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Founded in 1986 by Steve Mandell, Party City has since boomed with the increasing demand for party supplies.  They manufacture, design, and sell all kinds of party supplies ranging from latex and metallic balloons, paper and plastic party plates, plastic utensils, invitations, decorations, and lots more.  As the number one retailer and supplier of party supplies, they own and operate around 900 stores.

Party City is also franchised and does business under the names of Halloween City, Party Outlet, and Factory card.  Their headquarters are located in New York City and have franchised out to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  As of 2014, the have gained about $57 million in revenue.  With such a diverse industry, Party City continues to grow and provide supplies to all of the United States and Canada.

Party City Careers are fun and full of adventure.  They employs people of all types of experience.  Selling Halloween costumes and supplies is one of their main focus.  They also focus on seasonal decorations and even weddings.  The demand for party supplies has greatly increased making their products affordable and fun.

This article will show you how to apply for Party City online or in person through the printable application for Party City in the link provided.  Party City jobs online include which local store you are applying to as well as the required job description of the position you are seeking. Selling party supplies is a perfect and fun job to have as a career.

Party City Careers

Working for Party City is like an ongoing party.  There are several different departments to work in their retail stores.  Some of these include: cashier, costume associate, marketing coordinator, and more.  Their corporate department has job opportunities as a district manager, human resources, financial analyst, and more.  Employment at Party City is simple so apply for jobs at Party City through the online application.

Corporate departments are all different in nature.  Some of the entry level positions can lead to promotion up the ladder all the way to corporate.  Some of these positions do require a degree such as the financial analyst.  If interested in a specific corporate position, please make sure you meet the proper requirements listed on the Party City Careers website.

Since working at Party City is like a party, the benefits of working for this company are great.  Employees get a full insurance program including medical and life.  There is also a retirement account like a 401k, short term disability, paid vacations, health savings account, and employee discounts.  They also have employee special events and parties.

How old do you have to be to work at Party City?

One must be at least 16 years old to start working here. Party City operates throughout the year and may close late during holidays.  From Monday through Wednesday their stores are opened at 9:30 am and close at 8:30 pm.  Thursday through Friday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.  Sundays they open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Party City Job Descriptions

Cashier- The starting pay for cashiers is minimum wage at $8.25 an hour.  Their responsibilities include ringing up all the merchandise, assisting in balloon sales and coordination, upselling items as suggested by what the customer is purchasing, cleaning working area, and making sure guest has a pleasant experience.

Sales Associate- The pay range for a sale associate is between $9 and $10 an hour.  They are required to assist in sales by guiding the customer through the different products available and upsell according to what is needed.  They also are responsible for re-stocking and keeping up with inventory.

Store Manager- An assistant store manager gets paid between $10 and $11 an hour and assists all associates with discounts, re-stocking and inventory, and customer service.  A store manager will make between $40k to $50k a year.  Store managers ensure company policies are being followed and assist in sales and revenue reviews as well as hiring and scheduling.

General Manager- As a general manager the duties include running the entire store making sure that all stocking, ordering, shipments, etc., run smoothly and according to company policy. They work closely with the store manager to ensure high quality levels of service are being provided as well as loss prevention.

Party City jobs have great perks and create a fun lifestyle and work environment.  You will gain the experience you need in order to turn this into a fun career.

Party City Interview Questions

Through the printable application form found in the links to their careers website, you will be able to apply at the store of your choice and may be asked to stay for an interview after finishing your application so being prepared for these interview questions is a must.

How would you handle seeing a fellow employee stealing? Being in a retail environment where products are easily accessible for thieves, having trust in their employees is very important.  Tell them that you would first notify your immediate supervisor as soon as the incident happened and report any other incident.

How would you help someone throwing a children’s party? People sometimes have no idea what they need to throw a successful party.  Tell them some of the items you would suggest such as themed balloons, paper plates, decorations, and invitations and that you would show them where the items are.

Are you comfortable lifting up to 50lbs, standing on your feet for extended periods of time? During busy holiday seasons you may need to stand on your feet for a long period of time.  It is important to state if you have any problems doing so due to health reasons.

How can you provide great customer service to one of our customers? A simple answer would be to assist a customer planning a birthday party.  Tell them the items you would suggest depending on the age of the person and then guide them to the products so they can feel appreciated and helped.

What would you upsell to someone looking for a Halloween costume? Costumes always consist of one or more items so this is the perfect time to upsell them on makeup, accessories like wigs, horns, and even nails.  You can be very specific as to a certain costume you have in mind.

Party City jobs are very simple in nature but require many important skills as well. Applications are readily available to apply online.

Advice for Application Process

Please complete a free application with the direct application link to download application form in the career website. Find your nearest store or store you wish to work at and either submit the Party City application directly with a manager or submit the Party City application online.  A few copies of your printed resume will be needed when going for an interview.

Be prepared with some knowledge of their products and stores so that you seem interested in their company and eager to work there.  Some of the interviewers may be the manager, assistant managers, or even the general manager.  The party supply business is usually a seasonal one, so the best times to apply will be during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

There are plenty of locations in every city that will be looking to hire during these busy seasons.  When going to your interview, dress in business casual clothes.  It may be a short interview depending of what you are applying for.  Take enough time in your day to maybe walk around the store and get familiar with their products.  The more questions you ask, the better informed you will be.

It is important to have your availability ready when applying and interviewing.  You should be open to working weekends and some holidays.  Some shifts may require working extended hours at a time.  There is a lot of room to grow at Party City. Overall, applying and working for this company is a fun and exciting adventure.

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