current health regime, if any, and tell them how you feel about that.

What do you know about Planet Fitness? As one of the fastest growing fitness chains in the last decade, they want to know what you know about them and if you also feel the same way they do about their company.  Read about what they are all about and tell them what you have learned.

Tell me about a time you had to deal with an angry customer- Dealing with a diverse set of people on a daily basis can sometimes lead to situations where there is conflict.  Knowing how to diffuse an irate customer is a very good skill to have.  Go over a time in the past where you successfully resolved a client’s problem.

What do you do to stay active? Fitness is not just going to the gym.  If you currently go for casual walks or walk the dog let them know.  There are many other ways to stay active throughout the day like taking the stairs or parking far so you can walk.

Advice for Application Process

The Planet Fitness job application online is very easy to complete.  Just follow the directions and choose from the many locations available.  Through their career website, you can see what positions they are hiring for and find the link to their direct application. There is also a printable application for Planet fitness available to download application form for your local club.

Once your online application has been submitted, you will need to prepare for your initial interview.  Review the questions mentioned above and prepare your answers carefully.  Bring a current resume to each interview listing your previous experience pertaining to the job you are seeking.   All applications are scrutinized thoroughly before they offer employment.

Each position has their own specific requirements.  Research their qualifications before submitting an application as well as the company’s history and benefits packages.  This will help you during the interview process and allow them to see if you are a good fit for the clubs.  Show up with a good positive attitude and wow them with your knowledge of the club.

You don’t have to be this super fitness buff to be able to work here.  Having a good perspective on what a healthy lifestyle and diet is can get you easily in the door.  As long as you keep the club members in mind and help them reach their fitness goals while having a good time and adhering to company standards, you are well on your way to a great career.

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